Will It Cupcake? Taste Test

Will It Cupcake? Taste Test

100 thoughts on “Will It Cupcake? Taste Test

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  2. I love how all your food challenges start of innocent and normal then things just go down a dark,dark path…

  3. I’m from Philly and they keep adding things to the cheese stake. It’s chip beef cheese whiz and onions that’s it

  4. I feel the same way about snakes…I have like 20 of the little monsters in my back yard, they live in my stone wall.

  5. I'm new to the mythical crew and I'm glad there are so many episodes because I've been binge watching the past week I love you guys so much thanks for your hilarious content😻😻

  6. The Crew Reactions to these eatimg vids are what really makes them hilarious! I guess they like the revenge factor

  7. What about a will it croissant ?or a will it cornbread ? Episode lol tbh link's reactions are just too damn funny 😂😂😂😂

  8. If snakes went extinct, it would greatly mess up the ecosystem. The world would become overrun with rodents.

  9. Either Rhett's pee is especially foul, or Link just likes the taste of his. Either way, I'm unsettled by this odd change in reaction dynamic

  10. Imagine being invited to a bday party where your friend makes you eat cricket cupcakes id take my friendship back 😂

  11. This makes me feel like I'm celebrating my birthday with them. I chose the perfect video to watch on my birthday morning lol (12.13.19)

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