Tuna Macaroni Salad (Classic Version with Ingredients)

Tuna Macaroni Salad (Classic Version with Ingredients)

Welcome to Panlasang Pinoy How are you? I’m Vanjo Merano I’m with my assistant, Danielle Danielle, can you say hello to everyone? Hello everyone Hello Today we’ll cook Tuna Macaroni Salad we’re going to use the following ingredients: what’s this?
macaroni tuna onion celery cheese pickle
pickle relish, good how about this one?
oh ground black pepper this one?
salt how about this one?
mayonnaise, Lady’s choice mayonnaise aside from these ingredients, we’re going to use water here is the complete list of ingredients with their measurements if you’re ready, let’s start! First thing to do is cook the macaroni we need to boil water in a pot then later we’ll put the macaroni at this point, it’s ready. Let’s put the macaroni gently put the macaroni there mix then wait for the water to boil again once boiling, continue cooking for about 7 minutes or until the pasta / macaroni is soft mix the macaroni once in a while to avoid sticking of macaroni to the pot you can add salt to add flavor let’s just continue cooking the macaroni until it’s soft then we’ll drain it later at this point, the macaroni is ready it’s now soft, so let’s turn off the heat then we’ll drain it we’re using a strainer and drain out all the water then we’ll transfer the macaroni in a big mixing bowl and we’ll add all the ingredients now its in a big mixing bowl, it’s time to add the other ingredients this is a canned tuna, remove the water or oil from the tuna as you can see, there’s no oil or water in here add in here Danielle will do it ok, you can do the others after tuna, we’ll now add the onions can you please get the onions sweetheart? ok put the onions here, please ok there you go, can you do it? good job great job Danielle! And can you get the celery, please put the celery here
here’s celery yeah good job Danielle ok, thank you! how about the cheese? cheese, ok here alright, good job Danielle there’s the cheese, and what’s next? what is this? it’s a? sweet pickle relish, ok sweet pickle relish, thank you, alright what else we need to put?
I want salt ok we’ll gonna put the salt, here and pepper, good job and now, we’ll add the Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise to our Tuna Salad it’s very simple, scoop it directly here in our mixing bowl then we’ll mix it well this is fun while doing it with your family can you help daddy sweetheart? can you help me mix this all together? yeah daddy will help you too ok? yeah, go, mix mix toss toss yeah we gonna toss toss, yeah, toss good job sweetheart that’s nice! alright, and now once we have mixed or tossed everything together, we can cool it in a refrigerator or serve it immediately you want to taste it?
yeah it’s so yummy
it’s so yummy, I know, let’s get a spoon, now let’s taste the macaroni I’m gonna get you a macaroni what do you think? how does it taste? Is it yummy? yeah it’s yummy here’s our Tuna Macaroni Salad yummy?
yeah I wanna eat it
You wanna it eat? Come on, let’s eat it thank you so much for watching please don’t forget to like if you enjoyed watching I’m inviting you to subscribe to our Panlasang Pinoy YouTube channel so that you’ll get notified when we have a new video upload come, let’s eat

55 thoughts on “Tuna Macaroni Salad (Classic Version with Ingredients)

  1. Not only do I enjoy your recipes po…I enjoy watching your interaction with your daughter…very positive👍…thank you for sharing your family and your recipes…I’ve used many of your recipes…and my family and friends loved them all…Maraming salamat po 👍🙂👍

  2. Love the fact you can switch up to american dad to OG filipino real quick haha ! Youre a good man

  3. ang gandang lalaki nyo po pala sir . ngayon nalang ulit ako nakapa nuod dati voice lang. .

  4. Haha I made this today and you posted tuna mac salad 😁 flips and there food! Love this channel

  5. Your Lil’ Princess is so kawaii and she sure will grow up loving and learning how to cook just watching her beloved Da or Mum. It’s great to start them young. How I wish my parents can cook, but they never did. I grew up with maids doing the cooking even though my Mum was a housewife/stay•at•home. She’s a socialite who’s always out with her bestiez and my Da never cooked either.

    This is why I watch your videos and screenshot all the list of the ingredients. But it’s harder for me to verbally understand your language and even though I grew with some Filipino family friends, they all speak English – I love the food their parents used to bring in Bible studies. There are also Filipino fast food all over Cali, even inside a mall. I really wish your videos has English subs. That way, I can cook along with you. May be someday yeah.

    But this tuna salad, I can definitely make since you spoke to your daughter in English and also, I know how to make tuna casserole LOL. May YAHSHUA continue to bless you and your family and Shalom to you and all your subscribers✌🏻☺️🌸💖🌸💖🌸💖🌸

    PS. I love eating cooked/raw tuna cuz I only love 🐟🐙🦐🍜🍱🍣seafood🥚🍲🦀🦑🍤 and 🍛🍝🥘🌯mostly Kosher red meat🥩. Except bacon🥓 which is against my religion but can’t help it only when I eat bison burgers. ESP during the summer. Though my everyday diet are mainly raw 🍋🥝🍎🍈🍊🍉fruits🍌🍓🍐🍇🍍🥥 , 🥜grains🍙, goat and almond milk🥛 and 🍅🥦🍆🥑🌶🥙veggies🥗🥒🥕🍠🥔 .

  6. Great food!!! Delicious0..good bonding w/ kids..how i wish i could have a cute baby girl like her😭😭 where is ate…( big sister)…lab yur recipe🤩🤩🤩

  7. Hi Vanjo! 'been following your blog for years as my source for recipes and I'm happy we finally get to see you and get to know more about your family. Thank you!

    Btw, can I skip the pickle relish altogether?

  8. I’m going to cook this for the weekend ,thanks for another recipe sir Vanjo and little Daniele 👍🏻.

  9. I am a big fan of panlasang pinoy. And im happy to see the chef cooking. Are u a filipino or a chinese?

  10. WoW, was just thinkin today – to make this
    same' Tuna-Mac Salad!!
    coz im hvn allergy on Chikn 😭😭
    ThanKs to U
    ThankS 2ur Asst CheF
    babey DANiELLE 👍😍👍😁

  11. can you fucking teach her how to speak filipino… ang arte parang english lang tinuturu! ikinahihiya mo ba wikang pinoy? napakaignorante talaga ng mga pinoy.hindi tinuturuan ang mga bata

  12. Nakakagutom po naman Ang cutie ni Daniel nakipanood na po ako sa bahay mo. Manood din po kayo sa amin bukas po ang tahanan ko para sa'yo.

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