TAIWAN STREET FOOD NOODLES – 3 BEST Taiwanese Noodle Soups in Taipei

TAIWAN STREET FOOD NOODLES – 3 BEST Taiwanese Noodle Soups in Taipei

– What’s up cuties? Today we are at Tonghua Night
Market, one of my favorite night markets here in Taipei, Taiwan. Now I’m gonna show you
three Taiwanese noodle soups you must try, a.k.a.
I’m sending you nudes. N-o-o-d, noods, because
then that’d be awkward, if it was the other one. Okay, I’m gonna start the video now. (big band music) We are here at our first
stop to try some delicious danzai noodles. Check this out. ♪ Ahhhh ♪ I don’t know if you can
hear in the background, but there’s this romantic,
sexual jazz music playing, and I think it’s very fitting
for this noodle right here. I think it’s time for
some noodle bowl porn. (rhythmic music) ♪ Oooh yeah ♪ – Ooh snaps, mm, noodle bowl. So if you actually search up danzai, or danzai noodles online,
you’re gonna see the photo very similar to this, but it
has a piece of shrimp on top. So we’re missing the
shrimp, but we basically got everything else. We have some minced pork,
we have bean sprouts, cilantro, black vinegar,
garlic, soy sauce, and egg. These are the usual
ingredients you need to make a delicious danzai noodles. Yes, queen. Noodles actually dates
back to the Qing dynasty 130 years ago. Yes, thank you Google
search for that information. We are going to try this
delicious bowl of noodles. Oh my gosh, I am salivating already. Here we go. Mmmm, oh, oh my goodness. That was so delicious, that
was actually really good. Oh yeah, okay, the noodle is chewy. It’s super soft. It’s also flavorful. It really soaked in that
soup, and this broth, ohh, it’s so good. It’s got that light, savory
meat sauce flavor in it, and it’s like salty, but
not too much, it’s perfect. This is pretty dang good. I’m gonna take a bite
with the bean sprouts. I love bean sprouts. Mmmm, mmmmmm. (big band music) Ohh, woo. Okay, I’m gonna give this bowl of noodle a four out of five noms. It’s pretty darn good. It tastes very traditional
and brings me back to my childhood. I’m loving it. Okay, now it’s time to try
the second noodle soup. Let’s go. (big band music) Hello you guys, we are
now trying our second Taiwanese noodle soup over here. And it’s actually one
of my favorites as well. All my food is my favorite. Mm, yeah. This noodle soup here is
called orh ah mee sua. Now what it’s got in here is
some wheat noodles right here. Don’t confuse it with rice vermicelli, because they’re very different. Rice vermicelli is made with brown rice. This right here is wheat. It is much darker. In here is also cilantro. I love cilantro. And we got some oyster
and some large intestine mixed in as well. The large intestine is
(speaks in Chinese). To be honest, cooked oyster,
I don’t know how I feel about that, the texture
is kind of weird to me. But I do love the intestine
in the soup right here. It’s really chewy and just so good. The thing about this noodle
soup that I particularly like is how the soup is really thick. It’s because they added
some tapioca powder in there to make that sticky, gooey soup right here that you see. (rhythmic music) ♪ Ooh yeah ♪ – Shall we take a bite? Yes, okay, let’s go. I want to get a big bite
with noodles and soup and intestines in there. Mmm, here we go. Mmmm. Oh, okay, okay, have to be honest. I wasn’t sure how good this
particular shop was because I haven’t tried it, but
I’ve tried the other two. But dang this is a good
bowl of oyster vermicelli. It really is delicious. I think the broth here
is especially light. A lot of times, these
vermicelli noodles, the broth is all really dark brown,
they probably put a lot of sauce in here, but this is just perfect. It’s quite wonderful. It just looks like chunks of yummyness. We’re gonna eat an oyster. I don’t know how I feel about this oyster, but I’m gonna put it in my mouth. Here we go. Mmm, oh, surprisingly really, really good. The oyster was quite pleasant. It kind of just melts in your mouth. Just a little bit of seafood taste. The soup is yummy, the
noodles are delicious. I’m such a noodle person. Okay, I’m gonna take another bite. Here we go. Mmmm, that’s yummy. If you’re trying to get to
this particular noodle shop, you have to walk all the way
down to this intersection, and then make a right. Make a right. I just, I don’t know my directions. Make a right and then
walk about 50 kilometers, and you’re gonna reach a
shop that sells stinky tofu and these oyster vermicelli. Oh boy, it really is so yummy. I’m a fan. I’m gonna give this noodle a
four out of five nom as well. And that was the second bowl
of noodle soup you must try here in Taiwan. Are your stomachs ready for the third one? Let’s go. (big band music) Oh yeah, noodle teleportation, oh yeah, oh yeah. We are at our final stop
trying our third and last noodle soup. This is one of my favorites. It is not just only one of
my favorite noodle soup, this particular restaurant
has some of the best (speaks in Chinese) I’ve ever tasted. Seriously, just take a look at this, can we get a little close up? Can we get some noodle bowl porn? (rhythmic music) ♪ Ooh yeah ♪ – If you try to search for this online, there’s not really an English name. I found a variation. I’m gonna call this the
pork rib noodle soup. This rib right here though,
it is actually pre-fried, so what you see around it is
a beautiful glistening batter. Oh yes. This particular shop,
why I love it so much, is that this spare rib right here, when you take a bite, it literally
just melts in your mouth. And the spare rib is so soft, you just chew right through it. It’s like magic. Let me show you what I mean. Mmm, mmmm. Oh meat is seasoned, the pepper spicy. It’s just so nice, so flavorful. Did you see how it just fell off? Look at this again. Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm. That chew, that bite right there, I literally just, I bit through the bone, I didn’t even need to chew it. Let me tell you something. When you come to this night market, you’re gonna see a shop that
sells (speaks in Chinese). Don’t get it from there. It’s not as good. This spot, this spot, is the spot, okay? Let’s try our favorite part, the noodles. Ooh, look at this, look
at this noodle skills. The spoon, noodles, right
there, you do a little spin. Oh, just kidding, never
mind, don’t follow, don’t do this at home,
never mind, oh shit. This looks so good. Mmm, ohh, this is literally perfection. It’s my favorite noodle soup
out of the three that we tried. This soup here is a beautiful pork broth. It is so good. It’s the kind of soup where
you take one spoonful, and you’re like I’ve got
to drink the whole thing. I always finish the broth. Mmm, just one more delicious
bite with the noodles, with the soup, ohh, oh
my gosh, here we go. Mmmm. You guys, this noodle soup
is a five out of five noms. You heard it here first. You guys have to check out
this restaurant right here. You won’t be disappointed, I promise. (big band music) Mmm, oh yeah. Alright cuties, so that was
three Taiwanese noodle soups you have to try if you are here in Taiwan. Now I want to know which one
of the three was your favorite. Comment below, and I’ll
comment something back. I’ll see you guys later. Bye. I’m gonna go ahead and
take another bite because darn that was yummy. Oh fuck, oh fuck it’s so hot. Oh fuck. I’m gonna take another (laughs). And I’m gonna show you
three Taiwanese noodle soups you must try. I gotta move out for this cart right here. Mmm, that Chinese pop song
in the background though. Am I gonna get a copyright? (big band music)

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