Vegan Bleeding Burger

Vegan Bleeding Burger

(bright electronic music) – So close to the taste
and texture of real meat, versus normal plant-based burgers that it’s freaking me out a little as someone who doesn’t enjoy those things, which is actually a pretty big compliment. If you do enjoy that taste and texture, and you’re looking to switch
to a more plant-based diet, this seems pretty close to the real thing. – I don’t think I would think
twice if somebody gave this to me and told me it
was just a real burger without any qualifications. I’m a fan so far. (bright electronic music) (sizzling)

100 thoughts on “Vegan Bleeding Burger

  1. I love real meat BUT if I were able to find a different option that tastes even 50% like meat I'd give it a try cause I love animals.

  2. Hi every one, I'm not vegan but I have a question : why do vegans/vegetarians get scared from eating just one bite of real meat? I mean, how does it feel if you return to eat something based on meat? do you get disgusted by that or do you feel ashamed from it? no offense, I don't hate on you, just wondering how does it feel for vegans/vegetarians. Thanks if you reply 🙂

  3. I went about a decade ago and vegan almost a year ago and idk if I could eat this! I've never liked the taste/texture of animal biproducts and this just seems too realistic for me! However, it's still an amazing product and I'm glad it exists, I hope it "converts" some people lol

  4. I am not for or against veganism, but why can't people be a little nice to each other? Everyone is making a huge scene about a video of a vegan burger. Seriously>

  5. where can I get this burger I'm a vegetarian and I've been craving a burger so badly but I'd never eat real meat

  6. No angry meat eaters here. Yes, perfect. I can watch in peace.
    Switzerland slowly grabs popcorn.

  7. "it tastes like blood…….." – i kinda feel bad but i dont… i guess we are now vampires

  8. …everyone is commenting about what they eat… and im just over here thinking about allen and alfred..i mean come on! its a vegan cheeseburger! what else is a hetalian supposed to think of?!

  9. this vid wasn't very informative so did buzzfeed make this vid so they can score free vegan burgers? LOL

    thanks for telling me where to buy it… what about trying to hack the recipe so we can make it ourselves?

  10. I don’t care if it’s vegan or not, I just want to eat it to fill my stomach.
    Jesus you guys… a vegan burger isn’t gonna give you poisoning or cyanide…

  11. No I Won't Take a Bite I Don't eat real Hamburgers so I'm Not interested in something that looks like one Black Bean Veggie Burgers are fine

  12. I'm a meat eater, but I want to become a vegetarian, then maybe then become a vegan, problem is, I love meat, but with this, I might be able to convert to being a vegetarian! However… I LIVE IN BLOODY NEW ZEALAND

  13. I'm a beef burger eater and tried the beyond burger. It looks good, like beef but does not taste like beef. It has a soft texture and tastes like a cereal product doused in oil. And it's loaded with fat and salt. Anyone who claims this product tastes like real beef is
    lying or dreaming. I would only buy this product if I was a Vegan which I'm not.

  14. I'm not trying to offend anyone I'm just saying that basically the entire comment section is just "Where are all my Vegans at"

  15. Beyond burger has 20 grams of fat for a small Patty how is this more healthy ? That's more fat than lean meat . 🤔

  16. There are so many foods i hate, but when it's served for me, i eat that anyway. But when i can choose what to buy I don't choose what i hate. And this literally appetizing
    Never disrespect food.

  17. Impossible burger is fantastic fabulous marbles delicious 😋 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. Just heard on the radio about this burger. They said it has some sort of gmo or bacteria in it that hasn't been properly tested. FDA didn't clear it,but restaurants went ahead and sold it anyways. I'm not sure I would eat it? But I'm curious for sho!

  19. My actual ‘meat’ doesn’t even ‘bleed’ anymore… its more of a clear liquid. So its good to know vegan burgers are making ‘meat’ great again

    Beets are red tho… so its not ‘impossible’ to imagine a red liquid coming from a plant based food

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