Vietnamese Spring Roll Recipe : How to Deep Fry Spring Rolls

Vietnamese Spring Roll Recipe : How to Deep Fry Spring Rolls

Hello my name is Hui on behalf of Expert Village
I’m going to show you how to make Vietnamese spring rolls. To deep fry the spring rolls
we would keep 2 cups of hot oil in high heat. Once they are bubbling, we can dump 2 spring
rolls in a row. We don’t want to crowd the wok or the pan with too many spring rolls
at the same time because it is more difficult to control the doneness. When the spring rolls
are golden brown on one side, gently flip them to make sure the spring rolls have a
even color. Then when the spring rolls are ready, we would drip on rake so that the excess
oil would drip off the spring rolls. We have most of the rolls ready. Lay a piece of green
leaf lettuce on a serving plate and we would lay the spring rolls on the top of the lettuce
to give a nice presentation. To serve the spring rolls usually you would dip the whole
roll into the dipping sauce and then you would wrap the roll in lettuce and eat the whole
thing together.

50 thoughts on “Vietnamese Spring Roll Recipe : How to Deep Fry Spring Rolls

  1. Wow, that looks really tasty. I'm going to try preparing some using your method this weekend. Thank you.

  2. you're mean to say that. I bet you were a fob too coming over here on a boat. If not, your parents WERE. Don't talk about fobs.

  3. Thanks for posting. I am trying this and so far making a disaster. At least now I know the smooth side of the rice paper goes down. My oil is popping like crazy and making a huge mess. What kind of oil do you use?

  4. Actually he used "rice paper" not spring roll skins. When you use rice paper, it will puff up or bubble during the frying process. It's very crunchy when you use the rice paper, but also very greasy.

    I prefer using regular spring roll skins, it's less oily and most time will not break while frying. Also, I do love the golden brown color.

    To those who are curious about what type of oil…just use regular vegetable oil or any oil that is neutral in odor and taste.

  5. well, that's a little harsh, but somehow, I have to agree with you, his cooking looks … not really good

  6. Everyone can cook how they would like it. I may like to eat carrots raw while you eat steamed carrots. That does not mean my version sucks. So fuck off you ignerent fuck.

  7. there's sum tim wong with your rolls, they look onevenly spotted and greasy aven after you take out the excess oil.

  8. I'm sorry, but it's obvious he is not Vietnamese for those who's stating that he is. For one, his name is not "Hieu" and two, he doesn't even know how to pronounce "Vietnamese" correctly. Moreover, the "Viet" part sounds like it has a Chinese accent on it.

  9. Someone should really show Expert Village people (lol.. get it.. village people? nm) how to upload a video as a single file to YouTube or at least give them detailed instructions on how to NUMBER their 32,457 frragments of "how to make a springroll" footage. I got so annoyed by the second clip I am not even watching the rest!

  10. @kuntakentae when are you going to invite me over for supper to show me how you do it? You seem to know what you are cooking.

  11. another fine example by expertvillage on how not to make a cooking video. But they are consistent, consistently lousy. Oh, and by the way, deep frying means just that, totally immersed in oil, seems picky, but it makes a big difference.

  12. It is important when you heat the oil not to overheat – not to get it too dark – because unhealthy toxics may build up – if you overheat.

  13. I am Vietnamese and i must say that he sucks at cooking and my Mother can make that spring rolls 100x better than him!

  14. Ew I'm Vietnamese and man you made something healthy and delicious look kinda gross wait kinda i mean absolutely but atleast you tried

  15. they should've just had the man talk in vietnamese (or whichever language) and THEN put the subtitles at the bottom!


  17. wtf why can't Expertvillage make ONE FULL LENGTH VIDEO!!! i hate clickin on to their videos, 1min 42 sec showing us how to fry something……we are not mentally challenged like

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