The heartbreaking reality of living in a crowed place! | Hong Kong: World’s Busiest Cities – BBC

The heartbreaking reality of living in a crowed place! | Hong Kong: World’s Busiest Cities – BBC

This is the most Expensive real estate in the World in hong Kong Homes cost 18 Times more Than an average Family’s income Rents are more Than twice the amount you’d Pay in the uk with space at a premium Most hong Kongers live on top of each Other in tiny flats I’ve come to the tie wire area in the City’s New territories where the long family have a Two-Bedroom Flat? They share their home with four other relatives and it’s Forced them to look for an ingenious Solution Wow It Really Looks like something futuristic You Should Be on Mars or Laronne They’ve installed sleeping Pods in the front Room Effectively Giving them two Extra Bedrooms On the upper deck and my Parents So what is it like to sleep in that i like It yeah yeah i enjoy Sleep Here Just Like in this spaceship The Pods cost Just Over a Thousand Pounds Much Cheaper Than renting or Buying more space It’S quite fun yes oh? yes The Light is really relaxing Actually and It Feels a Bit more spacious Than i thought Because They can Sit up How difficult is it for a Family to be Able to afford to buy a house in hong Kong Let’s Say One Daughter Brother and mother Go outside to work you save all the Money After 20 Years you May Maybe You can buy a house It’s very Very Expensive pull down the curtain and like closing the door and you can Lock It Here how do you pull out and Stark Help Good Night The Learns are Lucky Hong Kong Has One of The World’s highest wolf gaps the poorer you are the less space you have? So i’m Just about to meet a guy who lives in What they call a cage community Here and he lives Here because Property Is so Expensive this is all he can Afford i Just want to find out What life’s like for Him At first there Seems nothing Unusual about this Building It’s only When i get to alan’s door that i realize Just how small his home is Wow Now i wasn’t Expecting that i was Expecting to open the door to go into one, Place but There’s Actually Two Doors Here can We come in This used to be Just an Ordinary flat but a private Landlord Has illegally Divided It into Bed spaces there are no larger Than a Cupboard Nice to meet you Adi adi adi Alan Has Lived Here for three Years He says Eleven People live in This Corridor alone and There’s another One Just like It Next Door tell me about Where you live Visit this space or All of This Bit Here they’re going a dollar Just in this space And Your Kitchen Where do you go for that i think Donald Keep Up so where’d you go for Food then Well took Lighting oh Allen Works As a Dishwasher He pays a Hundred and Eighty Pounds a month To live Here To rent a Room in this area Would cost Nearly Three Times as Much He used to live with relatives but after they passed away this Was the only place he could afford So you’ve Got about six foot of space Lengthwise it’S so small i Can’t imagine What it must Be like to live in in this small space you Know book the Bobo’s Funkier Find Out the Man KonyAku did you know i’m judy Pinky d so i put on my own okay that Black Women can Go Over California more Than two million People Already live in public Housing in hong Kong and the waiting list is four and a Half Years Is this normal Here in hong Kong They both Annoy going public in woodbury Knit one Alan’S case might Seem extreme But Over 200,000 people are estimated to live in Places Like This This Space Here is someone else’s Living cause It’S incredible i mean i can’t imagine it staying Here for for a day there are no Years It Shocks me to see allen’s live-in Situation It’S a reminder That Where there’s Opportunity There’s Also Inequality hong Kong’s Runaway capitalism has made It one of The World’s most prosperous cities But This success comes at a price

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  1. today to see it, wonder actually how many govt ppl visited them (just to understand them), or really know what is it at all.

  2. This is very heart-breaking amd inspiring at the same time. Despite of the difficulty they are experiencing, they still choose to move forward.

  3. I live in a North American commercial truck. sometimes with my adult daughter when she is in the mood for an international adventure, and it has more space and is more comfortable than that guys one box apartment!

    No wonder people are rioting!

  4. This is the real reason for the riots. That's why 200,000 are "protesting" on the streets.

    Because who wants to go home to a box coffin? Their kitchen and toilet is on the streets.

    Hk youth see they have no future and aren't willing to live like the older hard working generation who instead of rioting and destroying hk. They worked hard and tried to make the best of a bad situation.

    And now those brainwashed youth are blaming china for their situation when china is the only one who cares enough and who has the means to help them? Lol.

    Keep waving those British flags though..

  5. This is the result of inequality between rich and poor under British rule. Why did they not fix the living conditions of the majority when they were in power?

  6. This BBC documentary shows people who live in public housing and caged home for the lower income group and grassroots….

  7. – Why do people go to live in the "prosperous cities"?!?
    – To make more money.
    – Why they need more money?
    – To pay the rent on their small boxes.

    Is this a life of a human being or of stuffed animal?!?

  8. Sorry but if u live in province or has only one kid this will be not like this,people should think about it,is better to be a farmer then to be dishwasher and live in coridor omg …im humble person and still my room is small to put my massage table and i complain

  9. It's kind of hard to be optimistic when your grieving in your bed made from pavement twisted as a lonely man, its hard to make good friends when you fail to rectify your life of sin.

  10. 180 pounds per month to live in a cupboard! If private landlords are doing this illegally, why aren't the authorities clamping down on it?

  11. What is the point living there? I'm in a city of 25.000 with half a million acres of forests and vineyards around me. I can't fancy to look at a facade across my window for my entire life. Unless I would use drugs probably. People are really strange.

  12. Anybody got a link for a website where I can find something like those sleeping pods? I want them for my niece's small bedroom

  13. I'm Glad that I Live in New York City, Plenty of Space and the Air is a Hole lot Cleaner and also the Tap Water is Clean to Drink,

  14. Well in San Francisco you can live on the streets free get food free medicine free drugs free get free money live in your very own tent ⛺️ get up when you want. And the best part is you don’t need a toilet you can poop on the streets. I ask you what more could you ask for? All of you livening like that in Hong Kong come on to good OL SF. And you can be a criminal SF don’t care we are a sanctuary city.

  15. Being forced into public housing waiting lists while living in shit like this is coming to America as rents rise rapidly along with the inflation of house prices because of all the idiots taking out mortgages cause loans are cheap. There are already spaces like this filled with broke millenials called PodShares. They've got laptops and electronics and crap they've bought with credit cards but it's the same thing as this. In NYC people making 60K live in public housing, this is what's gonna start happening all over America.

  16. Success for the rich always comes on the backs of the poor. There's no reason why anyone anywhere should be living in such cramped quarters.

  17. I love tiny houses and currently live in a studio flat, but I could never imagine just having that tiny cupboard to live in. I will never complain about not having enough space.

  18. My condo needs renovation, be blessed and be thankful where you live, even though, you don't live in a place, count your blessings

  19. Those pods are actually cool. But it’s definitely sad to see the cage dwelling. I would never imagine a human living in one of those.

  20. Thank you for making this documentary and opening my eyes on this issue! I really hoep that good change will come soon for Hong Kong population

  21. This is what the movement should be fighting for. Equality in the value of every human life and against the unbridled scourge of capitalism

  22. OMG… LOOK AT ALL THE DEATH TRAPS!! If a fire broke out on… say.. the 19th floor… how many ppl you think will make it safely out…. how many do you think WON'T?

  23. Countries with vast uninhibited lands should welcome immigrants. But modern nation states have made us insensitive brutes

  24. The other great depression. Stupid bullies,about lies and finance do this. But, they will not as eternity. The woman, will not consider those that did not.

  25. Our india is much better than china….there are the so many places and areas but chiness government cant take a step???…what they will do without their own people…..they just thinks about themself….oneday they will get what they have done

  26. What a World…
    the the guy that can't walk has more freedom of motion than the Man standing next to him….

  27. Homes in Hong Kong only cost 18 times more than income? In Toronto, Canada, homes cost 22 times more than income. Average one person income in Canada? Around $40K per year. Average home (house)? $1Million. Why do people stay in Hong Kong? I hear Spain has lots of abandoned villages with no residents. But Spain doesn't accept Chinese immigrants.

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