Both: Da-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na! Ro: Na-na! Cassey: Hey! Ro: Hey guys it’s Ro! Welcome to another
Nerdy Nummies, today I have a Ro: special guest, my friend Cassey! Cassey: Hello! Ro: She has an awesome channel, it’s Blogilates,
I’ll put a link down below Ro: so you can go find it and check it out.
What can people find over there? Cassey: Well, people can find really fun workouts,
and you will also find Cassey: Ro doing some pilates, and she is
really good! Don’t be fooled! Ro: She is really good, she’s a really good
instructor. Ro: I actually went to one of her classes,
kicked my butt and it was awesome! Cassey: But look at this bod! You see?!? Look,
will you show off the bod? Cassey: Show off the bod! Ro: Um, yeah, well, oh my gosh! Ro: I’m so embarrassed! Ro: So, we got a lot of requests from you
guys to make something Superhero Ro: themed, and the new movie, Batman vs.
Superman. So I thought it would Ro: be appropriate to make, Super-Burgers.
Cassey: Oooh! Ro: We have 2 options for you guys, the first
is a classic hamburger with Ro: some sweet little twists in it, and the
second… Cassey: Is a vegan black bean burger that
is really simple to make! Ro: Oh! It’s from Cassey’s book! Cassey:
It’s from my book! Ro: It’s so good you guys, you’re gon…
You’re gonna like it! Ro: We give you options here. Cassey: Lots
of options! Ro: Are you ready? Cassey: I’m ready! Ro:
Get this finger up. Cassey: I’m ready! Ro: Ready 1, 2, 3… Both: Let’s get started! Ro: There’s a lot of ingredients for these
ones, so we are gonna be showing you Ro: how to make these burger by burger. Ro: And we’re gonna start with Cassey’s
burger! Ro: So the things you will need, will be:
A food Processor. Cassey: 1 cup of canned black beans, rinsed
and drained, 6 tablespoons of Cassey: panko bread crumbs, 1 clove of garlic
minced, 2 tablespoons of chopped Cassey: fresh cilantro, 1/2 cup of diced red
bell pepper, 4 teaspoons of Cassey: fresh lime juice, 1 teaspoon of ground
cumin, salt and pepper to taste, Cassey: and 2 pinches of chili powder. Cassey: And you’ll also need some olive
oil and a frying pan! Ro: Mmmhmmm, now let’s put it all together!
Cassey: All together! Cassey: So first step, you’re gonna dump
everything in your food processor, Cassey: but keep out your chili powder, salt
and pepper. That’s for the end! Ro: Mmmhmm. Cassey: OK, you ready for the
dumpings? Ro: Yeah! Cassey: OK! Ro: Start with some beans. Cassey:
Oh look we’re matching! Ro: The musical fruit! Cassey: Oh! Ro: A-ha!
Cassey: Oh Ro! Cassey: Some red bell pepper, lots of nutrients
in that, and I love them! Cassey: They’re so sweet and good. Ro: Panko bread crumbs. Cassey: Panko bread
crumbs! Cassey: And some lime juice, that adds a lot
of flavor! Ro: A little cilantro! Cassey: And some ground cumin! Ro: Oh yeah! Cassey: Oooh! Ro: That garlic
though! Cassey: That garlic! Ro: That garlic though! Cassey: Oooh! I already
feel better! Cassey: Alright, now our chili powder. Ro,
do you like it hot and spicy or Cassey: are you like a mild type of gal? Ro: Mmmmm, medium, I like a medium spice.
Cassey: OK, give me 2 pinches here, Cassey: of the chili powder. Ro: OK, I got
a little pinch too so I’ll be a… Cassey: Be a little generous, I like it hot
and spicy. Ro: Yeah I’ll be generous on this one! Ro: Now that we’ve got everything in there,
Cassey do you want to do the honors? Cassey: I’m gonna do the honors, OK. Cassey: Here we go! … Ro: Now that we got it plugged in, Cassey
will you really do the honors? Cassey: I’m going to really do the honors.
Ro: For reals this time! Cassey: OK, it’s all nice and tight… Cassey: There we go! Cassey: So you don’t want to let it mix
for too long, or else it’s gonna turn into Cassey: mushy goo, you don’t want that.
But this is a great consistency Cassey: right here, now we’re gonna add in
the salt and pepper to taste. Cassey: So I’m just gonna do a little pinch of salt
right there, just a little bit. Ro: Then I’m gonna put a little bit of pepper!
Cassey: How much pepper do you want? Oh yeah! Cassey: OK, how about you push the on button
this time? Ro: Alright one more swirl coming up with
our little salt and pepper in there. Cassey: Salt and Pepper! Ro: OK, the next thing that we’re gonna
do is divide this in half and make Ro: our little patties! Cassey: Mmmhmmm! Ro: This recipe makes two. Cassey: One for
you and one for me! Ro: Yeah! Ro: So here, I’ll give you a handful. Cassey:
Oh you’re gonna give me some? Ro: OK. Ro: Yeah, start molding him. Cassey: Why thank
you! Ro: You’re welcome! Cassey: See how that stays together all nicely?
Ro: There we go, there we go. Cassey: Oh, it doesn’t even really stick
on your hands either! Ro: No this is nice. Cassey: And it smells
really good! Cassey: Don’t you ever wish there was like
smell-o-vision on YouTube? Ro: Oh you guys! Cassey: Or just like scratch
and sniff! Ro: The cilantro! I can’t even tell you
how good this smells right now! Cassey: I’m gonna add a little bit more
to mine, like that, make a nice Cassey: like fatty burger! Ro: Oh maybe more, add more to mine! Ro: And then you can just place them down,
I’ve got a little cutting board Ro: with a piece of wax paper on top, so it
won’t stick. Ro: And after you’ve got your patties ready
then we’re just gonna head over Ro: to the stove to grill ‘em up! Cassey: What you want to do is bring your
pan to medium hot, put some Cassey: olive oil on top, all over the pan,
and then place your patty on, Cassey: for about 3-4 minutes and flip
it over, Cassey: until both sides are crispy brown! Ro: Now we’re gonna make our second burger,
I call it the CinnaBurger, Cassey: Oooh! Ro: Because it has a little
bit of cinnamon in it! Ro: To make this burger, the things you will
need, will be: Ro: 1/2 a teaspoon of onion powder, 1/2 a
teaspoon of garlic powder, Ro: 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, 1 teaspoon of
war-chest-er sauce… Ro: You guys know what it is! 1/2 a teaspoon
of cayenne pepper, Ro: 1/2 a teaspoon of pepper and 1/2 a teaspoon
of salt. Ro: You’ll also need 1 egg and 1 pound of
ground beef. Ro: And remember, if you don’t want to use
beef, you can use ground turkey Ro: or whatever you like. You’ll also need
a mixing bowl and a whisk. Ro: Now let’s put it all together! Ro: So you’re gonna take your egg, you’re
gonna crack it, 1 hand egg crack. Cassey: Oooh, that’s fancy! Ro: Batman knows
how to do it! Cassey: Wow! I’m, I’m like not advanced,
I do the two hand and the tschhh! Cassey: Yeah… Ro: Now that we’ve got our egg in the bowl,
the first thing that we’re gonna Ro: do is mix in all of our spices. So Cassey,
I’m gonna give you the whisk. Cassey: Huh, I love the whisk! Ro: You’re
gonna whisk it up, and I’m gonna Ro: add all these spices. Ro: Superman’s such a big ‘whisk’ taker
over here! Cassey: Oh! That’s a good one! Ro: Oh, oh,
oh! Ro: Now you’re gonna take a little bit of
beef and we’re just gonna crumble Ro: it into the bowl. Cassey: Oh you crumble
beef. Ro: I know… Cassey: Have you ever done that before? Ro: Well, we usually cakes, you know when
we make cake pops. Ro: You crumble your bread. Ro: I’m gonna get my hands dirty, get ‘em
in there, mix up the spices. Ro: Just a good reminder, this recipe makes
4 burgers, so we’re gonna split Ro: this up into 4 even sections and make
patties again, and then we’re Ro: gonna head over to the stove. Ro: Turn your stove onto medium heat and then
add a little bit of olive oil Ro: to your pan, let it heat up and then place
your burger into the middle Ro: of the pan, and cook for 3-4 minutes. Ro: Then flip your burger over and cook for
another 3 minutes. Ro: Now we got our ‘burgs ready, we are
gonna build our burgers. Cassey: Build a burg! Ro: Build a burg! Ro: So you’re just gonna take any of your
favorite toppings, and you’re Ro: gonna place them on your bun, so I’m
gonna take a little bit of lettuce, Cassey: I, I want a lot of lettuce. I’m
gonna put it right here. Ro: I like that lettuce! Cassey: Yeah, I’m gonna go for a double
layer, look at that! Ro: Right on! Cassey: Bam! Ro: Alright, and
then get the veggies, a little tomato. Cassey: Oh that’s a nice tomat-er right
there! Ro: So pretty! Ro: A little sliced tomato, and I like pickles,
so I’m gonna put a Ro: few pickles on here, come here little
guys, there we go! Cassey: I used to eat pickles out of the can,
or the jar actually when I was younger. Ro: Huh! I do the baby dills. Cassey: I like
the sweet ones! Ro: Oooooh! Those are good too! Cassey: Yeah. Cassey: Ok, so I got my picks on there. Ro: Alright, now we’re gonna put on our
burgers. Ro: Take your little burger, plop, right on
top! Ro: Now it’s time to decorate! Ro: Over here, I’ve got some regular cheese,
and a circle cookie cutter, Ro: and a little Batman cookie cutter, Cassey: And I have some vegan cheese as well
as a diamond shape for my Cassey: Supergirl cookie cutter. Ro: Alright! Ro: Alright, and now we’re gonna cut ‘em
out. So just take your little cookie Ro: cutter, just cut ‘em out right into
the cheese, Cassey: You press it right in. Ro: And then these can be a snack… Ro: Or fall on the ground and your dog will
eat ‘rm. Ro: I’m cutting out the Batman symbol right
in the middle of my circle right here. Ro: Isn’t that cute!?!? Cassey: Yeah that’s
like the same color as your belt! Ro: Da-na-na-na-na-na-na-na! Both: Deeeeeee! Ro: Oh my gosh look at this, that’s too
cute! Cassey: That is so cute! Ro: Look at that! Cassey: And finally, I am going to decorate
with some Ketchup to make this, Cassey: Supergirl symbol! Cassey: Look at this precision! Ro: Look at
you, girl that’s it! Cassey: Oh hey! Cassey: There you go! Ro: Oh my gosh it looks
so cool! Cassey: There it is! Ro: That’s awesome,
can you spin it around, I don’t Ro: even want to… Cassey: I’m gonna spin
it around, look at that! Ro: Here, you can see what they look like. Both: Ooooooooohhh! Ro: And then you can make as many as you’d
like. Both: Ta-da! Ro: Here are the superhero burgers that we
made today! Cassey: They are Batman and Superman themed. Ro: Mmmhmm, thanks you guys for suggesting
‘em, this was so much fun. Ro: And a big thank you to Cassey for helping
me make these today. Cassey: Well thanks for having me in your
kitchen, I’m so excited! Ro: I love her. Cassey: Finally! Ro: I have
so much fun with her! Ro: We’re gonna post lots of pictures of
these on Facebook, Tumblr, Ro: Instagram and Twitter, and if you guys
make these, please take a picture, Ro: and send it to us! Cassey: I would love
to see them! I love favoriting, Cassey: ReTweeting, and just seeing what you
guys make! Ro: I get a big kick out of it you guys, it
just makes my day! Cassey: It fills the soul. Ro: Yeah it does! Ro: And, if you guys have any other ideas
for any other Nerdy Nummies… Cassey: Ooh! Ro: Please let me know, leave me a comment
down below and I will do my best to Ro: make it happen! Ro: Thanks again you guys, bye-bye! Cassey:
Byeee! Both: Bew-bew-bew-bew! Ro: Awwwww!

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