Lovely people, we are going to make the
most incredible mac and cheese! I’ve got a recipe for you that’s gonna blow your mind. You interested? Let’s do this! First up, a
nice big knob of butter into a pan. Finely slice three of these onions, as
the butter comes up to the heat. Fifteen minutes to make these onions go sweet
and gorgeous. Medium-high heat, a stir every now and again. Beautiful! So after
15 minutes you can see the onions have shrunk back down, its lightly golden. So
I’ll take 3 tablespoons of flour and that’s our thickening agent to turn our
milk into a silky gorgeous sauce and that will immediately suck up all of the
moisture from the onions and then I’ve got a liter of milk.
So slowly, slowly we’ll add that milk. As soon as it’s absorbed, we’ll add some
more. So the rest of the milk goes in and we’re gonna let that simmer while we
cook the pasta. So of course we’re using macaroni. I’m only gonna cook this for
five minutes. I want to half cook the pasta and then let this simmer while we
get on to the other flavorings of this sauce. So when it comes to choosing the
cheese you could do one, of course you could, but I want to do it my style. Right,
I want that balance of flavour, depth of flavour, and stringiness, ooziness. A
hundred grams of cheddar. Now that’s a good flavor and a good melter. Then we’re
gonna go to a really stringy, gorgeous, cheese. So this is a raclette, but you
could absolutely use a lovely Gruyère. A hundred grams goes in like that. And then, parmesan. I’ll do that on a finer side, and parmesan just has an amazing ability
to join up flavours. Make it all make sense! Now let’s just talk about
nutrition. This is not a green dish, but it is one of the most beautiful things
ever! But also as indulgent as this is, it’s a brilliant carrier of seasonal
veggies. So, lovely fresh or frozen peas, bang amazing! Getting asparagus in there, fantastic! Handful of spinach! But today, we’re keeping it really simple and this
pasta has had nearly 5 minutes. Get into this pasta water and steal some of this
starchy water and we might need that later. We’ve only half cooked the pasta and there’s good reason for that, because when it carries on its journey of cooking, it’s sucking up that flavor not water. So I’ll get that in and I’ll save back just
a little bit for on top later. A teaspoon of English mustard, gives it an amazing
color and gentle heat. A little hack of a friend of mine, that they swore by. When I
tried it and I did it as a blind taste because I swore that it wouldn’t work and it did! Mango chutney! 1 teaspoon. Slightly strange but go with it! We’re gonna add a
little bit of this starchy water, to get ooziness and silkiness. So it’s really
important to do this off the heat, we don’t want to be boiling cheese. At this
point in the story, we go in with our macaroni. Give it a nice little toss up!
I’m excited, and I forgot one seasoning. Of course! Worcestershire sauce a good
couple of little swigs in there and we are good to go! We’re gonna take this
gorgeous, silky, pastery goodness. Look at that! So that goes in the oven for half an hour at 200 degrees Celsius which is 400
Fahrenheit. Now what I want to do to make it even better is contrast that creamy,
cheesy, gorgeousness! So we’re going to make a panga tartar. Bacon, herb, garlic.
What’s not to love? As it starts to get lightly golden, that is your cue to put
the bread crumbs in it. And these flavored bread crumbs are like a gift on a
simple pasta dish. Even lovely stews! Amazing! These bread crumbs have gone
golden and crunchy! They smell amazing! Come on! Half an hour. Oh, look at that!
Come on, mac and cheese beautifulness! Crack. Come on! You know it makes sense! A few beautiful salad leaves. The ultimate, smoky bacon, crispy bits.
Enough talking let’s just eat it! That’s what we want! Nice cheesy bits, hmm! Like the depth of flavor is off the hook. One of the things I like to do, which is my
own personal problem, is to take a vulnerable empty gem lettuce leaf and
then load it with mac and cheese and I actually do this at home and my kids are
around the table and they’re just looking at me, going “you are such an idiot!” But
then, when they try it, they realize that I’m a missionary! Trying to make the
world a better place, through mac and cheese. Don’t judge me! I say no more, but click the link and cook it you’ll love it!

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