Vegetable Spring Rolls with Thai Peanut Sauce Recipe : Fill Vegetable Spring Rolls

Hi I’m Lori Schneider from Austin, Texas and
owner of Figs Catering on behalf of Expert Village we are going to show you how to make
vegetable spring rolls with a Thai peanut sauce. So now we are going to fill our spring
rolls. So I have my wet spring roll wrapper here in the center of my cutting board and
I’m going to start by adding 2 pieces of cucumber. Again you can add as many or as little of
these things that you would like. I’m going to add 2 pieces of carrots again in the center
about 2/3 on the way down on the wrapper. Then I’m going to add a good hand full of
our bean sprouts. Last I’m going to go ahead and add our cilantro leaves so add 2 of those
here. Now when you are filling your spring roll you want to make sure that you don’t
over fill it. As you would see soon the rice paper is very very delicate and if you over
fill it and try to wrap it, it will bust on you so you want to have about a good half
a inch or so of filling in your wrapper. Now we have vegetables in our wrapper today but
you can do other things like tofu, shrimp, any kind of combination of things that you

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