Undefeated YOLO Burger & Milkshake Challenge!!

Undefeated YOLO Burger & Milkshake Challenge!!

Hey everybody this is Randy Santel Atlas with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner of foodchallenges.com! Extra extra excited i’m going for overall win over 403 I am in Oldham, England which is a town near Manchester there’s also a location in Bolton, England I am Yolo Burger and Shake Bar I’m taking on their YOLO challenge now this thing looks Frickin awesome it is undefeated it’s got 2, 8 ounce or half pound burger patties along with a chicken fillet in the middle and a grilled one so this is almost a healthy challenge we’ve also got two set the buns basically along with 10 onion rings there are about 10 of their chicken wings and then there’s a whole bunch of potato wedges around this whole tray we’ve also got to do one of their shakes and for this one I went with their Black Star shake which has some peanut butter lot of chocolate obviously and it just sounded delicious from to take that on I’ve got 30 minutes to finish it and if I do I’m gonna get the 20 quid meal for free so let’s get this challenge started! So over 300 people have tried this thing and nobody’s been able to complete it they say about two people have come very close now yesterday for the breakfast challenge in Whitby that was a very stressful day I ate very very quick so today I’m going to still beat the 30-minute time limit and go really quickly but i’m not going to go super fast more enjoyable but it’s going to start 1, 2, 3. . . Boom! Alright start with the burger first it’s got some mayonnaise on art lets get all this food down! Alright burger and chicken fillet is gone Now I’m going to eat the onion rings to say they’re all gone! Nine minutes 20 seconds, I’ve got everything done other than the milkshake which is delicious looking and I just got a little bit but we got all these potatoes wedges so we’ll get those down along with diet coke or diet pepsi sorry then we’ll get the win! Just over 15 minutes and so halfway I know now what somebody loses think it was like 19 pounds of potato wedges but luckily they’re good and i’m getting them down we got plenty of time so let’s get the victory! 20 minutes and 15 seconds in, moving that off to the side now we just got our milkshake and this is a very thick milkshake compared to what I’ve had in the UK earlier on this trip so we’ve got a spoon to help us get down a little bit and then we’ll chug the rest when I was looking at choices this one had me at peanut butter because there’s not a whole lot of that over here in the UK! 21 minutes in, lets get this down! 21 and 39 seconds the official new record for the Yolo challenge since I’m the first person ever went out of over 300 tries but thank you so much to Yolo Burger and Milkshake Bar probably going to have a milkshake for dessert it was so good but thank you to Yolo for the awesome challenge the burger was awesome or the burgers, the healthy chicken fillet was awesome those wings, tons of wedges but got them all down! but first winner to finish in 30 minutes I’m gonna get the 20 quid meal for free and I’ll be the first person of the Wall of Fame Got win overall win number 403 so thank you guys for staying to watch, thank you to Yolo and then thank you guys for watching!

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  1. Hey everyone thanks for watching!! Another challenge around the Manchester area!! Friday we will post another nutrition-focused weight management video, and then Monday's video will feature a barbecue challenge in Darwen, England!! Thanks everyone for supporting our channel, especially everyone helping via Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/RandySantel


  3. Good thing he had a Diet Pepsi with his dinner. I was really worried that he might be ingesting too many calories. HAHAHAHA!!!

  4. Watched a lot of your videos. Seems like you get food "drunk" at the end. Does this really happen. You slur words sometimes. Just curious

  5. Dudes toilet must always be out of order! If I ever see him in a public restroom I'm leaving immediately. Lmao

  6. A total completion of the challang it to finish everything on the tray… You did not f8nish ALL the potato wedges.. If im not mistaken….. Thats a FAIL…

  7. If ok to ask? What is the music that u are being influenced by? It make u more confidence to winning and motivated as we all can see , it can’t be (ROCKY I OF THE TIGER?)

  8. That much for only 20 quid? Holy shit I would take that on and lose on purpose just box it up and take the rest home

  9. You could have killed two birds with one stone if u were to dip ur fries in your milkshake. I would have been dippin those fries like no tomorrow

  10. I know you are a clean eater, but I would think that covering those potatoes with liquid cheese or ranch or even covering them in ketchup and using a fork seems like a good idea

  11. I find this really hard it was undefeated, it’s not that much food compared to other challenges and a lot of time

  12. HAHAHA..19 lbs of potatoe wedges he says. One of my Favorite videos.Thanks for the laughs. From Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

  13. Why ,?? Damm IDIOOT , there is zo muts hongre in this world ,….you will daey..you ?? "" are a bigg Boy…KISS !!, and eat mij ASS….MAD MAN.. DAMM FULL ..

  14. Brother, what happens to you after you complete a challenge?? You feel sick or stomach ache or anything cause your style is insanely cool & hungry!!

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