ULTIMATE Veggie Burger Taste Test

ULTIMATE Veggie Burger Taste Test

100 thoughts on “ULTIMATE Veggie Burger Taste Test

  1. They should make an episode where they blind test the difference between vegan and real burgers, and it should be called "go no further while we test these burgers" and the winner gets a chef Josh made fancy quarter pounder

  2. Amy's is a good brand. On the pricey side, but very good ingredients and well made to justify. Their cheese enchiladas are the bomb. Also, Amy's tomato soup is by far the best tomato soup you can find.

  3. As someone who ate vegan for a period of 2 years… there are no arguments against the Beyond Burger aside from availability and they're still really expensive. Two patties in central Canada is $7.99. Of course you can get 6-8 beef patties for equal value.

  4. Rhett has some serious bags under his eyes in this episode. Like, scary serious bags.

    I just found my new YT av…

  5. $3.70 a patty? that has to be at least $15 per lb. At that price it better taste a lot better than a new york strip.

  6. I will make campaigns for free everywhere telling people to eat any VEGAN burger inside a traditionally MEATful restaurant.

  7. They WAY overcooked the beyond burger, too. When you follow the directions, it’s even better.

  8. Ladies and gentlemen, these dudes did not just sit there and eat what 6-10 burgers? no they did not

  9. They even overcooked the Beyond Burger and it won. Also, yes. As a vegan, my first Beyond Burger was… A worry. But it's my favourite, by far!

  10. Chipotle lol shoving it down his throat 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  11. The beyond burgers are just your average beef burger but it has been processed so much there is no real meat left

  12. The Beyond Burger patties came to the stores in Sweden, finally! I'm beyond excited and I rewatched the video while eating it for diner, taste great even from the pan ❤

  13. I feel like I’m the only person to not like the beyond burger. I’m a much bigger fan of burgers that you can see all the veggies in.

  14. I think to them the garden burger was second but because it was paired with the beyond burger it got stopped in the semi finals but to them the garden burger was better than Amy’s burger

  15. Just had my first Beyond Burger. All I can say is…WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!?! 🤯🤯 My mind is officially blown.

  16. Should have put these up against a grilled Portobello, which is the only vegetarian burger I'll eat. Most vegan and vegetarian items are so full of filler.


  18. Those Beyond Burgers were way overcooked, they are even more amazing cooked properly (they will be pink and juicy in the middle like a real burger)

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