The Best BBQ Burger Recipe – Preparation and Cooking Instructions – BBQFOOD4U

The Best BBQ Burger Recipe – Preparation and Cooking Instructions – BBQFOOD4U

welcome to barbecue food for you the
backyard barbecue show I’m Jason King today I’m gonna be showing everyone
step-by-step detailed instructions so you can cook the absolute best barbecue
burger at home with no special equipment or tools required if it’s your first
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and check out the delicious old video recipes now let’s get started to make the best barbecue burger you
have to start with a good cut of meat I got these nice prime rib steaks I’m just
gonna start by give them a rinse under cold water a lot of times they’re cut
with a bandsaw so there might be bone shavings in here so just give it a good
rinse and then Pat it dry with paper towel once the steak is washed and
patted dry you can see we got a nice meat to fat ratio you’re looking around
70 to 30% so this is actually perfect and we’re looking to shoot for the
burgers for around 1/2 pound 8 ounces maybe 10 so this is a little bit of
extra me just start by simply slicing it into thin slices and a good trick is to
have the meat very very cold fresh out of the fridge so if it starts to get
hard to cut just pop it back in the fridge once you have the beef sliced and
the bone remove simply start cubed there chopping it try and get out these
thicker chunks place it in a pile going across there slicing and chopping you
can see that the beef is almost starting to look like ground beef that you see in
the store a little bit fatter chunks because it’s not squeezed through an
extruder but now it’s time to season so generous salt and pepper and some garlic
powder keep it nice and simple if you have a favorite burger recipe feel free
to use that or your favorite type of bottled spice or barbecue rub anything
will work use what you like to taste to season the burger once it sees them just
gonna mix all the spices and because the the meats feel cold but we want it as
cold as possible I’m just gonna incorporate the seasoning toss it into a
bowl and let it sit in the fridge for about 5 to 10 minutes best way to get
the same size burgers is by using a kitchen scale so there’s a little shy of
a pound of meat it’s about fifteen point eight grams in there so just gonna make
these burgers just a hair under half a pound seven point eight ounces
here just using a small plate for the sheet of parchment paper on it and an a
grain to form the patty if you have a burger press anything like that
it will be fine to use it this is just a little easier for everyone to see
and when you put the meat in here and just kind of want to make it even and
get it all in there first and what get drop over here and you don’t want to
press it in too too hard you want to want to press it in got a nice circle
don’t press it too hard and then just take the egg ring off it and we got our
burger nice and loose they’ll be nice a whole bunch of little air pockets in
there the juices will sit in there we just packed with flavor so just go on do
the exact same thing with the next one here all right so it’s on the ring just
spread it out try and get it nice and even and just don’t pack it too hard
nice and firm but good good pull the ring off just pushing the edges down a
little bit now you want to place these in the fridge keep them nice and cold so
they keep their shape every good burger needs a good sauce so I’m gonna show you
qinger secret beef sauce it’s simple four ingredients Mayo
horseradish Worcestershire sauce and some black pepper this is gonna
accentuate the beef flavors well making it creamy and rich once you get a nice
and mixed cover it place it in the fridge let the flavors mingle until the
burgers really put the burgers I’ll be using the weber 22 inch charcoal
barbecue fueled by royal hardwood lump charcoal this recipe can be cooked on
any barbecue and I’ll show you how to get everything set up
an easy way to get your barbecue set up is placing the charcoal on a see pattern
about three inches hide around the outside of the barbecue wall place a fire cube at one end of the
charcoal simply light it up once your barbecue is going add a little bit of
wood for some extra smoke flavor these are hickory wood chips no need to
soak them or anything just throw them right on get the lid on get the
temperature stabilized to 225 and then we’ll get the burgers on with the
barbecue coming up to temp and smoking away it’s time to get these burgers on
so they’re nice and cold out of the fridge so they stay together
place them on and as they start cooking the juices in the meat will all help
hold them together so get the lid on we’ll come back out and check on them in
a few minutes after 10 minutes of cooking time sitting just over 225 let’s
crack it open take a peek and see the burgers are nicely smoking away fires
still going smoking get the lid on after 20 minutes here’s a
quick peek pop these open eight burgers are looking good still get quite a bit of wood smoking
away it’s gonna go in with a third pin here hook it right into the middle see
where temps sitting at toppings are ready let’s go get that cast-iron
skillet fired up on the barbecue with the burgers ready to sear take them off
just lift them off to the side and then spread out the unlit charcoal placing it
right on top of the stuff that’s already burning give that a minute to get the
nation lit place a cast-iron skillet over the hot coals and a little bit of
butter and some onions now as the charcoal heats up I’ll be able to cook
our onions toss the mushrooms in at the end and when it’s ready to sear we’ll
just move the burgers over then cooking that the charcoal going
nice and hot so we’ll sear these burgers and get the Mach 1 is we get a nice
color club it’s time to do the burgers get a nice crust on the outside to do
that we got the hot bed of coals there simply just move the burgers over not the best for visuals but I want to
just put the lid on to reduce flare up because there is quite a bit of fat in
these burgers I’m gonna let them cook around two
minutes with the lid on and take it over and split it over burgers are sizzling
away and it smells great check these for the ones who can top it with some
cookies get the lid on it stop where it’s just
got the onions and mushrooms in there still Sifl on the way for the bun just a
fresh bakery style Kaiser with a light toast
now there’s another minute cheese is melted and these burgers are ready to
come off go get them topped off for the one
without cheese going for more of a steakhouse flavor so I got my creamy
horseradish King Gregor sauce mixed up here I’m gonna place it on the top and
bottom just take the burger you can see it’s nice and juicy stripping with
juices that’s all flavor then just gonna take some of these onions and mushrooms
we grilled up its hopper right boom that looks good so you gonna keep
this one nice and simple look at that a nice juicy burger now if I didn’t have
the camera and was filming this would all be done a lot quicker and none of
this would be on your plate so burgers down classic lettuce Tomatoes global what will get on there
and a few onions top the top bun with some of that burger sauce now in ketchup
mustard relish whatever you like to taste but this nice creamy horseradish
just brings the beef flavor out there you go
now check these burgers over folks here’s your classic no smoke no mirrors
qinger delicious cheeseburger and more for the steakhouse theme got that creamy
horseradish sauce sauteed mushrooms and onions on a delicious local fresh bakery
Kyser now the moment of truth slice it right down the middle and take a peek all the juices just dripping out check
that out folks that is nice juicy delicious not overcooked mmm a little
hard to hold here doing the camera and everything so look at that mmm
let’s cut open the steakhouse take a peek at this one this one’s more
my style to be honest with you I do like lettuce tomatoes and onions but
something like this this one’s for me and check that out
mmm that creamy horseradish sauce just gonna kick it out of the park here sorry
my hands in the way it’s a little tricky filming and look at how juicy that
burger is oh wow and this is because you’re not using the process ground beef
that is real meat real fat oh that’s real flavor right there
folks check that out oh I look so good now time for the real test I went for
the steakhouse theme one with the mushrooms and the onions gotta give it a
try those burgers were absolutely delicious if I had to give my rating be
11 out of 10 without a doubt this recipe looks good
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looking at the best smoker for the price point and you’ll never guess what it is
so stay tuned be sure to subscribe I’m Jason King thank you so much for
watching and cook more barbecue

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