The Best Burger Ever

Cheap drinks is not
a reason to skip work. – Well, what is a reason
to skip work, Mike? – Cheap drugs. – Guys. Guys, guys, guys,
guys, guys, guys, guys. – What, Zac, calm down. What is it? – They opened a Milo’s like
a block away from here. – What’s a Milo’s? – Mi- Milo’s is like the
best burger restaurant in all of Alabama, and
they opened one here. – Oh, cool.
– Yeah, it is cool. We gotta go now. – Zac, I’ve got a lot of work to do. (Zac grunts) Whoa. – I said now. Mm, isn’t that the best burger? – It’s fine. – It’s not fine. It’s amazing. – I mean, it’s a good burger. I think you like it so much because you have memories attached to it. – No, this is the best burger. – No, the best burger is
at Portillo’s in Chicago. Oh my god. We should go. – No, we’re not going to Chicago. – Now. – No, no, no. ♫ Chicago, Chicago, that toddlin’ town – Mm, fuck that’s good. – Sure.
– It’s fine. – It’s no Milo’s.
– What? What’s wrong with you? – It’s fine. I’m just saying you’re.
– It’s delicious. – You’re attached to it
because you grew up with it. You’re tasting nostalgia right now. – God, you’re dumb. – Yeah, you’re biased towards
burgers you grew up with because you haven’t had the
actual best burger in the world, Shake Shack in New York City. – No, we can’t go to New York City. No, Grant. – We’re gonna go to New
York City right now. – No, no, no.
– We’re going to New York City ♫ New York – Oh, isn’t it just?
– No, it’s fine. Everything is fine. They’re all fine. – I think we ate too many burgers today. – Yeah, I feel kind of sick. – But none of them have been
as good as these six burgers from the six places I grew up in. Let’s go. – I’m sorry. Who are you? – I’m Ally. I work at CollegeHumor now. – Since when? – Since now. ♫ Ooh, Nashville, Tennessee. ♫ Madison yeah, that’s my town. ♫ Let me tell you about
Waco, it’s spelled W-A-C-O ♫ Portland ♫ Oregon – Enough. Ugh, god, I can’t eat
another fucking burger. – Yeah, at least we got some real burgers before we head back to
California, you know. – What do you, Zac, what
are you talking about? California has In-N-Out. – Yeah, I don’t like In-N-Out. – Never say that. Never say that. I admit the fries are just okay, but the burgers are phenomenal. – It’s too onion-y. – Then, get it without onions. Hi, it’s Mike Trapp from CollegeHumor. Click here to subscribe, click here for more fun things, and send help to keep me from sinking. Please, please help, please help.

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