Take BETTER SHOTS with your iPhone

Take BETTER SHOTS with your iPhone

100 thoughts on “Take BETTER SHOTS with your iPhone

  1. your knowledge has blessed me with being an awesome photographer and to be honest (idk WTF I'm doing) lmao just watching these vids and applying the tips. so thank u for being so awesome!

  2. Great tips, so you’re supposed to roll the bread first… I see. You think it’d be good with syrup?

  3. Hello Peter, I am having a problem taking pictures of my drawings with my ipod sometimes it's good sometimes it's not due to the lighting conditions and the camera!!! Any advice?

  4. I am late to the Pete McKinnon game, but I'm glad I found this channel now. So much information in an entertaining vehicle. Best YouTube channel I've found. I am binge watching all these. Inspired to start filming myself. Thank you, kind sir!

  5. love your videos. Can you recommend any photo editing apps for my laptop? I edit my photos on my mac ( anything but photoshop )

  6. This is the first video in a long time where I audibly "oooh'd" and "aaaah'd." This video just fantastic. I have Photoshop but just might use Snapseed out of convenience and ease. Thank you for this video!!

  7. I think this is the birthplace of the PPPPWHATSS UP. Just thought I'd let ya know if you're traveling back in time from the year 2019 and beyond. Good day to you.

  8. Not everybody has an "iPhone". Some mortals like me just have a "phone", you know? It's funny, how Apple represents status in our society.
    Edit: It's really lame, how Apple users absolutely never say "my phone", but always "my iPhone". Tells you a thing or two.

  9. WHATS UP…Peter. Watching some of your old videos waiting for the wife to get up, think I will surprise her with some of these rolls, look amazing. Thanks man.

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