Undefeated Sandwich Challenge w/ Cheesesteak, Burgers, Gyro, & More!!

Undefeated Sandwich Challenge w/ Cheesesteak, Burgers, Gyro, & More!!

Hey everybody this is Randy Santel
‘Atlas’ with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner of foodchallenges.com! Very
very excited, but also very nervous today because this thing is freaking massive!
I’m at Fat Jesse’s I’m in Addison, Texas which is part of the Dallas metro area I
am at Fat Jesse’s like I said I’m taking on Fat Jesse’s Sandwich Challenge! This
thing is frickin massive! It is undefeated obviously not many people
have tried but that’s because it’s freaking huge, but it’s gonna be $50 if I
fail there is six different cheeseburgers on there,
there is 1.5 pounds of gyro meat there’s 1.5 pounds of cheesesteak then there is
some American cheese on the burgers then it’s all topped with five fried eggs
there are I think eight jalapeno bacon-wrapped jalapeno slices and then
it’s all covered with some mozzarella cheese and then it’s heated just to melt
that cheese and then there is an entire basket of fries, but I’ve got one hour to
finish if I fail it’s gonna be $50, but if I win I will get the meal free, I’ll
be the first to be on their Wall of Fame, and I will get a sweet t-shirt to add to
my collection! Let’s get this challenge started! There’s no record to beat for this
thing because it’s undefeated it’s day three of our Southwest USA winter tour
I’m going for win number four which is going to be like I said overall win
number 560 had a great to a day yesterday let’s try to dominate this
thing we’ve got an hour we may need it. 1, 2, 3. . . Boom! Alright I think I’m going
to start with the burgers on the bottom. Under five minutes in all of these
cheeseburgers were gone and with those I took some of the cheesesteak meat and
the gyro meat down with it so good so far. Let’s get these eggs down all these protein filled eggs, then we’ll do the
bacon-wrapped jalapenos get on with the rest of the meat. In the past I have
taken down a few pieces of tinfoil and I’m going to try to not do that this
time so taking this off let’s finish the meat. Fifteen minutes in dough we’re taking
the last bite of meat. This is like a gravy that they have they
don’t really have an aus jus sauce but I’m going to see what it tastes like dipping
the bread in, that it’s not dunking it’s not a soda or nothing if I could do so
we’ll see how it tastes. We are 24 minutes in so we still
have 36 minutes left but we do not want to use all those and lets get these fries
now and get the win! 45 minutes in, thank god it’s a one hour
time limit. There’s a Toby Keith song that says…
I had it out in my mind, ah screw it, alright 51 minutes 40 seconds in. That’s what it was – I’m not as good as I
once was but I’m as good once as I ever was! Yeah did not think they wanted
anybody to win with how many fries were on there but I was able to do it!
51 minutes and 54 seconds the Fat Jessie’s sandwich challenge here is one
of these chefs that made this thing, so thank you! So many fries but that
sandwich was delicious! For winning I’m gonna get the $50 meal for free I’ll get
a sweet t-shirt down to my collection and I will be the only person on their
Wall of Fame here at Fat Jesse’s in Addison, Texas it
was overall win number 560 thank you so much thank you to diet coke and then I had my girl Halsey “Bad at Love” in my ears I don’t
know why that helped but it isn’t that wrong and it helped me dominate the
challenge so thank you guys for watching!

55 thoughts on “Undefeated Sandwich Challenge w/ Cheesesteak, Burgers, Gyro, & More!!

  1. Hey everyone thanks for watching!! This challenge was absolutely massive and weighed over 8lbs, but wasn't the biggest challenge I attempted during our Southwest USA Winter Tour. Big thanks to everyone in the Dallas / Fort Worth area who came to one or more of our challenges!! Our next stop during the trip was Houston, Texas. Those post next week!!

  2. Hey Randy I've talked to you before on some of your other videos but I was just curious how do you burn off all those calories?

  3. How often do you go to the doctor. Eating like this is very dangerous and unhealthy. I bet your cholesterol is through the roof. It's fun to watch but it's scary to know what that food is doing to your body. Some things just ain't worth it

  4. Watching an old vid like this and comparing it to one from today you can see how much Randy's body composition has changed. I'm pretty sure these challenges are killing u bro

  5. Doctor-" You have clogged arteries, high blood pressure, medium blood pressure, low blood pressure and gout, but that's a SWEET T-shirt you're wearing"😐

  6. Randy.
    Question: Do you take time off from food challenges to take care of yourself every year? I’m not saying or thinking anything negative. I’m just curious as to how your maintain.

  7. This super model ate 9 pounds of food at once and went to go puke it up and her stomach ruptured on the way to the bathroom and she bled internally and died. Just be careful

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