100 thoughts on “This Soup Has Been Simmering for 45 Years

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  2. How many fatalities or stomach bugs? I don’t think I’d be able to eat that cauldron of bacteria 🦠🤢 And y not clean the spill over? That’s pretty unsanitary not to mention pretty gross to look at and constantly reaching over it like it’s a part of the pot is not cool. They need to scrape it up cuz at some point they’re not going to be able to reach the damn stew

  3. absolutely disgusting. imagine how many flies and hairs have fallen into it over the years. how do they keep track of the old meat and new meat? whats preventing me from getting served up a piece of beef that has been floating around on the bottom for 3 months?

  4. So if it’s stored overnight for use the next day, then it technically hasn’t been “simmering” for 45 years lmaoo

  5. This soup is not 45 years old… they just keep adding to it, thus by name its 45 years old but in reality, it's no more than a few days. Also, that spillover is just disgusting and that pan has never been cleaned…yuck. I would never eat there.

  6. Some insight from this NY Post article https://nypost.com/2019/07/29/this-scary-pot-of-soup-has-been-cooking-for-45-years/

  7. Well, it just means they did not clean the dishes in 45 years. The stock has been being replaced throughout, and since its boiling it kills the germs. However people just eat whole binch of old greese

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