Trendy Vs. Traditional: Burgers • Tasty

Trendy Vs. Traditional: Burgers • Tasty

100 thoughts on “Trendy Vs. Traditional: Burgers • Tasty

  1. Why would you toast your buns before you cook the burger? Just ditching so much flavour you woulda gotten if you toasted the bun in the leftover fat from cooking the patty

  2. When he cut the tomato he didn’t cut it the Italian way when you cut a tomato you’re supposed to take out the stem by cutting around it so that you don’t waste any tomato

  3. People be like: OMG the girl looks so pretty. The boys look really nice. The kitchen looks so clean

    I be like: THE BURGERS LOOKS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!! 😃😃😃😄😄😄😀😀😆😆

  4. I'm so glad they got Vic to Jude this and not those other judges from the 'which celebrity has the best nachos' video.

  5. "You'll notice there are 3 pieces of bacon. 2 for the burger, one for… the boy"

    I respect that so much

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