Sydney Food Vlog @ Tim Ho Wan – Cheap Michelin Star Dim Sum Chain in Sydney? | 添好運在澳洲

Sydney Food Vlog @ Tim Ho Wan – Cheap Michelin Star Dim Sum Chain in Sydney? | 添好運在澳洲

Hi guys, and this is Jeff I’m putting on my floral shirt because I’m going out today I love my loud shirt by the way I have been craving for some dim sums for quite a while And in Sydney, it’s actually not hard to find a dim sum place because all the Chinese restaurants are scattered all over the city But today there is this one place that I particularly want to visit which is called Tim Ho Wan Why Tim Ho Wan? Because back in Hong Kong the restaurant has actually been awarded One Michelin Star I just want to see if the restaurant actually lives up to its name Alright, let’s go! I’m taking the train into the city because the traffic is horrible there And parking is really expensive So taking the train will be a better option if I’m going to the places that I want to go So at this point I’m just gonna sit back and relax I just arrived! I’m standing right outside Tim Ho Wan And the location is really easy to find The restaurant is located right outside Town Hall station So once you’ve walked out of the station, you will easily find the restaurant I’m really hungry right now, so I just can’t wait to try all the dim sums available there There are quite a few tables here, so I didn’t really have to wait to get a seat I’ve settled down now, and I’m gonna read the menu So very interestingly the placemat is actually a menu so just gonna quickly remove this and have a look First of all steamed dumplings are on the list like shrimp dumplings and siu mais followed by an assortment of classic dishes and greens They also do rice noodle rolls and congees The price point is around A$7 to A$10 for each dim dish and of course the meal is not complete without desserts Once you have decided what you’re gonna eat. You have to fill out an order form Thank you This is actually a dim sum 101 Har Gow (shrimp dumplings) is always an indicator of whether the food quality of a restaurant is good or not because this is a really traditional dim sum that you will get at any traditional Chinese restaurants So I will give it a go The dough is so thin And the shrimp is really fresh as well I’m really enjoying it Maybe it’s because of the ingredients that we are getting in Australia is more fresh That makes the Har Gow really tasty Look at this! I know the idea of having chicken feet is pretty unbearable but trust me, this is actually one of my favourite dim sum dishes and I’m gonna give it a go It’s very glutenous probably because it’s chicken feet They use some sort of special sauce and put the chicken feet in it So it’s actually very flavoursome And they also put some of the bean curds down here If you combine these chicken feet with these bean curds It actually tastes really good I will totally recommend this dish Look at this! It looks really fresh gonna have a go, dip some soy sauce The deep fried dough is really crispy The rice noodle rolls are pretty thin as well then you get the sweetness from the soy sauce It’s a really good combination of all the things together So, again Tim Ho Wan has exceeded my expectations And make some of the typical dishes so tasty Gonna have a go, at the… It’s actually pretty creamy And it has a strong mango taste in this Yeah, it’s a really refreshing dessert Especially it’s so hot outside If you guys want something for dessert after having all these greasy dim sums And I will say this Mango Pomelo Sago is a really good way to wrap up the whole meal One things that I really like about Tim Ho Wan is that By the time when you actually get the food, it’s still really hot and fresh as compared to some of the Chinese restaurants that I would go to They will put dim sums into a dim sum cart and it will probably be sitting there for quite a while before it’s served on your table so this is something that I really like about this restaurant Well right now moving onto the second place because I’m feeling hungry Sometimes I think eating out alone is not too bad because you can just pick whatever you want to eat You don’t really have to negotiate with your friend like what kind of dishes that you’re gonna get because sometimes they have different preferences, so I think that is a good thing about eating out alone Once in a while I don’t think it’s a bad thing Usually there is a long line but for some reason there aren’t a lot of people coming here today Considering the prices it is actually pretty cheap because you are getting 3 puffs for A$1 And you get 18 puffs for A$5 This is actually how that looks like It looks pretty tiny but it is… So hot! Alright, I am gonna try this one out When I tried to bite on it some of the custard actually leaked out it actually burnt my hand the pastry is actually pretty soft the custard is quite sweet as well so I think it’s not too greasy either it’s actually a good snack after having a big meal I will give a thumbs up for this one (Y) I ended up coming to this grocery store because they stock a variety of Asian snacks I might end up getting something, I don’t know! let’s have a look Well this is definitely one of the classics from Hong Kong I used to eat this one all the time it’s like fish biscuits?! This one I really like Green Tea Pocky I might get one because it says it’s a limited edition I think I’ve found what I want it’s really rare to see this in Sydney so it’s actually fermented soy bean from Japan and it’s organic as well Some people love it, some people absolutely hate the taste but for me, I actually love it I’m actually going to get one of these So… this is my baby… I am one happy man! I had dim sums today and then I grabbed some light snacks and I also got myself some Japanese goodies! so it’s a good day Alright, I think I have done everything that I have to do today so I will be heading home And I am back It has been a long day, and it’s really hot as well Thank you so much for following my foodie adventure in Sydney If you liked this video make sure you give a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel for my take on Australia Hong Kong and beyond Also feel free to leave a comment down below and give me some suggestions on where I should go next Alright, I will see you next time You

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  1. I can see "Big woooooops" on your face when you spill the mango dessert lol
    very cute!!
    Shrimp dumpling is the best dimsum of all!! I love it!!
    I have been thinking about going to Tim ho wan! Thanks for the review!! It's awsome!!!

  2. 😂😂😂😂😂 soldier on with a burnt mouth😂😂😂😂😍😍 love your videos! ..keep them coming jeff

  3. Hi Jeffers, great content I love your channel! After this video I was going to go to tim Ho Wang but since they closed permanently, could you maybe recommend me another great dim sum spot in Sydney? Thanks a lot 🙏

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