Top 10 Best Fast Food Burgers

There’s nothing like sinking your teeth
into a juicy burger. It’s the most iconic fast food menu item
of all time. Regardless of where you are in the world,
you’re never far from a burger. You can even have one delivered right to your
door. Much has changed in the fast food industry
over the years, but consumer demand hasn’t. A burger hits all the right spots when it
comes to delivering guilty pleasure as nothing else can, and seems to taste better when made
by someone else in a fast food restaurant. So let’s look between the buns at the top
10 fast food burgers. Hardee’s Frisco Thickburger Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr. is famous for delivering
monster size sandwiches that pack a wallop of flavor. The Frisco Thickburger is no exception. You may remember Hardee’s Frisco burger
from the 90’s and were sad when it was discontinued. Put away your crocodile tears because it’s
back on the menu and it’s better than ever. The Hardee’s Frisco Thickburger starts with
two buttered pieces of grilled sourdough bread. A large 1/3rd-pound beef patty is added to
it, with Swiss cheese and onion mayonnaise. If it makes you feel any better, they do add
a slice of tomato – there has to be at least one health nut who wonders where the vegetables
are. The sandwich is big, beefy, and jam-packed
with flavor. The combo meal is expensive money wise, and
when it comes to your waistline…well, the Frisco Thickburger combo is a meal that’s
best left for after you’re done running a marathon. There’s nothing to not like about this burger,
and that in itself is why it remains so popular. It doesn’t hurt that you can always have
your burger made precisely the way you want it. All it takes is speaking up and letting the
person at the register know what you want. Dairy Queen Deluxe Cheeseburger What’s the first thing you think about when
Dairy Queen comes to mind? It’s probably something with ice cream in
it. Their iconic Blizzards are one of the most
popular menu items. Some of you may not be aware that Dairy Queen
also has fast food style restaurants. There are still Dairy Queen stores that focus
primarily on ice cream and nothing else. However, those fortunate enough with a Dairy
Queen that serves up burgers in their area know what a real treat this can be. Not only can you get a burger, but you can
also enjoy a great ice cream treat as a dessert. The Dairy Queen Deluxe Cheeseburger is a fantastic
sandwich that goes great with their fries and ice cream. Wash it down with soda pop, and you’ve got
a meal fit for a king. The Deluxe Cheeseburger is like their regular
cheeseburger, just more deluxe. Seriously, it’s a bigger version of their
cheeseburger with the addition of tomato, onion, and mayonnaise. It’s the perfect thing to get your mind
off of the ice cream – that you’ll still enjoy later on. The burger is a simple sandwich that was made
famous by the working class. Americans love being able to eat on the run,
and the burger symbolizes this more than anything else. A person can be in a hurry and eat a burger
while walking down the street. But they better eat it fast if that ice cream
cone is melting and dripping down the other hand. A&W Papa Burger Fashion and hairstyles come and go throughout
the years. The one thing that has never gone out of style
is the cheeseburger. From greasy spoons to drive-in restaurants,
they’ve always been popular. The mode in which the burger has been delivered
to us has changed. Before drive-thru there was drive-in and A&W
led the way. You would park, order through a speaker and
the food would be brought out to your car. Today we just have to pull up an app. A&W is another restaurant where burgers aren’t
the first thing that comes to mind. You probably go there for their famous root
beer. There’s no better root beer to make an ice
cream float with than A&W. The taste of A&W root beer and vanilla ice
cream is a perfect match. It’s a fantastic treat no matter if it’s
a hot summer day or if you’ve got to wear thermal underwear to go to your local A&W
root beer stand. There isn’t a time or a place that isn’t
perfect for this sweet treat. However, it is burgers that we’re talking
about here, and they serve up one that’s delicious. The Papa Burger is the only thing that may
make you go to A&W for something other than a float. What exactly is a Papa Burger? It’s two beef patties, two slices of melted
American cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion, pickle, Papa sauce, all on a lightly toasted bun. It’s their answer to the Big Mac and some
prefer it over the classic sandwich from McDonald’s. Wash it all down with a frosty mug of root
beer that’s sure to make the meal one to remember. Whataburger Whataburger Those of you who don’t live in the south
have no idea what you’re missing out on. You can only get a Whataburger in the south. The goal was to create a burger so good that
you shouted “What a burger!” while eating it. Some say this is by far the best burger you
can get anywhere. The sandwich itself is iconic and has a following
throughout the south. What exactly is a Whataburger? It’s a beef patty with cheese, diced onions,
mustard, pickles, tomato, on a warm toasted bun. The bun is warm when you receive the sandwich,
and many people believe this is what sets it apart from the pack. If you don’t plan on visiting any southern
states, then you’re going to be out of luck. There are no plans to move northward or anywhere
outside of the south in the near future. Is it worth the road trip to feast on a Whataburger? Well, we certainly think so. White Castle Slider You may be surprised to know that the White
Castle slider has been famous long before Harold and Kumar set out on their fast food
feast. The sandwich dates back to 1921, and many
attribute the invention of the hamburger bun to White Castle. If you’re the type who eats a lot of burgers,
then you have them to thank for inventing the perfect bread for your favorite sandwich. The slider was invented at a time when ground
meat was thought of as lesser quality. Each slider cost a nickel up to the 1940’s,
and that made them the go-to sandwich for those who were price conscious. A sack of these sandwiches may cost more than
they used to, but they sure pack the same irresistible flavor. Each slider has a thin beef patty, onions,
and pickles. They’re small, tasty, and best eaten in
multiples. Steak N’ Shake The Original Double ‘n Cheese
Steakburger If you’re in the Midwest, then you probably
already know all about Steak N’ Shake. If you’re not, then it’s time to start
drooling. The Original Double ‘n Cheese Steakburger
is a sandwich well worth daydreaming about. It starts with two hot off the grill steakburgers,
melted American cheese, and toasted buns. What makes this sandwich so unique is the
fact that you get to choose your own toppings. That’s right; you don’t have to worry
about picking off those pesky pickles if they’re not your thing. Do you like extra onions? You’ll be crying tears of joy when your
burger comes served up exactly the way you ordered it. Why can’t all burger joints do this? The world would be a much tastier place if
they did. Five Guys’ Bacon Cheeseburger What burger list would be worth its weight
in ketchup without mentioning Five Guys’? It’s the one burger hot spot that’s starting
to creep up everywhere. Are you the type that likes their burger still
mooing? If so, then you need to head on over to Five
Guys’. It’s the only place on our list where you
can have your burger cooked to order. That means you can order your burger anywhere
from rare to fully cooked. There are a million reasons why fast food
joints don’t serve undercooked meat, but these guys are more than willing to allow
you to have it your way. What exactly is the Five Guys’ bacon cheeseburger? It’s two hand-formed meat patties cooked
to order, two strips of bacon, along with two slices of Kraft American cheese. This meat and cheese paradise is enclosed
in a soft, sesame seed bun. The toppings are your choice, and that makes
this burger the ultimate for anyone who has control issues. You have control over the entire burger right
down to how long it’s cooked. Wendy’s Classic Single The Classic Single from Wendy’s has many
devoted die-hard fans. Quite a few of you probably even think it’s
the best burger out of the bunch. No one is going to disagree with that here. It is a mighty fine sandwich that also carries
with it quite a bit of girth. Get it in the form of a combo meal, and it’s
a tasty treat to be savored and enjoyed. The never frozen beef patties are more than
just juicy, they’re incredibly flavorful as well. The Classic Single is made up of fresh beef,
tomato, red onion, lettuce, crinkle cut pickles, ketchup, and mayonnaise – all on a premium
bun. What makes this sandwich different than the
rest is the great tasting beef. It’s also the only sandwich on the list
that has a square meat patty and not one that’s circular. Dave Thomas was against cutting corners, and
that’s why their patties are square. While Dave may be gone, his tradition of high-quality
burgers lives on. Add a side of fries and a cold Frosty, and
it’s a meal that can’t be beaten. You could even dip your fries into your frosty,
if you’re the adventurous type! The traditional hamburger is one thing that
hasn’t gone out of style for the last hundred years and it never will. The only thing that changes are the number
of people who enjoy burgers. Maybe someone will take on Wendy’s square
burger and come up with a triangle one. That’s a change that’ll shake things up. Burger King Whopper What’s the first thing that comes to mind
when you think about a Whopper? It’s the size of the sandwich. It is indeed is a whopper, and that’s why
people all over gobble it up. Who doesn’t want a monster size burger when
overcome with the pangs of hunger? The Whopper is a world-famous sandwich that
can be eaten on all corners of the globe. Walk into any Burger King and ask for a Whopper. They’ll know without any hesitation that
you want to devour this mammoth size burger. The ingredients of the Whopper read like a
playlist of top performing flavors. It all starts with a whopping 1/4 pound of
flame-grilled beef. It’s topped with tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise,
pickles, ketchup, and a sesame seed bun. You can add cheese for a small fee if you’d
like. Much like the Classic Single from Wendy’s,
cheese is optional when it comes to the Whopper. You’ll have to pay a bit extra if you want
some cheesy goodness on your burger. The thing that separates Burger King from
all of the other fast food hot spots is that they flame-grill their burgers. The flavor of their grill is iconic worldwide. It brings the backyard to wherever you’re
enjoying your burger. Be it in the dining room, your car, or on
the couch, it tastes like you’ve fired up the grill in the backyard in the summertime. There aren’t many foods where you can eat
an entire meal with one hand. Though, some of the burgers listed here are
best eaten with two hands, trying to devour a Whopper with one hand may leave you with
a lap full of salad and condiments. McDonald’s Big Mac We saved the best for last. Well, it depends on who you ask. What can’t be argued is the impact the Big
Mac has had on the world of burgers. There is no burger on earth more famous than
a Big Mac. There’s almost no country on the face of
the planet where you can’t order a Big Mac. That fact alone is mesmerizing. If you’re lucky, you might even be able
to have a Big Mac delivered right to your door. Nothing is better than not having to leave
your house to get one of these fantastic sandwiches. What makes the Big Mac stand out from the
rest of the burgers? It begins with three buns. Yes, it’s the only sandwich on this list
that has three pieces of bread. It has two all beef patties, Big Mac sauce,
lettuce, American cheese, pickles, and onion. Is your mouth watering? You can’t get more American than the Big
Mac and the reason for that can be found in its size. Americans love big things, and this sandwich
is no exception at all. No other fast food sandwich comes close in
popularity to the Big Mac. Yes, the Whopper does give it a run for its
money. But, it doesn’t come close when it comes
to sales and name recognition. The same thing could be said about Wendy’s
Classic single, even though many believe that it puts the Big Mac to shame. McDonald’s is the one place we all love
to hate. Though, deep down inside we crave McDonald’s
on a level that’s embarrassing to admit. There’s something about their food that
makes it irresistible. We all know there are better burgers out there. The same could be said about their fries. But, we keep going back there. It’s not just Americans who can’t get
enough of the Golden Arches. Big Macs are being savored every second of
the day somewhere in the world. You can rest assured that people are gobbling
them up even as you watch this. Gobble up more of our great videos. Just tap that screen. And if it’s your first time here, how about
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