The secret recipe for plant-based vegan burgers | Chef David Lee, Planta

The secret recipe for plant-based vegan burgers | Chef David Lee, Planta

BL: So now we’re going to apply a little bit of pressure. BG: Oh now you’re… now you sound like a surgeon. Hi, I’m Dr. Brian Goldman host of
White Coat, Black Art on CBC Radio One and we’re here at Planta in Yorkville where I’m going to be talking with Chef David Lee and learning how to build a plant-based burger. BG: Chef David Lee. DL: Brian, welcome. BG: Happy to be here. I finally get to taste the burger but I want to see how it’s made. DL: Seriously? BG: Yes of course I do. DL: I’d be honoured. BG: Let’s go! BG: So this is like your ER. DL: Pretty much it is. This is like surgery. You know, we have all our… all our ingredients, utensils. All ready to go for you. BG: Yeah, like surgery. Not like any surgery I’ve ever seen before. DL: So you are the first person that we’re showing our secret burger. BG: Really? DL: Yeah. Let me go through the ingredients. So we have lentils beans mushrooms that have been cooked off just very quickly in some vegetable oil. Lightly seasoned. We have some oats. We have some chickpeas some beetroot nutritional yeast tapioca starch and seasonings, salt, pepper. And a little bit of, uh chili, chili flakes. BG: And this is all going to end up in the burger? DL: Yeah. BG: Why a burger? DL: Why not? It’s the perfect mix. BG: The best burger I had was right here in Toronto and what made it great was it was juicy It tasted great my mouth and it didn’t give me heartburn. BG: Is this burger mainly for vegans so that they have something they would enjoy eating or is it for non-vegans like me who want to taste it and say hey this is a burger? DL: Non-vegans love it. They come back for it time and time and time again. And the vegans, the plant-based people, love it too. And my daughter loves this burger too. BG: So show me. DL: OK. We have a Robot Cook that we’re gonna basically put all these ingredients together. Combine it. And you’re going to see it’s going to come like a patty. So we have some cooked black beans. BG: OK. DL: We have… our cooked lentils. BG: OK. DL: Our cooked mushrooms. Our chickpeas. And we’re gonna add some of the oats. BG: Well, oats belong in beef burgers. DL: And here we go. Stop it now. So stage two, we’re going to add a little bit of nutritional yeast. We’re going to add some pepper. I’m gonna add a little bit of salt. Brian, if you wouldn’t mind passing me the chili flakes. BG: OK.
DL: That’d be great. Perfect. BG: Now I’ve been deputized. DL: So everyone loves heat. BG: Oh yeah. DL: And we’re gonna add the beets. And we’re going to add just a little bit of the tapioca starch just a touch like that. BG: So all this is deliberately put together to do what? What are you trying to recreate or create? DL: I’m trying to create basically a patty… that’s going to stick together. BG: Yeah. Feels like a patty. DL: Yeah feels like a burger. BG: It’s got the texture. Yeah, burger patty. DL: Now, technically you can make a burger out of anything that you desire to. What’s important is that it binds. BG: Is that meant to be barbecued if you want? DL: Oh yeah, but I mean you can put some barbecue sauce. What do you feel that it’s missing? BG: I think it needs a bit of spice. It’s certainly got enough salt. DL: I agree. So what I’m gonna do. Going to add a little bit of I think, parsley and some rosemary. BG: OK. Of course I wouldn’t have done that if that was beef. I would not have put that in my mouth at this stage if that was beef. So that’s one of the advantages of a vegan burger. DL: We’re gonna add just a touch more heat And now we’re just going to form the patty. And there you go. BG: OK. DL: There you go. Would you like to make one? BG: Sure. I’d love to. And I want to know how small how much they shrink when they have been… DL: Not much. No, there’s no… There’s no fat in there, if you will. BG: How am I doing? DL: Doing good. BG: Are you trying me out for a job? DL: I’d love for you to work in our kitchen. BG: I’d love for you to work in my emergency department. I think this is more than a fad. I think the choices that are out there in prepared foods foods in restaurants the sheer number of people who seem to be interested in… in different ways of eating plant-based eating being one of them tells me this is more than a fad. It’s pretty clear that a lot of people want that option and they look like they’ve been sticking with it. BG: Was eating vegan a health decision for you? DL: So my liver enzymes were all elevated. Now being a chef is A) it’s crazy and B) the lifestyle that we live is challenging. BG: High stress, weird hours DL: And weird hours…and we’re tasting food constantly. BG: Yeah. DL: Within six months I cut out all animal proteins. BG: All of them? DL: All of it.
BG: Wow. DL: All the enzymes everything went away. BG: It all went to normal? DL: All went to normal. DL: Anyway, let’s cook our burger. BG: Let’s see, yeah.
DL: OK. BG: One thing you need to be aware of when you try a plant-based diet is that some people end up eating more fat than they planned on more salt. So take a good look at what you’re eating and make sure you’re aware of the ingredients. DL: So here we go. DL: This is the burger. BG: OK. DL: We’re going to start off with a little bit of… mayonnaise. When you squeeze it, that juiciness comes out. So now… we have some lettuce some dill pickle. BG: All right, I love pickle. BG: Great. DL: Burger. We have some charred tomatoes. And then this is the cheese sauce. A little bit of Frenchie’s mustard. BG: Great. So now we’re going to apply a little bit of pressure. BG: Oh now you’re… now you sound like a surgeon. DL: Look at that. BG: So I get to try it? DL: This is for you. BG: This is for me? All right. OK. I can’t wait. I’ve been waiting awhile for this. OK. It tastes like a burger. DL: It is. It’s our secret burger. BG: What are the tricks? How did you get it to taste like a burger? DL: I just showed you the recipe. I’ve shared everything with you. DL: I’m not hiding… BG: You’re not holding anything back, you’re not holding anything back? DL: It’s all on camera. This is really good. The thing that I noticed was after a few bites of that cooked burger it was satisfying. And one of the things about plant-based eating that I worry about is that after I eat it’s not going to feel satisfying. And this satisfied me. I can’t believe that this is a a plant-based burger. I had to look at it. It looks like one. It looks like a beef burger and it tastes like one but it’s not. Well this is delicious. Thanks for sharing it with me. Thank you so much for coming.

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  1. A lot of ingredients to make a simple burger. All u have to do is use 🥩 and salt and pepper. I would probably go with the bean burger.

  2. So we have a great recipe, the ingredients, but not the amount of each item. Is there a method behind this madness? Such as 'you have to buy his cookbook to get the quantity of each ingredient"?? I'm finding a lot of this on You Tube – the quantity of ingredients is left out. Am I missing something??

  3. I tried these burgers (to my best guess). I didn't care for them. They were too bland for me, but I like the base ingredients, so I changed the recipe to my liking. I also subbed the mushroom for shredded yellow squash as I don't tolerate mushroom well. I shared below just in case anyone likes their vegan burgers with lots of spice as well. I know it's quite a lot but I'm picky like that!

    makes about 10 patties

    2 C. cooked lentils (1 cup uncooked)

    2 T. olive oil

    2 C. shredded yellow squash

    ½ C. chopped white onion

    ¼ C. sun dried tomato

    2 t. smoked paprika

    1 t. cumin

    1 to 2 cubes Not Beef Bouillon

    2 C. (1 15 oz can) black beans

    2 C. (15 oz can) chickpeas

    ¼ to ½ C. beetroot

    1 ½ C. oatmeal

    1/4 C. chunky On the Border salsa (strained to remove as much liquid as possible)

    1 T. liquid smoke
    ½ C. nutritional yeast

    1 t. chili flakes

    2 T. (heaping) tapioca starch

    1 T. onion powder

    1 T. garlic powder

    2 T. smoked paprika
    2 t. dried rosemary

    2 t. cumin

    1 t. dried thyme

    ½ t. coriander

    2 T. chopped fresh parsley


    1. Cook the lentils and place in a large bowl
    2. Heat olive oil over medium heat and add the remaining ingredients in the second group (yellow squash, white onion, sun dried tomato, smoked paprika, cumin, and Not Beef bouillon) and cook for about 4 minutes
    and add to large bowl with lentils.
    3. Place half the black beans and half the chickpeas in the large bowl with the lentils and cooked squash mixture. Add the other half of the black beans, chickpeas, and beetroot in a food processor. Pulse until combined but not completely smooth.

    4. Place the processed black beans, chickpeas and beetroot into the large bowl with the other ingredients.

    5. Add the remaining ingredients to the large bowl (oatmeal through coriander) and mix well.

    6. Use a measuring cup (1/2 cup) to scoop mixture and form into patties

    7. Cook each patty on medium heat until firm (about 3 minutes for each side)

    8. Place patties on parchment lined cookie sheet and bake for about 20 minutes at 350

  4. vegan comments are pure comedy. fake food equals fake people. ^^ its like surgery lol. a kitchen has never been requirement for health. 100 years ago they called it witchcraft. lmao

  5. Am I missing something because adding Cheese and Mayo just pushed it out of the vegan spectrum? One the other hand this chefs bugger is much healthier then some of the commercial offerings being sold at fast food venues.

  6. The Doc., looks like he needs a doctor and the Chef looks healthy.
    Plant based originally called The Green Herb
    Vegan originally called Vegetarian
    Organic originally called Natural
    All a play on words.🤔

  7. German
    Ingredients: Zustatenliste

    Black Beans : Schwarze Bohne

    Chickpeas : Kichererbse

    Mushrooms : Psilocybinhaltige Pilze

    Lentils : Linse

    Oats : Hafer

    Beets (Shredded) : Rüben (geschreddert)

    Nutritional Yeast : Nährhefe

    Tapioca Starch : Tapiokastärke

    Salt : Salz

    Pepper : Pfeffer

    Chili Flakes : Chili-Flocken

    Parsley : Petersilie

    Rosemary : Rosmarin

  8. Listening to the doctor telling about not tasting raw beef, I’ve been reading a book on the raw diet. The writer pointed out that the Inuits ate raw meat, and had few, of any, health problems.

  9. You would have to be stupid to eat anything like this because it would be healthier to eat real meat ask Linda McCartney her unhealthy food took her out if you don’t want to eat meat don’t eat something that looks like it because it won’t be healthy take that the bank

  10. at 61 I will probably just stick to my old ways. however as I get older I do understand that we should not be breeding living, breathing animals to slaughter. I have been around a lot of animals in my life and they are all beautiful and I could never eat an animal that i met. when you look an animal in the eyes and interact with it you realize that they have feelings. Of course it normally take most people most of a life time to realize this especially when you grew up thinking it was normal to eat creatures that you would never eat had you raised them.

  11. Wonderful recipe:-) Thank You for this video…….my "take-away" is that as a planet we honestly no longer have to harm any animals in the food industry:-). There simply is no reason why we cannot all eat plant-based diets:-)

  12. I felt better when I started vegetarian. Then I went full vegan. My mom thought I was getting no nutrition value. I went back to her "normal " diet. I have heartburn, I kan't sleep, I don't feel like myself snymore. OH! I am starting to have chest pains, again. I'm going back to vegan. Sorry mom. 😓

  13. You should come to Tucson and Georgie will cook for you. We eat delicious food all the time. We also teach whole food, plant-based nutrition; we can help you move to the next step of your journey. Check us out on Facebook and YouTube. Our channel is called Happy Vegan Couple and we created this channel to offer the public healthy plant-based cooking videos showing step-by-step instruction. Our contact info is on our Facebook page.

  14. Plant based beef is extremely highly processed food, and as such, does not champion the environment anymore than it is healthy for you. Whatever, your denomination, vegan or otherwise, stick to the perimeter of the grocery store and buy yourself some whole foods. This is not a viablr solution to mass production regarding animals. Educate yourself and maybe you can have a healthy mind to go with that healthy body.

  15. I like more veggies in mine like onions, garlic, celery, grated carrots, colorful peppers, cumin powder, cilantro, falafel powder.

  16. THANK YOU to Chef David Lee for sharing an amazing recipe! It's not difficult to figure out amounts especially since he showed the entire recipe being made – those glass bowls were holding about a cup & half of each ingredient…can't wait to make this!

  17. I love the Beyond burger that I buy at my favorite market and I love the Impossible burger that I’ve eaten at Burger 👑. I’ve failed at creating a satisfying one at home. I’m happy not to be eating meat.. This burger looks good and seems to have all the components.

  18. For more than 10 years I had extremely high liver enzymes and a fatty liver and was told by four doctors it was due to drinking alcohol. After I then went for a year with no drinking alcohol my liver enzymes were still as high as ever. After becoming vegan my liver enzymes returned to normal and my fatty liver disappeared. And I’m back to drinking 🙂

  19. All that lectin and phytates sandwiched in a refined white flour bun is the perfect recipe for type 2 diabetes. Our ancestors didn't eat like that for a reason: it's not natural.

  20. This stuff is poison I will never eat it stay away check out the ministry of health and wellness channel knowledge is power.

  21. Pure poison for our bodies. Incredible how much ingredients needed to replaced the most nutrient food on earth which is meat. What's the point to mimick meat food plates if you are just vegan. No point, is just for your pleasure, thats why all people that eat this crap are slaves.

  22. They cook it in vegetable oil…..not good, grapeseed oil would be better also eliminate the beans as it's too starchy and the hybrid beet. #DrSebi #HighAlkalineDiet

  23. So, we're boiling up 3 legumes? Too many days to make this. Also, why do people scrape out bowls with their hands, makes those patties without gloves–that is just so unsanitary. Virus lives in the nail bed, so fricking gross. Plus, certainly you wipe your forehead's sweat, you wipe your nose, your nose runs from the heat…gloves and little towel over the shoulder, please.

  24. Not healthy. But it's better compared to having meat patty and cheese on it. Any form of added oils should be removed. Thanks for the idea though.

  25. I ate at Planta a few weeks ago and as a chef who eats everything, I thoroughly enjoyed myself trying a variety of dishes including the burger..the mushrooms are key to a great vegan dish trying to mimic meat

  26. Can we alter the ingredients to suit dietary restrictions I can’t have mushrooms or oats ‘ what could be used in place of it

  27. I used to be overweight, always tired and sleepy, everything seemed cloudy and ever since going vegan I've had this nonstop energy and alertness I haven't had since I was in my twenties. It's quite the feeling and I'm 52 so there's no going back!

  28. I love this. But I found it shocking that the chef let the reporter hold some of the ingredients after constantly putting his hands in his pockets. Not really food safe.

  29. Planta has just made me consider going to Canada. Not even being funny. 👏👏👏. I can't believe that's vegan.

  30. The future…. eradication of disease…saving animals & the planet through plant-based food that God gave us all along!!

  31. Why it tastes like meat? Umm because it has the same seasoning. The reason meat is delicious is because of the seasonings used during preparation, not because of meats natural flavour. Meat is not consumed unseasoned ever.

  32. "It tastes like a burger" … if you consider the meat we eat. ..and consider what we do to it. ..before we eat it.'d come to the conclusion that we season every bit of it. …..with what? With plants. .. mushroom, onion, garlic, tomato, parsley, salt, peppers, cumin, rosemary, thyme. . All plants. if you season your plant based substitute the same way.'ll get the same flavors we've come to love and expect. .. as long as you get a similar texture. .. you've got a great product. .a great substitute. . Which is great news for everyone struggling to give up the meat and live healthier. ..

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