The Best Chinese House Special Fried Rice Recipe ~ Chinese Stir Fry

The Best Chinese House Special Fried Rice Recipe ~ Chinese Stir Fry

It’s fried rice for dinner. I’m Tess and
tonight I’m making a Chinese House Special fried rice with shrimp, chicken
and beef. Stay tuned! For this Chinese House Special fried rice I have some
shrimp, sliced chicken and beef. I’m preparing all three the same. Seasoning
all with a pinch of salt. I have two egg whites that I’m whisking and dividing
among all three meats along with some corn starch. Giving them all a good stir
and setting to the side. You will be able to find this recipe and
the list of ingredients in the “SHOW MORE” section below. If you click on the word
“SHOW MORE” it will open and reveal this recipe, links where you can purchase some
of the items that I use and much much more. If you have a chance please check
it out. I’ve made my jasmine rice yesterday and
refrigerated overnight. I have all my veggies prepped and ready. First, I’m
cooking all the meats separately. I have my heat on medium-high adding a little
oil and the meat. Letting the meat cook for about 10 to 15 seconds before
stirring. Cooking for 2 to 3 minutes or until the meat is done then I’m removing
from the pan and setting to the side. Next, I’m cooking the eggs. I have my wok
on medium heat and I added some oil. I have the two egg yolks left over and I
added another egg. Giving them a good whisk. Cooking and chopping into little
pieces. Once done I’m removing the eggs from the
pan. And we are ready to put this Chinese
House Special fried rice together. In my wok on medium-high heat I added more oil,
minced garlic and the whites of garden onions. Cooking and stirring for about 15
seconds and then adding in some diced carrots and bell peppers. You can use the
vegetables that you have or like. Cooking and stirring for a couple minutes. I’m
also adding in a couple diced red chilies for some heat and this is
optional. I love peas in fried rice. Stirring in to combine and then I’m
adding in the rice, the shrimp, chicken, beef, the eggs, oyster sauce and some
mushroom flavor dark soy sauce. This is going to give this fried rice a rich
flavor. Cooking and stirring until everything is well coated with the sauce.
Finally, I’m adding in some chopped green onions, one final stir and it’s ready to
eat! This is quite a hearty Chinese fried rice
with all the protein. Lots of flavors and textures! If you have a minute please
remember to check out my other Chinese fried rice video recipes and my Asian
recipe playlists for lots more ideas and recipes. I hope you give this Chinese
house special fried rice dinner a try and enjoy. If you like this video recipe please hit
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friends and family. And until next time… Much Love!

39 thoughts on “The Best Chinese House Special Fried Rice Recipe ~ Chinese Stir Fry

  1. Love this Chinese Stir Fry Tess, very tasty indeed. I love green onioms, they always kick up the stir fry recipes a notch.

  2. Oh this is delicious looking. I want to make this. Out of all the channels I watch on stir fry you deliver the recipe and video which is so easy to follow and replicate. Don't change a thing. One note, that's great you added the pic with the Show More so viewers that aren't familiar with computers and YT will know where to go to get the recipe and other info. On a smartphone though, there is no show more, but an triangle arrow over on the right margin. If they touch it, the show more screen will appear below. At least on my Samsung Galaxy Android System.

  3. So good! Tess, you never disappoint: this is beautifully prepared and looks delicious! My favorite is the plain fried rice at our local Chinese restaurant. Goes great with everything. Thanks for sharing! (:

  4. That fried rice looks amazing, Tess! I'm going to make your fried rice recipe when I'm done being lazy. Hopefully this week or so. LOL

  5. Tess, you make such great follow along, simple, tutorials, the everybody can follow along. Thanks for sharing this is a great recipe

  6. Great recipe Tess> Do you have a good recipe for clear onion soup, yum yum sauce, and garlic ginger sauce to use with todays recipe. Thanks for all of your excellent recipes.

  7. Oh my Tess, this looks so good! I'll take the entire plate please! YUM! Thank you so much for sharing. Wishing you a beautiful day…

  8. Tess your rice looks magnificent actually this is my favorite rice a definite save will make this a.s.a.p i can save money & have plenty for leftovers Tyfs!!!!👍👌😋


  10. This Dish is Amazing! I just made this dish with baby shrimp & I cut up some Barbecue Rib meat my husband said was not so tender before I diced it up and included it along with the shrimp still using the egg white & potatoe starch I use instead of corn starch as the mixture 😎
    I used all the i ingredients except the red pepper & used a tad bit of Chilli Powder yea! My husband gives me a 9 out of 10 gulp saying its not totally Chinese Authemic but nonetheless Very Good! Umm hmmm! Anyways Thx Much for your RECEIPE Tess! You be doing your thing!! Oh yea I just eyeballed the measurements whew still came out great yaaah!!
    THX 😎

  11. Just tried it, I used 2 teaspoons of mushroom soy, with 2 teaspoons of light soy sauce. But, I love soy sauce so I'm not saying anything's wrong with this recipe. Besides adding onions garlic and carrots, I also added shredded cabbage instead of peas because cabbage seems to be really good in Chinese food recipes. Anyways it's an awesome dish, Tess definitely has the best Chinese food recipes. I've tried several of them, and their the closest I can get to that awesome takeout flavor.

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