The PBJ Burger | Ask Barry #3

The PBJ Burger | Ask Barry #3

100 thoughts on “The PBJ Burger | Ask Barry #3

  1. Wait, you don't have Jelly in the UK, but you have Jam? they're two different things. We have both here in the States

  2. It looks stonking but can't eat it because I'm allergic to peanuts so I won't add the satay sauce

  3. I made it n omg it was like trying on a dress n having sumink drip n gloop down me but in my mouth sooo glad i saved that mince x

  4. I think you should make it up to The King by making a peanut butter and banana pie. Mainly so people cant try to cook bananas without popping.

  5. I cannot believe that you removed your wedding ring then cheated on the lovely Mrs Barry with a burger! I hope she wins custody of all your kitchen toys when she divorces you and your beef!

    I can however be bribed to remain silent, it will cost you 1 PBJ per day until I’m tired of ‘em 🤪🤪

  6. Jam is jam. We have that too in North America. But Jelly isn't jam. It is, as named: Jelly. Like grape jelly (the most popular with peanut butter) but apple jelly works well too!

  7. Can’t wait t make this!!!
    Bacon cheeseburger w no veggies is the only kind of burger I like tbh (unless it’s a bacon avocado ranch burger…those are tasty)

  8. 0:42 The official story is that it was a drug overdose. Heroin, I think? Whether you choose to believe that or not is up to you.

  9. 1) That's a meatloaf sandwich. There are too many things in the meat, and you overworked it.
    2) 3 words: bacon onion jam!
    3) Surely it's "Señor Frijole"?
    Other than that, it looks pretty good. I wasn't really expecting to like the idea, but now I might have to try it.

  10. Peanut butter is fab in a burger! There's a place in Salisbury that does a PB&J burger with PB and Bacon Jelly… Yum!

  11. I found you by accident, but had to subscribe! You are too adorable and enthuastic, but not obnoxious – totally genuine! Love your tips too! As soon as you put your ring down, I knew it was going to be on the floor! hehehe

  12. OMG 😮 & hear I was just commenting on your last video saying how that was one of my all time favourites of yours well this one just topped it, so going to make this it just looks & sounds delicious

  13. the reference to Sabrina the teenage witch, loved it ! Melissa following you is awesome, i love her shows

  14. Can't watch the video. Hearing the word "JIF" for Graphics Interchange Format made me literally sick to my stomach. Sorry mate.

  15. Barry, Elvis died in the bathroom from a Heart Attack. You sure enlighten my day here. lol God Bless you and your Family. I am going too try this!

  16. I feel like you would have fun/get really frustrated while making poutine rapee. It's a regional specialty, and winds up looking like a giant snot ball lol. They don't taste half bad though.

  17. Three reason I like spicy food is 1 the classic spicy food flavor and 2 it is an experience lol like a spicy rollercoaster lol

  18. Am I the only person that hates bacon on my burgers?? Especially smoked.. yuk lol. burger looks cool tho for sure. Interested which restaurant you went to that gave you the idea?

  19. This video has been advertised so much to me on the front page, so I gave it a view. Was not disappointed!
    You mentioned it in a video that you knew someone who knows how to make food look amazing in ads. Interesting idea!
    You both "cook" the same food, with the aim of it looking as amazing as possible. You making it actually edible while they work their magic. Would be interesting to see the difference.

  20. PB&J burgers remind me of that part from the twilight zone movie with the kid who brought cartoons to life I liked PB&J burgers

  21. We have a sandwich at my shop that is peanut butter, bacon and smoked gouda on raisin bread. It is delicious.

  22. Elvis loved both peanut butter jelly sandwiches and peanut butter banana sandwiches, just so you know.

  23. I can't help myself when I'm making recipes i see online. I always have to fool around with the ingredients and make it the way I think it should be. This is the first time I just followed the recipe exactly and these burgers were AWESOME. I will definitely be making these again. Keep trying new things Barry! I can truly say that you inspired me and made dinner at our house a little better.

  24. There is a burger here in San Diego, CA at the Corvette Diner called the Rory burger that I grew up eating… It has peanut butter and bacon… It is my favorite!!! And if you add a side of fried pickles and a shake that is the ultimate cheat day meal!!!

  25. I'm stuck indoors, pooping hot soup with croutons (gastric flu) and you make THE most gorgeous burger ever….you EVIL bastard 😉

  26. I made this for my wife and I. It was amazing thank you for making it so easy and well explained.
    One problem I had was that my burger didn't stay together very well, how can I stop this?

  27. Hi, I follow a keto diet and have started a keto youtube (UK) … however I have not been able to make a keto version of a yorkshire pudding …. so flour replacements are either ground almonds or coconut flour, I have tried and failed ….. I have used butter, eggs , almond milk, and baking powder so I am throwing the challenge to you …… any more questions on keto let me know

  28. I have some homemade habanero jelly that I think would be delicious in this recipe. Coincidentally, I'm due for a grocery shop anyway!

  29. We have a local drive in restaurant here that does a fried egg double cheese burger using 1/4 pound patties with a fried egg i on it, as well. I like to add bacon to it a well, make it a breakfast burger.

  30. I love oyster sauce but doesn’t taste anything like soy sauce so I would never substitute oyster sauce for soy sauce. In America we have jelly and jam ,our jam has pieces of the fruit and our jelly is smooth like jello😂

  31. Playing catch up on all your vids right now. A much needed Barrathon! After seeing your reaction to tasting this wonderful creation, I have been left wanting a burger like that more than I have ever wanted a burger before! I will be trying this! Now on with the Barrathon!

  32. I cannot have strawberries, what kind of jam would you surest to replace the strawberry one?

    Thank you so much for this wonderful video!

  33. we have been using peanut butter on hamburgers and hot dogs since I was a wee girl, which was over 50 years ago

  34. I don't believe I've seen you bake a magnificent Apple Pie – considering your Somerset locale! Anyway, how about you making one of the posh desserts that actually looks like an apple?

  35. Just want to point out why it's good to always use bread, it acts as the binder when you fry them, and stops them from breaking apart. That's why it's used so often in recipes..

  36. You puishrrthie on my birthday and being illergic to nuts xD this is upsetting but I'd love to see you make a wagamamas spicy chicken ramen

  37. I went into this one thinking eewww, (the thought of peanut butter and jelly/jam just freaks me out) and have come out the other side needing this burger! I mean it. I need it! Right now. Boston wasn't the only one with their tongue hanging by the end. 😋😍

  38. That looks so much better than the big franchise burgers.
    Like a real grilled piece, not some industrial "product"

  39. If you add bread crumbs, then you're basically making meat loaf in the shape of burger patties. Don't get me wrong, it's still good! It's just not really a hamburger at that point.

  40. Boom Barry, just made these amazing burgers. they play with your mind but now a family favourite. keep up the good work mate

  41. Hahaha those small long spoons we have like 2 of those and we use it to get stuff out of near empty jars, and to taste things, just… lol that part made me laugh!

  42. Loving the Scotland flag in the background 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 feeling loved haha

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