What’s up, everybody? Philcaela here! San
Francisco’s Richmond District has some of the best food in the city and it definitely
has the best Asian food in San Francisco. We used to live in Inner Richmond district
so we’re definitely really familiar with this area and we know what’s really good around
here. That’s why we’re going to bring you our 10 Favorite Eats in the Richmond District.
Let’s go!!! This is B Star, not to be mistaken for Burma Superstar, the more popular, more
crowded version of this restaurant. Burma Superstar may be more popular, more people,
more wait, but B Star honestly is way better than Burma Superstar. I’ve been to Burma Superstar
a couple times and B Star a couple times and every time I’ve been here the food has been
way better! The menu here features not only Burmese food, but also food from other parts
of Asia like China, Japan, Thailand, whole bunch of other stuff. They have a really,
really awesome menu here and what they’re most known for is the tea leaf salad. So at
Burma Superstar, you can’t get a small or large, but at B Star, you can get a small.
A small feeds 1-2 people and the large feeds 3-5, or Phil and Micaela! So crunchy, nuts
and seeds in it. They have dried, crispy garlic here. If you’re on a first date, I wouldn’t
come here because you might get a garlic breath. But it’s just Phil, so he can handle it. Peanuts,
dried garlic, sesame seeds, tomatoes, the tea leaf dressing, which is why this salad
is so good. This is a Thai salmon pot pie. Aw, look at that puff pastry! Look at this
super flaky crust. And if we just go under here. Bits of salmon in here. Better than
a traditional chicken pot pie! And another one of our favorites to order here is the
miso cod. We love this probably almost as much as we love the tea leaf salad. This cod
is cooked beautifully, melts in your mouth, just falls apart. It’s absolutely delicious.
The 2 must-orders when you come to B Star are the tea leaf salad and the miso cod here.
Overall, B Star is definitely one of our favorite restaurants in the Richmond District and San
Francisco. The menu is unique, the food is so good here. It’s great for groups, great
for small parties. Make your reservations online and I cannot recommend this place enough.
We are at Little Sweet. This is our favorite boba shop in the Richmond District, their
teas are so good. Well I ordered the black milk tea, Phil got the oolong milk tea, but
this boba shop has your most traditional teas, they don’t have a lot of fruity, gimmicky
types of teas. They have your very standard black milk tea, green milk tea. They have
snacks here, but not too many. Sweet potato fries, chicken wings, and like gyoza. But
I would definitely come here for the tea. If you haven’t seen our Top 5 Boba Shops in
SF video, make sure to check it out! And overall, Little Sweet is the best boba shop in the
Richmond District and it’s gonna be great for anyone who’s looking for an amazing, traditional
boba milk tea. We’re at Cinderella Bakery in the Inner Richmond, this is a local Russian
bakery/breakfast/brunch/food place here. This is a piroshki, they have fried and baked.
We like the baked ones. The baked one don’t come out until after like 10:00AM/ 10:15AM,
11:00AM sometimes. If you wanna come here early, you’re only gonna get fried ones. And
the baked ones are so much better than the fried ones. Our favorite piroshki here is
the baked green onion and eggs. When I went to Seattle, I got the Piroshki Piroshki, and
I was very unimpressed there and it was like $7, but this is like $3-something and it’s
ten times better! We ordered the pelmeni, which is a Russian dumpling and we got it
with chicken broth. Nice little tortellini Russian dumplings. It comes with a side of
sour cream, so if you’re into that, it goes pretty well with it. We also got a classic
Russian borsch soup. Traditional Russian beet soup. Admittedly, I did not know much about
Russian food before I had come to Cinderella. This place has some awesome Russian pastries,
Russian soups, and all kinds of great traditional Russian dishes that are honestly all delicious.
One of my favorite things about this place is that it’s popular with locals, really not
that touristy. It really is a bit of a hidden gem and we definitely recommend it! This is
Arsicault Bakery, it is a Richmond staple for amazing croissants. Arsicault always gets
super busy because they have the best croissants in San Francisco. They even won an award a
couple years ago for Best Croissant in the Nation! We talked about Arsicault a little
bit more in our Best Bakeries in SF video. If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure to check
it out! You can their specialties like the Kouign Amanns, almond croissants, and all
kinds of delicious, flaky, well made French pastries here. And this is also just around
the corner from the farmer’s market so on Sunday mornings, you can hit both! So our
next stop is my favorite coffee place in the Richmond District, which is Home Cafe. Overall,
they make everything really well, they make really cute latte art. They also have a lot
of varieties of toasts. I come here for the ambiance, it’s really bright in here, it’s
really pretty and also they have really good coffee. They use Counter Culture for their
beans. If you like floral drinks, there’re a lot of floral flavors and I recommend the
rose latte. This place caters to, definitely, the Instagrammers because you can get a really
cute latte art. So even though the coffee here is really cute and it definitely caters
to a crowd that appreciates cuter and more aesthetic things here, I can confirm that
the coffee is delicious, they use Counter Culture beans, as Micaela said. And in addition
to having cute lattes and all these cute, creative hot drinks, they also make a mean
pourover. I typically would get something warm like a cappuccino or just a standard
black pourover, but because it’s pretty warm today, I ordered an iced sea salt caramel
latte. It’s super sweet, but it’s super delicious and it’s also just really refreshing. The
drink that made this place the most popular is the Birthday Cake Latte, it’s the rainbow
one with the little prettiness all over it. My other favorite other than the Rose is probably
the Cookie Monster. That one, they make it with cookie butter, and then they have bits
of cookie on top. Super good! If you come here, you better get coffee. Like you have
to… It’s a must! Jin Pot on Geary is an amazing option for hot pot in the Richmond
District. We come here all the time. They have a huge selection of ingredients to put
into the hot pot and it’s all-you-can-eat, too! One of my favorite things about this
place is their meat. They have really great wagyu, it’ll cost you a little more for all-you-can-eat,
but I think it’s really worth it. It’s only $4 more and you get really high quality meat.
They’re very marbley, they cut it really thin. So once you dip it into the broth it’ll cook
instantly. Oh my god it’s amazing, I’m getting hungry talking about this right now. There’re
just so many options here and you definitely get your bang for your buck for all-you-can-eat.
Another great place we like is Shabu Club. They don’t have as much variety in terms of
your toppings that you can put in your broth, but then their broth is really good and they
have really good sauces, as well. We’re at Genki Crepe and Mini Mart, it’s a mini mart
they have a lot of snacks, like Asian snacks here. There are a variety of them and drinks
and then they’re best known for their crepes. Here there is savory and sweet. They come
in a little cone and then the crepe itself is really crispy. We usually actually love
to get egg puffs here because these are probably the best egg puffs in the city. They’re so
good! They’re crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle. These are even different because
there’s black sesame. I’ve never seen black sesame egg puffs anywhere else. Ooh so beautiful!
It’s perfectly golden! So I’d definitely recommend eating when they’re fresh, because after a
while they tend to get a little soggy. Once you get them, try to eat them as soon as you
can. It’s like a mini mart, so they have drinks and snacks all over the entire place, but
I definitely come here for the crepes and egg puffs. We are at Chili House, it’s an
amazing Sichuan restaurants on Clement Street and it’s definitely the best Sichuan food
in the Richmond District. They offer a Peking Duck here. They come up to you and slice everything
on the table for you. It looks really good. If you have a big group of like 5 or 6 people,
it’s like $42 or something, but it’s absolutely worth it because you get a ton of food, but
today we just don’t have the stomach capacity to get it. So we got other great options!
We order the filet fish in the flaming chili oil, we also got stir fry chicken with jalapenos,
we got sauteed string beans. And we also got Beijing pot stickers. I love this fish, it’s
so flaky and tender and this sauce is so good. When we’re done eating the fish here, we always
take it to-go so, with the sauce, we make dumplings at home, so you get 2 meals with
this! Beijing pot stickers, it’s like a Xiao Long Bao without being a circle. Mmm! These
are real good! Oh drip! Soup is dripping! Trying out this stir fry chicken with jalapeno.
It’s really not that spicy, it’s delicious, the chicken is well cooked, well seasoned,
and it looks like this is some bell pepper. It doesn’t look like jalapeno, but it’s really
soft. As far as Sichuan food goes, it’s really not that spicy here. Chili House is actually
owned by the same people who own Z & Y Bistro and Z & Y Restaurant over in Chinatown and
that’s why this place is so amazing, because those places are great and same management
and everything. And the next spot on our list is PPQ Dungeness. This is in the Outer Richmond
and it’s a really popular seafood restaurant that has some set menus depending on your
party size. We’re not huge fans of their set menu for 2, but if you come with a party of
4 or more, you can get some really awesome combinations of seafood and it’s gonna be
worth it. Eating seafood I need to wear my bib, so now that that’s on. There’re a lot
of different varieties of crab available at PPQ, but we ordered the roasted crab, also
got string beans, amazing garlic noodles, and a sea bass. Chilean sea bass is my favorite
fish because it’s so good, it’s so flaky, there’s so much flavor. Even if it’s just
steamed with soy sauce, it’s amazing. This fish just has incredible texture that you
don’t need that much seasoning to make it taste great. It’s just – Mmm – indescribable!
It’s so good! Garlic noodles are a must here, they’re super delicious. What makes the crab
so special here is that it’s fresh. They have a tank in there with fresh live crab, so every
order is made to order. Locals don’t really go to Fisherman’s Wharf for seafood, they
come here! And the last place on our list is Breadbelly on Clement. This place is known
for making its own fresh breads and here we have a Kaya Toast, which has a pandan spread
on it. This Kaya Toast is made with brioche, not just regular toast. It’s delicious! We
also ordered a Not Ube Tart, a matcha cappuccino, and a black sesame horchata. This bread is
amazing, very lightly sweet, and it has sea salt on top. Mmm! If you’re a big fan of black
sesame, you’ll definitely have to order this. This tart is called Not Ube Tart because it’s
not made with ube, but it’s made with purple sweet potatoes. Sweet and savory. I don’t
know, it’s really weird, but it’s very satisfying. That’s gonna do it for our favorite eats in
the Richmond District! Although we don’t live in this area anymore, we definitely find ourselves
coming back a lot. There’re such great options here and we definitely miss a lot of food
in this area. We’re posting new videos every Sunday, so if you haven’t subscribed already,
be sure to do that so you can see them when they’re posted. See ya next time! Bye!

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