The Animated History of China | Part 2

The Animated History of China | Part 2

join the millions of users already learning by heading to skill share at the link below to get your first two months of premium membership for free *Awkward silence* The mongols under ogre da khan would grow rapidly into a large, organised empire The land flourished in mongol law and they financed their stay through large-scale raids The Chinese of the Jin and the Song Dynasty Were no match for the rapid host-based warfare of the Mongols Whose entire strategy was based on lightning warfare By 1271 Kublai Khan was crowned Great Khan and Emperor of all China beginning the Yuan dynasty *Epic music plays* *Omg, is that hitler?* *gasp* The Mongols brought with them their Lal customs and steppe traditions Which blended with those of East Asia Commerce and Technology increased in the multi-ethnic Empire But it did not last very long An inflation crisis due to the over issue of Mongol currency as well as quite a few earthquakes Started to make the Chinese question whether heaven really wanted the Yuan Mongols to rule and soon an all-out revolt ensued With Juan Jiang driving the Mongols back to Central Asia and crowning himself the first Ming Emperor The last two dynasties of China with a Ming and the Ching both presided over China’s early modern period and shared similarities in policy One, isolationism both dynasties pursued aggressive self defense measures amid quite a lot of xenophobia this manifested in the cutting of funding to the navy to fund other projects such as the Great Wall Two, both had terrible mismanagement of money Being unwilling to trade with foreign powers beyond the port of Canton led to an increased self reliance and decreased sphere of influence Three, both failed to recognize the threat of foreign powers in their waters All of whom would play direct role in collapsing the dynastic ‘el system by the turn of the century China’s unwillingness to modernize and trade with the West would lead indirectly to the opium wars and the Taiping rebellion by parties like the British French and Japanese who had a vested interest in opening up China to trade… …and Christianity. This in turn would spark the Boxer Rebellion as a counter revolt against foreign influence in China The Qing had dealt with none of these problems well enough and soon revolts were more common than peace critiques view the failure of the Ching as the century of humiliation in 1912 the Qin collapsed and China fractured into numerous pieces of Independent States called cliques also known as the warlord era China would need to unify and to do that a Republican movement under Sun yat-sen allied with the Communists under the CCP to fight the war loads on a united front This went about as well as you would expect with Kuomintang leader Chiang kai-shek Purging and executing communists on masse breaking the fragile alliance So it was Civil War and the CCP were on the brink of annihilation Were it not for a near miraculous retreat of thousands of kilometers under Mao Zedong called the long march? This incredible journey helped recruit new members But the war had to be put on hold in 1932 when the Imperial Japanese army invaded the Manchurian cliques and were now at the doorstep of China proper With a threat of the Japanese the two sides formed a united second front the Japanese army invaded China in 1937 after a fabricated Chinese skirmish at the Marco Polo Bridge in Beijing The war was tragic for the Chinese with the second-highest casualties of the entire Second World War Millions of civilians and soldiers lost their lives for a state that did not technically exist The ill-prepared and badly led Chinese armies were no match for the strict discipline of the Japanese Imperial Army 🙁 with many blunders during the invasion at one point the Republican Army even Accidentally drowning half a million people while flooding the Yellow River in an attempt to halt the Japanese advance After a three-month long siege at Shanghai the devastated Republican Army retreated to the capital at Nanjing Which fell to the Japanese on the 13th of December An event you probably haven’t heard about in the west known as The Rape of Nanjing the Japanese were so senselessly brutal to the Chinese that the Nazi Ambassador was the voice of reason and is now celebrated as a hero in China his letters and journals from the time tell of how up to 300,000 people were raped and murdered during the occupation there were even contest to see which Officers could behead 100 people with their swords in the fastest time The results of which were printed in Japanese newspapers With the same tone that you would expect to see when reporting on a baseball game Why is this event been mostly forgotten to history and in some cases flat-out Denied? When you’re done here head on over to my channel to find out please be sure to check out knowing Betty’s channel in the link below for more on how entrenched the events at Nanjing became on thecollective Chinese psyche Japan’s war was stunningly successful however, they began losing a lot of ground by 1945 since they were now fighting at forefront war the stunning successes of the Communist army and the failures of the Republic an army against the Japanese Meant that the CCP was on much better footing in the minds of the people The massive conflict had been an opportunity for Mao to prove his devotion to China and millions flocked to his side China’s Civil War resumed not long after and with the help of the Soviet Army in northern China the tide turned in the CCP’s favour The Kuomintang Republican Army were forced to retreat to the island of Taiwan which still calls itself the Republic of China to this day China was declared that People’s Republic in 1949 with Mao named supreme chairman he is infamous for the so called necessary evils by which he ruled the mainland both in terms of the starvation of millions of his own people during the Great Leap Forward Way industrialization caused a massive famine and also the Cultural Revolution to dispose of old traditions and systems resulting in the execution of thousands of dissidents A controversial figure in both the West and the East seen as both tyrant and Liberator China seemed like an ally of the Soviet Union during the Cold War Especially during their involvement in the Korean and Vietnam wars against the West But in reality sino-soviet relations grew ever more antagonistic reflecting their isolationist past Much changed after Mao’s death and the government began to relinquish controls over the planned economy However, the same year the Berlin Wall fell when calls for democracy sparked protests in the Tian’anmen Square the Chinese government revealed to the world that they had not weakened and were not going to collapse like other socialist states by firing on their own people A more mixed economy of socialism and capitalism triumphed And soon China’s economy began to grow and industrialize at a rapid rate Becoming the first nation to surpass a population of 1 billion Modern China experienced an even further modernization becoming the world’s manufacturing powerhouse for both low and high quality products However, even though economically China became more open Culturally, they remained well and truly closed with modern China being one of the most culturally isolated nations in the world So much so that this video Is illegal there Chinese internet censorship is one of the strictest in the world with the central government Restricting access to YouTube and other Google services as well as social media sites like Facebook and Twitter but lucky for us Skillshare is still available there wanna learn how to do beautiful Chinese calligraphy Maybe you’d like to master some conversational Mandarin Or perhaps you just want to learn how to make authentic chow mein You can do all this from the comfort of your own home with skill share with over 20,000 online courses You can learn just about anything from design to science and technology or even a new business skill it’s time for you to stop procrastinating and start learning something new today with your premium account and just for Sweeny viewers You can get two months premium subscription for free when you head to the link below Head to skill share today to start learning and rest assured you can continue learning when you visit China *awkward silence* *Seriously, why is there always a pause after an ad?* Thank you everyone for watching Please like and subscribe and if you’re looking to help the channel in another way You can head over to my patreon page in the link below until next time bye

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  2. I hate it how he has to sponsor the people but I get how you got to make money though but you got to stop talking about him so much

  3. Mao didn't actually conduct the cultural revolution, he 'educated the Chinese' who formed Red Gaurd, and conducted the revolution independantly

  4. Lotsa maoists in the comments lel… best part is that those who are chinese claim to know their history under the totally unbiased censorship of the prc and generations of book burning communism. Foreigners always tell the truth about china and celebrate its successes better than you chinese. So stfu and appreciate the internationally accepted version of your history.

  5. The modernisation of Qing part needs to be rewritten.. you haven’t mentioned much on the topic of Opium war. While the Chinese government officials want to destroy the drugs (opium) brought in by the British merchants, the British took this as an assault (whereas no physical harm has been done to these British merchants) and reported to the queen.. so the queen sent army to protect these drug lords in the east. Isn’t that absurd to think today if one nation send armies to protect the drug lords of its subjects in another nation? Yeah, welcome to the age of colonisation. China will be modernised regardless of the bloodshed and conflict, but the British (and all the colonial powers) only care about their pocket (and the land of the colonised). Can you tell me, when Chinese want to seat down and have conversations (like we do today in the UN) and the British waged military actions against Chinese officials and cilivians alike, and in the end burned down the Summer palace (and the hundreds of servants together in the palace), who is more modern and who is more civilised, by today’s standards?

  6. So when did they start making dangerous products and poisonous food and poisonous medicines they sell to the world?

  7. The opium war is not because China didn't want to trade with the British, it is because China did the trade too well, and earned all the slivers of British. British wanted to reverse the trade deficit just like the US did today, and they started to send opium to get the money back.

  8. The opinion is not as good as the three-year-old child. The evaluation is unfair. The Westerners think they are very open. Do you know everything? However, China knows you, but you don’t understand China.

  9. The West/Europe was willing to go to war to force China to open up. Now China totally opens up, they say close back down.
    'China is a sleeping giant. Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will move the world.' – Napoleon
    China was always and will always be the center of the world – Zhong Guo (Middle Kingdom)

  10. YouTube is not illegal in China. You could easily reach it by using VPN.
    Illegal is a very strong word to use.

  11. This video has a lot of bias, YouTube and Facebook has baned in China, butt the video don't tell people the reason.

  12. it is not yutube illegal in china ,but spreading rumours ,pornography and terrorism on youtube in China is illegal. i live in sichaun province of China ,i use youtube everyday ,the government just doesn't care.

  13. Do you know why the Chinese government chose to ban these websites? Because they don't cooperate with the government, the terrorist attacks happened, those terrorists are using those websites, so the Chinese government wants them to delete the terrorist speech and those websites don't listen, believe me, China is isolated, but no amount of isolation can hide its beauty.

  14. I would like to point out Taiwan was ruled under Qing dynasty after 1683. The color should be the same as mainland for those hundreds of years.

  15. 从视频中特意强调64及防火墙,可以知道, 视频主人的主要目的不是讲述历史, 而是为了抨击中国共产党, 批判共产党的言论管控。 翻墙以来, 看到外网的德行, 中国设立防火墙是十分必要的!

  16. well, to be honest, what this video shows are all truths, good work ᐕ)⁾⁾ , a thumb-up from China 👍🏻

  17. I honestly don't see how the Japanese were successful in their invasion of China. While the Japanese were more advanced in terms of military technology and better equipped and trained and did succeed in conquering the major cities in the East, they lacked sufficient manpower to conquer Chinas vast hinterland in the West and even then, they faced massive guerrilla warfare from the communists and other warlords as they continued westward. Even without the U.S., the Japanese were wasting resources and were unable to put down Chinas massive population. With Chinas vast terrain and large manpower, it would have ended as Japans 'Vietnam', meaning an unwinnable war with nothing accomplished.

  18. The Imperial Japanese were not stunningly successful in their invasion of China. They had already proved their military modernization in the Russo-Japanese War and contemporaries expected Japan to win against a fractured China. On the contrary, China did remarkably well in holding back the Japanese with poorly trained and poorly equipped soldiers. China, with significant help from the other allies, managed to fight the Japanese to a stalemate. Japan lost in large part because they had lost their momentum in China.

  19. Love your video, most facts are true and this is the most friendly history video I have ever watched! Keep going!
    For the 1980s part, I think you are missing some facts about the reason, and the army didn't turn against their people, maybe some descriptions need to be changed….

  20. 最后一句瞎扯吧。这个视频根本谈不上什么合法和不合法。抛开很多现代的争议性内容。在古代地名和一些历史细节上,理解都不够。


  21. Well, there are lots of mistakes in many Chinese Characters. For example, after 1912, there are many warlords separated from China and they have their own name. But you All named them as "大清" in Chinses Character. And the word "大清" mostly means the Great Qing Dynasty.

  22. What happened at Tiananmen is more significant in shaping the China we see today than perhaps even the outcome of the Second World War. And only a single sentence was used to expound on it.
    The Tiananmen Square incident was an uprising of workers and students, to resist the capitalist reforms being put into place by Deng Xiao Ping. Although a lot is made of the student demands for liberal democracy, this is a pretty biased, Western view of the event, because the workers outnumbered the students by many times over, had the most people at the protests, and also suffered the most in government reprisals against said workers and their families.

    The workers were protesting for workplace democracy and unionisation, something that threatened the very structure of the CCP's power, as it was extremely centralised. Ironically it would be Marxists that posed the greatest threat to the Communist structures of power. So of course the CCP went after the workers the hardest. The military was deployed and thousands of workers were arrested, beaten, and shot. Meanwhile, the students protesting for liberal democracy eventually reached an accommodation with the CCP. Some of the student protest leaders eventually became CCP apparatchiks and were paid off with land and property.
    Much of the unrest was later quietened as billions of dollars in Western capital and technology flowed into China and raised development and living standards. But this unrest is growing again as the CCP keeps repressing trade unionists, denies workplace protections and safety improvements, and generally turns China into a Charles Dickens-esque nightmare of unfettered capitalism where a new billionaire is coined every month yet workers toil on 12 hour shifts with no breaks.

    Tiananmen Square was where the Chinese Communist Party finalised its transformation into the Chinese Capitalist Party under Deng Xiao Ping.

  23. 英国侵略中国并不是因为中国人反抗了,而是因为英国对中国输出鸦片,英国想用鸦片消灭中国人,10个英国人因为毒品罪被判处死刑,英国以这个杀害英国人为借口对中国发动了战争

  24. How did I just come into contact with your videos, these are brilliant. Great work my friend! Were you involved in project Odysseus I believe it was called? A collaboration with other YouTubers about the history of nautical exploration and developments?

  25. I stay in China now. And I am using Youtube contact with u. 90% of us know what happen everyday in global on Facebook, Twitter and youtube. We are fine.

  26. 若道中华国果亡,除非湖南人尽死。湖南人能建立这个国家,也能摧毁这个国家。

  27. Pretty sure no here is gonna care if I say this
    Screw the Communist Party, and Screw their leader Winnie the bleeding Pooh Bear

  28. China ban You Tube because of all the other junks on it. Chinese love educational programs. They don't want programs that teach their citizens to be like hookers, bullys, punks, racist, and terrorist. Freedom is not too create society terror like what's going on in HK.

  29. Funny Story, I just started teaching English to Freshmen in Central China, after one of my classes this week, one of my students comes up to me and he says "Do you know, EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTOORRAAYYY?!?!" Haha, I was truly and utterly shocked. But yes he needs a VPN to access YouTube which is technically kinda sorta illegal. Cheers from Wuhan.

  30. 你们的YouTube是政治宣传工具,封锁你展示了ccp的智慧,中国才能健康发展,等我们这代人掌握中国主导权我们将主导话语权和制定世界标准!记住我这句话十年后再见

  31. ????????是因为西方媒体助长恐怖主义才被禁止的好不好????脸书在2010年之前可以在中国使用

  32. Have you ever questioned why western countries leading by UK wanting China to open doors for them in 1800s? Stats show that Qin Dynasty was the economic power house before the time UK started hot wars against China in the name of trade. UK even tried to sell cocaine to Chinese people for more money. Your ancestor never repent for their sins and crimes, so you will be suffering the consequence. God is just.

  33. U do realise the CCP usurped china , assisted japan during their invasion, and ceded huge territories to the USSR and the destruction of an entire generation of educated teen, as well as tibet and Xinjiang, right?

  34. He missed the most important thing in modern Chinese history. Mao Zedong began the Project 596 so that China can successfully have nuclear weapon before Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons was signed. 他錯過了中國近代史上最重要的事情。 毛澤東啟動了“ 596”計劃,以便中國能夠在簽署《不擴散核武器條約》之前成功擁有核武器IMO This is as important as becoming the Permanent Five of UN. It's the most fundamental reason that China can develop its economy without worrying others interrupt. After WW2, there are only two kinds of countries: Those with nukes, and those without. 在我看來這與成為聯合國常任理事國五國一樣重要。 這是中國能夠發展經濟而不必擔心別人打擾的最根本原因。 第二次世界大戰後,只有兩種國家:有核武器的國家和沒有核武器的國家。

  35. this is a good history for kids because they will all know what is the life on the other country on animation
    if you dont know the "animation" means search it so you will know

  36. My father was part of the Tiananmen square protests. he was a high school student at that time. He left 2 days before the shootings. He said he could hear the gunshots but to him, there wasnt much killing, only a few did not make it back to their school

  37. I don't like how you depicted WWII; with the actual successes of the KMT (like the several battles of Changsha) downplayed and overstated the successes of the CCP (who were for most part content to let the KMT and the Japanese fight it out).

  38. Awww, little Mao is taking after his uncle Stalin, and I can say as a Russian, we practically built their nation for them, we gave them the tanks, guns, ammo, aircraft, ways on how to make the government function, Stalinist ideas and architecture, fought a civil war or two for them and sent little Mao on his way to becoming a great leader

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