We Tried Action Burger’s Nutella Burger

We Tried Action Burger’s Nutella Burger

Hey, guys! I’m Alana. And I’m Manny. And today, we’re
at Action Burger. It’s a legendary spot here in
Brooklyn mainly for its food. But it’s also a
place where sci-fi and comic-book fans
can come to nerd out. Now today, we’re here to
try the Nutella burger And afterwards, I’m
gonna whoop Manny’s a– in some “Mario Kart.” Manny: That’s not happening. Oh, oh, it is. Manny: To get
started, let’s head inside and meet the owner. I’m Vlane Carter,
co-owner to Action Burger in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. So I wanted this place to be
more like a home feeling for the customers, so they feel
like they’re at home. They’re having food that’s like made
at home and bringing them back to their childhood
in the ’80s and ’90s. So customers, when they come,
they can choose to eat like a superhero or a villain. Villain food is mostly fried
stuff like beef burgers and chicken and fried
chicken and stuff like that. Well, the Nutella burger
is interesting because how can I mix Nutella with
a burger and make it work? And I thought about
it in my head, I said, “OK, it has to be different.” Alana: To make Action Burger’s
delicious Nutella burger, Vlane starts with
a fresh beef patty and throws it on the grill. He then takes two Belgian
waffles and deep-fries them to golden perfection. After that, he cooks two
pieces of bacon until they’re perfectly crispy. Add some
American cheese on the burger, let it melt, and voilà! Manny: We had the honor of
adding the Nutella ourselves, and we did not hold back. Alana: There you go. Crew: How do you
think that they did? Vlane: That’s good. It’s
just gonna be very sweet. Look at that steam coming
off of that burger. First things first, fried
waffle as a bun: Genius! It kinda like reminds me
of a doughnut meets, like, a crossover with funnel
cake ’cause you have that savory fluff inside, but the
edges are crispy and perfect. I think going into it, I was
worried it was going to be too sweet, like, Nutella?
Like, how’s that going to work? Is it going to throw
the flavors off? But it’s just enough so
it’s not overpowering. If chicken and
waffles are a plate that everyone likes, I can’t see a reason why waffles
and burger wouldn’t work. Alana: It does. Manny: I’m going to try it out. First bite, probably one of
the best burgers I’ve had. Alana: Yeah. Manny: It’s so good. So I know this burger
belongs on the villain menu, but to me, they all kinda
work together as a team. Manny: How’s that? I think that the bun,
aka the fried waffle, is definitely the
superhero of this. It kind of holds the
team all together. It adds complexity, adds
that strength on the outside, but it has like a hidden,
secret, brooding side on the inside. Who’s the sidekick? The sidekick of this, I
would say, is the Nutella because I think that the
Nutella plays off the waffle really, really well. Just
like, it’s a no-brainer. Then, I don’t know
if it’s a villain, maybe like an anti-hero I think is the beef patty because it’s hearty. It’s,
like, firm. It’s dependable, but it adds a sort of girth
to the burger that you want and that you expect when you
order from the villain side of the menu. Manny: Right. And then
the actual villain of the sandwich is the amount
of calories, probably. Alana: Yeah! The sandwich is evil. Yeah. The sandwich is
actually evil in terms of its calorie count and
because of how good it is, but I would eat this every day. This is amazing. All right, so we just got
the most-ordered burger in the restaurant. It’s
the customer favorite. It’s a mac ‘n’ cheese burger. Oh, my God! And it’s covered
with their Action Sauce. So what we’re
working with here is you got your
bum…not your bum. All right, you got your bun
on the bottom, mac ‘n’ cheese nuggets next, the burger… Crew: Bacon. You forgot bacon. Manny: D—. All
right, here we go. Bacon, the actual burger
patty, more mac ‘n’ cheese… Vlane: Double bacon. Alana: Double bacon! Vlane: There’s four
pieces of bacon in there. More mac ‘n’ cheese, Action
Sauce, and then the top bun. Vlane: Cheese. What kind of cheese? Vlane: American cheese. All right, I got it this time… What we’re working with here
is the bun, the mac ‘n’ cheese nuggets, double bacon, mac
‘n’ cheese, American cheese, and Action Sauce. So it’s basically like
the Thanos of burgers. After trying the burgers,
we had to play some games. And, of course, we
started with “Mario Kart.” It’s telling me, “You’re
going the wrong way.” Manny: What? Alana: It said, “Make a U-turn.” Manny: Remember when Alana
said she’d kick my a–? Yeah… Did you think this was a game? Did I tell you I was… OK, but now I got Venom. Manny: I’m done. I’m done!
I had to do it to you. Alana: Anyway, we also tried
the WTF Arcade with Vlane. I like this game
’cause I can’t die. Well, you die, you
just…unlimited credits. You just push the
button for credits. Alana: Yep.

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  1. I'm ok with the bacon and nutella together but not so sure about the patty and cheese though. Quite weird textures I'd guess.

  2. Pretentious bullshit… Ruining a perfectly good cream and burger… They should be ashamed of themselves…

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  6. You two are horrible and so fake. You guys take one bite and have a hundred things to say about it 🙄 and you didn’t even eat much of the waffle bun OR the burger 🙄🙄

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    110 pound Bodybuilder: let me try

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    The bodybuilder appears on my 600 pound life

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