Wantan Noodles | Wonton Noodles | Dried Wonton Noodles | 云吞面 | Kon Loh Mee | 干捞面 [Nyonya Cooking]

Wantan Noodles | Wonton Noodles | Dried Wonton Noodles | 云吞面 | Kon Loh Mee | 干捞面 [Nyonya Cooking]

Hello and welcome to Nyonya Cooking! If you’ve watched my precious videos, I’ve prepared pickled green chillies, barbecued pork which is also known as ‘char siu’ and also ‘wantan’ soup Therefore, the next video, the next recipe has to follow This is ‘wantan’ noodles We have 2 different kinds of ‘wantan’ noodles in Malaysia One is the dry version while the other is the soup version The soup version is basically ‘wantan’ soup where you just add the noodles into the soup As for the dry version, I am going to show you how to prepare this and to assemble everything together with the ‘char siew’, pickled green chillies and of course, the ‘wantan’ Without the ‘wantan’, it would not be ‘wantan’ noodles So, let’s get started and look at the ingredients To prepare the sauce for the noodles, we’ll need these ingredients So, I have a bit of salt and sugar, just for taste, 2 cloves of garlic which I’ve chopped roughly, 2 tablespoons of oil, 2 tablespoons of dark soy sauce, 1 teaspoon of light soy sauce, 1 teaspoon of ‘kicap manis’ and also 1 teaspoon of sesame oil Those are the ingredients for the sauce As for the noodles, I’ve picked some egg noodles These are fresh I found these at the Asian market It’s not always that we can get this kind of noodles These are freshly made and they cannot be kept for long To add some greens to the noodles, I’m using ‘choy sum’ There are always these little yellow flowers on them Those are the ones that you are looking for Of course, you may replace them with baby ‘pak choy’, if you want However, for this dish, usually we use ‘choy sum’ We’ll first work on the garlic This is where we’re going to prepare the garlic oil Pour the oil into a hot wok Then, add in the garlic All we want is just for the oil to infuse with the garlic Using the same wok, do not need to clean it I’m just going to add water Allow the water to boil This is where we are going to add in the vegetables Add in the stems first as they take longer to cook 20 seconds later, you may add the leafy parts of the vegetables Put everything in Vegetables do not take long to cook You just need to blanch them in hot water As you see now, the colour had changed a little It’s slightly darker green The next step that we’re going to do is to cook the noodles While the noodles are going to cook for 2 minutes, I’m going to add in the dark soy sauce, soy sauce, some sesame oil, ‘kicap manis’ and 1 tablespoon of water As all the sauces are slightly thick and we want them to be more diluted, that’s why we added water and some salt and sugar Cook the sauce at low heat Earlier, we had prepared some garlic oil Pour the garlic oil into the sauce We do not want the garlic pieces, just the oil Then, give it a good stir This is where we’ll add in the noodles It goes onto the plate This is when we assemble everything After putting the vegetables, you would, of course, need to have the ‘char siew’ on top of it ‘Wantan’ noodles would not be complete without ‘wantan’ soup When we have ‘wantan’ noodles in Malaysia, we must have pickled green chillies This is the ‘wantan’ noodles that you can get in Malaysia We called this the dry ‘wantan’ noodles It’s exceptionally delicious I hope that you enjoyed this video Remember to subscribe to my channel, if you have not You would want to watch more recipes like this I would show you in the next few videos Remember to also share this with your friends and family Give me a thumbs up if you like this recipe Write to me your comments in the comment section below, also on twitter or facebook I love to hear from you Till then, Happy Cooking!

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  1. Hi, you can keep your fresh Wantan noodle in freezer and it can keep for at least 3 months !! Nowadays we try not to boil water to cook the veggie instead add in 1 -2 spoons of water with the veggie, cover it and let it cook for 1-3 mins. Done.

  2. I'm so hungry jus by watching this now. So easy. I saw egg noodles sold here in the supermarket bt not sure if it taste like the authentic wanton noodles..

    Grace, what is tat sweet sauce? I have a bottle here named sweet sauce too and it's use for dipping popiah. Can I use tat?

  3. My noodles turn out Black as Arabian nights ! ha ha :p  I use Tiger brand dark soya sauce from Singapore. But it was still delicious ! Why is your noodles so light in color ? Hmm…

  4. I do enjoy lo mee when I was kid.

    Perhaps next time, can you share recipe for mee kari/laksa kari (and the chili condiment too)

  5. Tried making this last time but without the roasted chicken and pickled chillies (my aunt used bird's eye chillies with soy sauce instead)
    Can't wait to try it again. Want to make a complete set this time

  6. I love this video, I am going to try all these recipes and let you all know how I did. I absolutely love Malaysian food.

  7. Grace! I found kecap manis at the Asian market n my dinner tonight is wanton + char siew dry noodles… Yum yum… N thank u so much!

  8. I cooked this dish and I was in heaven, my friend happened to visit and he too loved it. My only regret is that I hadn't prepared more. My friend has asked when I will cook it again. I am not telling him But!, at least I have a glorious dish that I can show off when we next have a big family get together, Nyonya I love you and your cooking keep it up.

  9. Hey Grace, I saw you live in Germany and so do I.  Unfortunately the closest Asian market is very small here and doesn't sell those egg noodles.  Have you seen any in any other supermarket in Germany that might be close?  Thanks

  10. hi great recipe! i always love the wantan dry, usually eat it at chinese muslim restaurant or chinese vegetarian hawker in Penang and in Old Town kopitiam,now im in Australia it's hard to find halal one, now that i found the recipe together with the soup n bbq meat which ill be using chicken of course, i can enjoy it a lot, not just a plate! keep on posting malaysian recipes!

  11. So glad I found your channel, you are the best :') this is gonna be so helpful when I go overseas on exchange! can you cook watercress soup next!

  12. Do you skip the cold water rinse for the wanton noodles altogether? I thought I remember my mum doing that when she makes kon lo meen…

  13. So i just noticed abou this easy simple stuff…. im gonna make it later…. it looks simple…. btw thanks for this recipe….. i gotta to ask you….. is it suitable to accompany it with chicken bbq and fried egg…. ya considering that im a muslim…

  14. Yknow, I lived in Malaysia for over two years, I've been up and down the peninsula, I love pulling up a little plastic chair and eating these foods out in the open or under a tin roof, anyway I love malaysian food too much, so I'll give this recipe a go, do one for ipoh curry mee

  15. i tried so many time but the taste always dissapoint me….and now i know the recipe already…thank you so.much for sharing…this is my fav chinese food..tq with love…

  16. hi can i use yee mee for the noodle? i dont know how to use egg noodle in packets.. boil it n became clumpy as it is.. 😭

  17. Dear Nyonya cooking, you look so hottttt, you make my butter melt. I came here searching for youtube clips because suddenly I had a craving for wantan mee but now I have a craving for you…

  18. Thanks Grace. Have one question though. I bought a bottle of Kecap but the label says Sweet Soy Sauce and it also says Kecap Manis and your recipe calls for dark soy sauce. So is there a difference between Dark Soy sauce and Kecap Manis. I don't seem to be able to find the non-sweet Dark Soy Sauce. Is that just ordinary soy sauce and reduce sodium soy sauce, sometimes labeled Light Soy Sauce? Confused in the US.

  19. Shouldn't the noodles to be run through cold water periodically when cooking? That would enhance the springiness of the noodles.

  20. Hai nyonya cooking, i want to know do u open a lessons for making wonton noodle? If yes, where can I learn how to make wonton noodle. Thank you…

  21. Wow thanks for making these videos. They're all really high quality. I don't get the chance to eat dishes like these often because I live in China but I'm glad that I can finally make comfort food. Your channel is definitely a game changer in my mission to stuff my face with food.

  22. Hello grace. I tried doing this everything is fine except my sauce. It taste like burned and too thick of dark soy sauce. what m suppose to do?tq

  23. What are wonton noodles? Where to buy them? Substitutes? How to make the noodles springy? Is there a halal version, I don't eat pork. All your questions ANSWERED here. https://www.nyonyacooking.com/recipes/wonton-noodles~SJ-yOPiDzqW7 FREE pdf to print, so you don't touch your gadgets with your oily fingers! 😉

  24. Love your cookings, one of our favourite YouTube site. You are very encouraging and enjoying your cheerful disposition.

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