The Impossible Dove Tail Box

The Impossible Dove Tail Box

Hi. Welcome to another episode of Mr. Puzzle. Today, we gonna talk about the impossible puzzle box, which is this one here. And why is it called impossible? Well, because it looks like an impossible, so-called impossible object. It means, if you look here, on the way, how these two parts are connected, you will notice you cannot take them apart like this because there is an undercut, but also you cannot shift them apart like this, or like this, because there’s also an undercut. So there is actually, you cannot twist them, so there is actually, from first point of view, no way to separate them. Well, of course there is a way. And before I show you that, maybe some, some words to the, some, some words to the quality of this puzzle. It is made from well quali- from wood in a well quality. It is painted here on the upper side in some kind of a red paint and here transparent paint. The wood is quite strong, so it’s not, it’s not this kind of soft cheap feeling what it’s really feels very wealthy, And I got this one from, which is a Chinese website which offers free shipping at the value of above thirty dollars, so check their website out. This one was about seven dollars. So, price performance ratio is very good. And now I’m gonna show you how to solve it after the spoiler break. Okay, here we go. So as I’ve already explained to you, it’s not possible to separate these two parts in a normal way. In this direction, in this direction, or this direction. What we have to do, or what we notice when we handle it, because there is some small free-play between these two halves, is, you can slightly move this object at a 45 degree angle so. Considering what we see on the outside, it would be possible to separate two halves by moving this part in this direction. But we can’t, because it’s somehow blocked. It’s somehow stuck, so. And what I tried to do, the first idea I had, same as with, for the da Vinci helicopter puzzle, for example, or the treasure hunt puzzle from Eureka. I tried to spin it, because I thought maybe there are pins inside that will release the two halves from each other, but it’s not working. I already also did it like this. I did it like this. I tried to shake it, everything, but it actually didn’t do anything. Also, when you keep the two havles and shake it, you cannot see hear any noise from a mechanic inside. And actually, I had a pretty hard time to find out how to do it. In the end, what, what the trick is, you take the two halves in a specific orientation, which is this one. You place the dark painted half on the lower side, and the bright one on the upper side, grab it here in this corner, and just give it a smack from below like this. And then, you will be able to separate here the two halves from each other. and it reveals the inner structure and also, it reveals the mechanic that is hidden inside, and that keeps the two halves together, and releases them when you give them the smack from below. How does it work? Well, let me just zoom in a bit. You have two drill holes, one in each half, and also, you have, on the bottom of these two drill holes, two magnets, And in addition, you have this steel ball. When the steel ball is connected to this magnet here, it will still interfere with the upper part. Means when they, the two halves are together, it will block them from getting apart. When I now turn it around like this, and give it a smack from below, the ball will jump from this magnet here into this drill hole, and stick to the other magnet. And now the two halves are free to move. This is from my point of view a very unique solution. I personally haven’t seen something like this before, and as I already told you, I had a really hard time to find out how it was done. And to connect them again, you put them together, just flip them around on the other side, give it a smack again, and the two halves are connected again. So it is a very nice solution that can be done or repeated easily. But to get it, get it done in the right way, or find out what’s the, what’s the trick, is very hard to do. And what’s also nice on this box is that it can be used to hide a present, or something like this, and give it as a present to someone else. This one is about seven dollars, so it’s pretty cheap, and you can, therefore you can also use it as a, as a present to give it to someone else, hiding something inside for them. So very nice one. Very difficult. It was very difficult for me. Took me maybe one, one and a half hours to find it out. I’m not sure. Maybe other people do it in some minutes, if they have the right intention directly in the beginning. Whatever. If you liked this video, please subscribe or give me a like. If you have any questions or comments, just comment. If you want to buy it, check out the description. I will put the link there where you can buy it and try it yourself. So until then, keep on puzzling!

100 thoughts on “The Impossible Dove Tail Box

  1. Okay so the 1st step is throwing these puzzles into the ground…if you hear the click proceed if not turn it around

  2. Troll basics
    1.give it to a hated one!
    2.wait a sec….
    3.there you go!
    He/her will die from frustation and
    U will be not guilty and free!!
    Thank me later!!

  3. Just found: How to build a dovetail box with three dovetails (German).

  4. Mdrr la motier des comentaires sont des « qui est la apres la video de squeezie 😂 » c’est n’importe quoi !

  5. Hi, I made one of these as a novelty gift box (with a few "built-in" hints to help those not so good at puzzles)

  6. I had a really hard time finding the sollution to this one too. It took you 5 minutes of waffle to get to the point

  7. I would have bought one but now that it's on Youtube everyone will be able to figure it out. Takes all the fun out of it.

  8. I usually dont comment but last 5 min watching this video was a painful 5 min not sure how to describe this … took him very long to show the trick of that stupid buzzel ..

  9. How is this an impossible puzzle? If you tried to push it in any direction for over a minute, you would find the answer.

  10. It's good also to hide a marriage ring inside it! If your fiance can open it you can marry her/him with confidence! :))))

  11. I’m legally blind can you recommend a puzzle I bought a regular Jigsaw Puzzle but there is no way I’ll be able to see it to put it together I’m going crazy trying to find a hobby I can do

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