Udon Feast At The Japanese Noodle Shop That Serves 400 Types of Udon — Cult Following

Udon Feast At The Japanese Noodle Shop That Serves 400 Types of Udon — Cult Following

(upbeat music) – [Reviewer] So in the US, ramen is the Japanese noodle that everyone talks about. But in Japan, udon noodles
are everywhere too. Tsuru Ton Tan is a chain
that’s particularly popular. It has a huge menu, huge spaces, and lots of toppings
you don’t usually find on noodles like caviar and uni. People go at all times of the day. They opened their first overseas location in New York last year. (upbeat music) People here know ramen. Ramen, everyone kind of understands now, but udon is a noodle that not as many people are familiar with. – Well, udon is more like,
we say, like a street food a home food. It’s nothing fancy. Especially in certain regions like Kagawa, which is the origin of udon, the people do literally
eat, like, every day. Tsuru Ton Tan in Tokyo is located in all the party towns, like party cities. All times, there’s a line
for the lunch occasion, dinner occasion, after-drink occasion. We actually get the udon with
ambience and great service, so this is actually how Tsuru Ton Tan became popular in Japan. They don’t think that,
“Let’s go eat udon” they say, “Let’s go eat Tsuru Ton Tan.” – Honestly the more you
talk about it, the more it sounds like Cheesecake Factory to me. It’s one of those crazy big chains? – Really they can cater any
kind of people I would say. – The restaurants are all humongous, they only go to spaces
where they’re really big, and they also have humongous
menus, and your menu I mean, – Yeah, that’s true yeah.
– your menu’s huge! – We have this colorful menu here. – Yeah. – Let’s see for the appetizer I will recommend this Udon Pon. – All right, what is it?
– Well, this is actually a dumpling made of the udon dough. – Oh, cool. How about an udon, what do you like? – I think we should
get maybe two or three, maybe one for the cold? – Yes.
– One, non-traditional and one traditional I would say. – For sure. There are 35 menu items here, but I heard you guys have
even more options in Japan. How many udon flavors do you have overall? – So again, we opened
’89 so about 20 years. So far we have about 400 recipes in house. – [Reviewer] 400 over the
course of the last 20 years. – [Joji] Yeah, right. Yes. – All right, so everything is here. I got a huge selection of
stuff, starting off with the Sizzling Sukiyaki and can confirm when it
landed it was indeed sizzling. This is one of the udons without a broth. It’s a stir fried udon. Joji said that more
Americans tend to order it, which makes sense to me. Pop that yolk, get that
yolk all over the place. It’s kinda fun they have
these things on top of these humongous bowls to
keep it warm before it comes. So this is the Uni Creme Broth. There are pieces of uni
on top, and just a really creamy sauce here. You know, I usually don’t
see broths this thick with it so I’m curious to try it. It’s almost like a seafood bisque, if you’ve had like, a lobster
bisque that’s super rich. So this is the most
traditional one I have ordered. It’s a dashi broth, so
when you think of udon this is the kind of broth
it’s gonna come with. They have the thinner udon
more with broths like this that are a little lighter
flavored because the thinner noodles tend to soak
up more of that broth. Ooh. Red hot. It kinda smells how it looks, in that it looks like buffalo sauce and it smells like buffalo sauce. It does not taste like buffalo sauce. Sweet, sour, spicy, this is a fun one. All right, finally. This is the signature for
udon for Tsuru Ton Tan. They claim to have
invented the caviar udon. It’s crazy you can see the
little pieces all over it. It’s not just the pile on
top, it’s actually scattered over each noodle coating it. It’s kind of amazing to see. I can see why it’s the signature dish. Because there’s not a broth, it really is completely
focused on the noodle. The bowl of caviar udon
makes me feel fancy, but it’s also just pretty delicious. If you like this video,
click here for more. Tim Ho Wan in New York’s East Village might just be the most
popular Dim Sum in the city.

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  2. Just saying, to be a good food host you gotta either look reeeeallly good or have a really likeable personality.

  3. Honestly she's just annoying Asian chick… if you are gonna find an annoying Asian chick, at least get a hot one…

  4. look, shes well spoken. but ffs its a foooood show, audiences just wants is to watch someone that is highly likable enjoy the food that looks delicious, and she doesn't seem to like the food, i get no joy watching her eat

  5. she didn't really say anything substantial nor descriptive enough to describe the food she's eating.

  6. i swear asian cultures are Losers when it comes to eatin, big mess, plenty of bowls ,cups, plates, & you can tell by this video the host is oblivious to the spread on her table, the clean up is hellish, and displayin these acts to white people only spread a terrible custom. dont believe me? just eat at any asian restaurant, japanese & korean s are the worst offenders askin for more plates,bowls and such

  7. i hope she reads my comment, i actually dont get why people dont like you hosting. think you have improved. keep it up

  8. Mentaiko spaghetti is so so good. Simple and delicious. Lots of damn good looking udon bowls in this video. I think I know what I'm having for dinner tonight. 👍

  9. You know, there's been some big improvements from your earlier videos, I have to give you kudos for that. I really think you should start describing the food a bit more though, like what is the broth made of? Is it beef, chicken, pork, seafood, or a mixture? Is it a salty plain dashi broth, or have they added something to it? What was the texture of the mentaiko?
    When you were eating the tan-tan noodles you could have pointed out that it was a Japanese dish based off the Chinese Dan Dan noodles, and how that differs from the more traditional Japanese cuisine (it's also made mostly with chicken stock, not dashi). Adding little bits of info like that makes the video more entertaining, and most facts like that can be searched up on your phone while waiting for the food. Also, Eater needs to teach the camera guy how to focus the damn thing and hold it still. But yeah, the videos are definitely getting better. I think if you kept at it you shouldn't have a problem with downvotes.

  10. People it's the place that makes this video bad! The owner promoted the most expensive dishes and the dishes that are an acquired taste! Get over yourselves!

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  12. I don't see why she gets so much hate she's kinda like Molly from Zagat she's cute sweet and bubbly …yet folks see Molly as being cute and Serena (just like sailor moon awesome ) as "annoying" come on how she eats Jesus I bet y'all are bundle of laughs to be around …I'm gonna say it Serena gets more hate bc of two reasons RACISM(yes I said it) and sexism….

    I like her and you haters need to seriously kick rocks you think you can do better
    ..get your iPhone your mommy bought you come out of the basement and do your own show….Smhhhhh….#leaveserenaalone!

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    Haters gonna hate… Serena, "Shake it off!" (Taylor Swift)

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    At least she's away from Italian food!!

    She can continue to typecast herself and terrorize us with her 10x sped up false valley accent, lack of descriptive vocabulary and oh so captivating smiling frown, exclusively with Asian food. It's almost acceptable to watch her disastrous vlogs while evaluating Asian food. There's at least SOME context.

    oooh dawn!!!!

  22. So how do you like the soupless sukiyaki? How does it taste compare to the one that usually comes with soup? The uni one is just seafood base broth? No more detail? The sukiyaki udon with soup is ignored again. Looks like and smells like but doesn't taste like buffalo sauce? The reason why it is the signature dish is because that udon is soupless? Where the hell do you want the rest of the soupless udon go?

    Honestly, the combination of her facial expression and her voice makes it near impossible to watch any of the videos. I don't know about you guys, but those expression screams disgusting whenever she taste the foods. Please just put her to a out of scene position and find new talents who actually loves food trending and food cult to do this series.

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  31. IMNSHO, 400 menu items is unnecessary OVERKILL. Anyone who's ever worked in a restaurant for any length of time will tell you too many choices will just slow down ordering, and also cause diner remorse. I'd cut that back by at least 90%, and focus more on doing that remaining 10% really really really well … better broth, better ingredients, better presentation … the diners will be less confused, order faster, you'll have less purchasing time, overstock and expiration loss for ingredients in the kitchen, and the cooks can work more efficiently so you need less manpower, and in the end you'll turn tables faster … a win win win for everyone on all sides.

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  33. lol Cheesecake Factory. This place is not comparable to Cheesecake Factory sister. It may be the same in terms of Food Chain. But TsuruTonTan offers a more complex menu than Cheesecake Factory. One has to appreciate complexity in food in order to enjoy TsuruTonTan menu. Otherwise, people go to Cheesecake Factory for simpler dining menu.

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  41. Udon is like ramen's more interesting sibling. The quiet one that dabbles in oil painting with the modest but amazingly curated record collection. I prefer my noodles without broth. I wonder if that's a western thing? That being said, the one at 2:42 looks great. I love seafood chowder and bisque.

  42. I didn't click any because I didn't like this stupid video.
    And I don't like any of these Unorthodox,Fusion.Groundless,Unheard of,Unauthentic,hippy style noodle mess.
    Just grab the whole bowl, turn it side ways and stick it in your A*ss.

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