The NBA’s Full-Court Drama with China | The Daily Show

The NBA’s Full-Court Drama with China | The Daily Show

The NBA. 29 of the world’s
best basketball teams, and, also, the Knicks. (laughter, groaning) The regular season
hasn’t even kicked off yet, but there’s already been a ton
of drama. Now, if you haven’t been
keeping up, last week, the general manager
of the Houston Rockets posted a tweet in support of the pro-democracy protests
in Hong Kong. And the NBA quickly put out a
statement distancing themselves from that tweet. What was funny about this,
though, was that the English version of
the statement was very different from what
it was being translated to for the Chinese Internet. So, like, in English, the
statement was basically like, “Hey, China,
we’re sorry you’re offended.” But then, the Mandarin was like,
“Rest assured, China, we will feed this man
to the wolves.” But then, here in America,
people were pissed that the NBA was kowtowing
to China, right? So yesterday, they went
into damage control mode. And things have only escalated
from there. There’s new fallout this evening in the NBA’s firestorm
with China. MAN: The NBA tonight fighting
back after being blasted for caving to China’s
communist government. Commissioner Adam Silver
defending Houston Rockets’ GM
Daryl Morey. We are not apologizing for Daryl exercising his freedom of expression. MAN 2: Shortly after Adam Silver
voiced the league’s support for free speech, fresh backlash from the communist regime
in Beijing. MAN 1: China’s government
tonight digging in, cancelling a Brooklyn Nets
event at a Shanghai school. MAN 3: In the last few hours,
China has started pulling down Lakers
and Nets signage. MAN 2: At least two
major Chinese retailers have pulled
Houston Rockets’ merchandise from their websites. China state TV said
it won’t broadcast or stream NBA pre-season games
in China. Oh, no! Not the pre-season! No! (laughter) Nobody cares
about the pre-season games. Fans in America are like,
“Can you ban them here, as well? Can you, uh…?” Yeah, the pre-season is just,
like, the boring stuff we’re forced to sit through
before the main event. Like, China banning pre-season is like Disney getting rid
of its lines. Just like,
“I’m sorry, but you’ll have “to go straight
to the rides from now on! I wish it didn’t come to this!” “Oh, no.” Still, though,
China is seriously pissed off about the tweet, right? And they’re also pissed off
about the response from the NBA. And they aren’t just taking
pre-season games off the air. They’re also cancelling
NBA events, they’re ripping down
NBA signs everywhere. In fact, like,
everything NBA-related is basically banned. Yeah. No basketball, no LeBron.
In fact, no jumping. Yeah. You see a puddle, you just walk
right through that shit. (laughter) And you can have donuts,
but no Dunkin’. And all office workers in China, if you need to throw something
in the trash, none of this.
No buzzer beaters. You get out, and you just
place it gently in the bin. (laughter) So China is basically going
to war with the NBA, all because of a single tweet. And as surprising
as that may seem to some people, the truth is, this kind of thing
has been happening between China
and American companies a lot. The NBA not the only one feeling
the heat, either. U.S. jeweler Tiffany
also under fire after tweeting an image of a
Chinese model covering one eye with people believing
it was done in solidarity with those Hong Kong protests. Nike,
bowing to pressure from Beijing, pulling a sneaker
from the Chinese market. MAN: Activision has suspended a
professional video game player and taken away his prize money. Apple took the Taiwan emoji off
its keyboard if you are in Hong Kong
or Macao. MAN: Marriott apologized
to the Chinese government. WOMAN: Versace, Givenchy,
and Coach issued apologizes. MAN: Mercedes-Benz is offering
an apology. WOMAN: The Gap issued
a sincere apology. WOMAN 2:
Delta saying, “We apologize deeply
for the mistake.” Damn. China gets offended
by a lot of shit. They’re like
that one guy at work who takes everything personally. You’re just like,
“Hey, man, I like your shoes.” Like, “Oh, wow. So you don’t
like looking at me feet?” “Uh, no, I-I do like your feet”” “Gross. You’re a pervert.” Now here’s the thing. The truth is,
these companies don’t have to take orders from China
about what to say or how to act, but they do it
because nobody wants to lose access
to a billion Chinese customers. It’s a powerful incentive. So powerful, in fact, that China’s influence
is affecting how Americans can act
on American soil. NEWSWOMAN: Tonight’s game
between the 76ers and China’s team,
the Guangzhou Loong Lions, went on as planned
as an international firestorm hangs over
the Wells Fargo Center. And on the sidelines,
Sam Wachs and his wife held “Free Hong Kong”
and “Free HK” signs that were confiscated by
security in the first quarter. Then, in the second quarter,
both got kicked out of the game when Wachs started yelling,
“Free Hong Kong!” As someone
who used to live there, he supports the movement. That’s right.
Fans in Philadelphia got kicked out
of a basketball game last night for chanting, “Free Hong Kong.” And I didn’t realize
that yelling shit at a basketball game was
against the rules. I mean, that must have been
so confusing for all the other fans,
you know? ‘Cause this guy is there like,
“Free Hong Kong!” And then the guy next to him
was probably like, “Hey, Ben Simmons,
suck a Kardashian (bleep)!” And then security’s like,
“You! Get out! “No, not you.
No, the ‘Free Hong Kong’ guy. “You keep going. That stuff
about the Kardashian (bleep), that was hilarious.
Carry on.” For more
on the complicated relationship between China
and American businesses, we turn to our senior
NBA correspondent, Ronny Chieng, everybody! (cheering, applause) Ronny… this is a really, really
contentious issue right now. What are your thoughts
on all of this? Trevor, this whole thing
is more disappointing than every meal I’ve eaten
at P.F. Chang’s, okay? That place is fake Chinese. I’m so glad General Tso isn’t
around to see what they’ve done. Quite frankly, I’m shocked
at how these American companies have behaved, okay? It’s complete bullshit, and they
should be ashamed of themselves. Wow. Ronny, you know,
this-this takes guts. Like, everyone else seems afraid
to… to speak up about China, but you taking a stand
is very brave. Well, someone has to say it. In fact, I want to talk
to China directly. (clears throat) -(laughter)
-Wow! Ronny, like, I don’t understand
what you’re saying, but I can feel
your passion, man. Tr-Trevor, please,
I’m not finished. Preach, brother, preach! -Whoo!
-(cheering, applause) Wow! Wow. Ronny, that-that is amazing. Did you… did you mention me? ‘Cause, like,
I thought I heard my name. Oh, oh, y-yeah, yeah,
I said you’re… you’re my hero and my friend. (laughter) I’m honored, Ronny. You’re my hero and my friend. How-how do I say that
in Chinese? Oh, uh…
(speaks Chinese) Oh. Close enough. Ronny Chieng, everybody.

100 thoughts on “The NBA’s Full-Court Drama with China | The Daily Show

  1. You said the Hong Kong issue is not free and democratic. Just as I said in the United States that 9/11 was a liberal democracy. Of course China will resist

  2. Plesse ask US to pay her outstanding debts to UN. More than 1 billion. Consist of 76% of the total debt owned to UN. Aren't u shameful. No 1 superpower, yet behave in such an irresponsible and despicable manner.

  3. Thanks to those who have gone to see the NBA Shanghai game, you successfully hang "Chinese-style boycott" on all of us Chinese.🙂🙂🙂

  4. Different countries have different cultures and different bottom lines. Just as the United States has black and religious "political correctness."

    However, the world should not have only one voice, it should be pluralistic.

    BY THE WAY American humor is really funny hhh.

  5. A man from HK killed his pregnant girlfriend in Taiwan lead to the mainland Chinese watch NBA no more. We call it butterfly effect. People then pay no attention the victim nor the murderer just like no one cares the perticular butterfly which flapped its wings. How funny that is.

    Here is the thing I want to tell the people from so called democratic free world:
    1. If you know nothing about Chinese history, I suggest you read. At least read from Wikipedia.
    2. You do have the right to say anything, you also have to bear the consequences.
    3. I can post FREE HAWAII/SCOTLAND/CORSICA/CATALONIA online but I'm not that bored and I know history.
    4. I know you born with anti-China and anti-communism gene.
    5. We know our media/education system/government tells lies. They know we know. We know they know we know. Now what do you think of yours?

  6. So what happened to anti communism America ??? All these American business owners curl up after they do something the Chinese don’t like it feels like China is controlling there business more than the owner is

  7. It’s your freedom of banning huawei and it’s our freedom of banning nba. When it happens to China, you say it’s a dictatorial country, and when happens to US it’s just called national security. (´థ౪థ)σ💩
    For example, when my company is negotiating with yours, your employee suddenly slaps me in the face, and you, as the boss, say it's his freedom, he doesn't need to apologize, his behavior has nothing to do with the company, and the company supports the employee's freedom. 😂Then why should I cooperate with you? Why can't I blacklist you and cooperate with others? How dare you restrict my freedom? What right have you to tell me what to do?👎

  8. I'm surprised that Trevor Noah wasn't kissing up to the Chinese government. But actually did the opposite. Good job.

  9. There is no difference between liberals and China. You get silenced for a tweet there, you get mobbed for wearing a MAGA hat in the US. The liberal NBA is talking about freedom of speech? THATS RICH.

  10. Are u going to Talk about whats happening in ecuador??, or Egypt, maybe Iraq? Thousands of protestors faced with Army, and bullets, many killed, in Ecuador their President met with Mike Pompeo and later order a carfew

  11. So the next time you think you're free, nah. Your country is owned by China who makes even billion-dollar companies cry.

  12. Hot Pot King can tell u wut happening in Hong Kong.

    As a Chinese, I’m not mad about wut u saying. I just feel sad. U like a frog living in the well but believes owns the world. (no offense)

    I truly feel sry about everything happened. All those Media are trying to mislead the focus. I believe most of u don’t care what initial Twitter said and why people in China pissed off.

    I don’t wanna cause any conflict. I just wish before u yelling the socialism country (which is been calling communism all the time). I wish u can understand wut is really happening.

    America is not the only country have patriotism. Patriotism in other countries does not equal to brain wash. (Unless u consider patriotism itself sis brain wash). Every country have some thing can be considered offensive. 9/11 in America, N word for black people, Nazi for German and etc… for China, is separatism… I believe in America, at least some people could understand freedom of speech does not mean be a jackass.

    At the end, sry for my broken English. I believe many hater can laugh about it. I hope my idea is clear enough for those can think of the truth behind the word.

    Hot Pot King. This YouTuber is an American. I wish his video can tell you the truth


  13. For real why is it so hard for companies to remember to keep politics out of doing business? It seems like many western companies simply cannot learn from that so they make the same mistake over and over again!

    Btw dont make it seems like the government decided everything for the country: many of these cases including the NBA one started out as citizens and chinese fans deeply disappointed and disscussion in social media. You have to understand how united chinese ppl can become to defend their motherland!
    If you want to win chinese consumer's favor, if you really want a piece of cake in the gigantic chinese market, at least research about their culture and have some respect! Rule no 1 is to not meddle with a country's domestic politics!

  14. 作为一名中国人,当听到他说这句话时我快要笑死了。As a Chinese, I am gonna laugh to death when he said this. 7:03

  15. With all of this going on, you just have to acknowledge that Trey Parker and Matt Stone are true geniuses and prophets.

  16. I am Chinese, i think the problem is Chinese people is so easy to take anything too serious…
    But all Chinese believe HK dan Taiwan is part of China, If you don’t agree, please be respectful to us don’t say it in front of us on purpose, at last don’t say it in front of Chinese government 🤣🤣 love and peace

  17. If YAOMING say California's dependent,All chinese people will agree with him.We all have freedom to express ourselves like you american.Do you feel happy now?

  18. Actually,before this thing,Mr.Sterling said someting anti-black,and what's the result?Where is the FREEDOM?Every country have some thing that can't be touched,in China,it is dominion

  19. Every society has its sensitive issues that cannot be touched or laughed at. The HK issue is related to Chinese sovereignty, and it is the top sensitive topic right now. It is equivalent to the discrimination issues in America. What the Chinese people want, is just a bit of empathy here. PS, Morey does not speak only on behalf of himself; he represents the team in public places like Twitter. PPS, the HK issues is complicated and cannot be simply categorized as "pro-democracy" against "a communist government." We are no longer in the Cold War era.

  20. If a guy say free 911, what do you think about him? You guys really don’t know what happens in Hong Kong? That is definitely not democracy. That’s a riot. By the way, it is none of your freaking business, right? Please mind your own shit, like the gun shooting and racist!!!

  21. Hey Ask Ronnie come to Hongkong for a few weeks u will know what's up ! His ass is so lucky he's not living in China ! U Dip shit !

  22. Everyone has a right to speak,but please speak after you learn all the story,western midea twisted truth about HK,it's not funny to tear a country apart.

  23. Funny how this all started from a man talking about sthg that was none of his business in the first place, like all these white asses be supporting the protesters. They don't even know how the protesters are destroying their own city and affecting other Hong kong people's livelihoods. The more the protests go on the weaker Hong Kong's economy is going to be and the easier it will be for China to swoop in and take control in the end, these young idiotic protesters are just playing into China's long game. People in public positions who know nothing should not comment esp when it is none of their business. All he has done is affected the league negatively, deprived Chinese fans from watching the game they love, and essentially got the NBA banned in china. His support for the Hong Kong protests has done absolutely nothing to help the protesters either. What a useless man.


  25. It is very strange feeling that I fully understand the freedom of speech from the US, I totally agree and respect that. But, as a Chinese, when I see HK is going nowhere, the only consequence for HK people is suffering. There is always constraints, and one should always consider that for changes and improvements. And when an outside says "comon on, I support you, continue…", which may drive the miserable situation worse, I feel the anger arise in my heart.

  26. Players are on their knees before their paymasters. 1M muslims interned in China and players are silent. Racist and cowardly league of slavery.

  27. It's a $1 billion/year business afterall. NBA has the freedom of speech, the Chinese has the freedom whether to spend the money. As a matter of geopolitics, HK to China is like Northern Ireland to Britain. Try to tell a Brit you support IRA – and that's how supporting the HK separatist movement sounds to the Chinese.

  28. As an Chinese, let me tell you why those things just pissed us off. Cuz TERRITORIAL DIVISIONS is totally not a joke but A serious topic. China has a painful history of colony, but now we are much stronger than before. When someone try or want to torn apart our nation, we must state our position to defend our motherland.
    So if they keep supporting the separation of China, they must pay their prize!

  29. Chinese authoritarian criminal regime is spreading its way of oppression and control to other dictators around the world; at the same time, with Russia, they are trying to destroy freedom and democracy in western countries, Hong Kong is a testing ground, so China is the greatest danger to freedom in the world, and world must support and stand with people of Hong Kong.

  30. China is harvesting thousands of organs from Uighur Muslim minorities, says UN, this regime wants to control HK to make it another concentration camp.

  31. There sure are a lot of pro-communist regime Chinese users in the comment section despite Youtube being banned for average citizens in the mainland…. must be legit!

  32. China is the most dangerous country on the planet right now. They already control their own populace, which for the most part is brainwashed into believing the system is taking good care of them. All signs of resistance, protests or calls for change are suppressed immediately and sometimes even used for propaganda. The Chinese government already controls plenty of foreign governments, for the most part in Asia and Africa, and has them dancing to its tune. They thrive on the weakness of western governments that are afraid to anger it and thus lose lucrative trade deals. Pretty soon China will have everyone kowtowing before them! Mark my words.

  33. When someone’s statements go across racism, sexism, go against LGBTQ, never seen American people highlighted freedom of speech. Why? Because they cross the bottom line. People in states losing their jobs for saying those things. Freedom of speech can only guarantee that you won’t go to the jail for saying whatever you want. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean there is no consequence for saying what ever you want. Huston Rockets’ GM supporting HK independence, which crosses the bottom line. And the consequences are NBA losing their business in China. Just like people in states losing their job for saying racism sexism crap. Stop trying to get over with the consequences you deserved by saying freedom of speech.

  34. What you don't understand, Trevor, is that the integrity of territory is THE unnegotiable issue in China, because China has always been a unified country for 2000 years and because of the 100 years of shame in China's modern history when the territory was carved up by all the major western empires. Freedom of speech has limits and they depend on each country. The american nation was founded by immigrants of different races and origins, so racism is absolutly taboo in american society. You don't exercise your freedom of speech by launching racist opinions in public without bearing counsequences. Meanwhile in China, as I explained before, the integrity of territory is uncontestable. Relations between different countries have to be based on mutual respect, which implies the respect of limits of freedom of speech of each side. Since the American don't understand this or are too arrogant to try to understand when it comes to China, the Chinese have no choice but to make their voice heard by resorting to somewhat extreme moves.

  35. Attention, everyone! Chinese team of real people called "50 Cent Army" or "wumao"(half a yuan) have appeared on YOUTUBE, TWITTER and other

    global social media. Their speech and behaviour are: a lot of commentary, a lot of likes, try to confuse the public, confusing the concept,

    ignoring the other part of the truth, belittling other countries, praising China, and trying to influence public oppinion and people's

    thinking, some of them hide Chinese identity, take an english name, use English, speak and act like from English-speaking country. Please

    boycott and report these comments to make the global internet normal. Please inform others and let people know what Chinese do.

  36. If you want to do business with someone, show your respect first. Besides, go to see what’s happening in Hong Kong exactly.

  37. Hong Kong is our own future if we let it be

    Fuck the Chinese Government
    Fuck corruption
    And fuck wannabe dictators like Trump

  38. Houston Rocket bow or kneel down to China on issue of a tweet on Hong Kong
    NBA === core value of USA now being traded for $ and business

  39. China acting like a scorned woman. Irrational and demanding, not realizing how ridiculous they look. NBA and CCP, go fk yourselves.

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