SUMMER SPECIALS | Pork Tomahawk | Jamie’s Italian UK

SUMMER SPECIALS | Pork Tomahawk | Jamie’s Italian UK

So guys we got a special on the menu at Jamie’s Italian this week-this Friday, Saturday and Sunday something for the weekend it’s a share plate, we’ve got the most amazing free-range pork, these have been butchered tomahawk style Right, french trimmed. It’s a big thick fat pork chop so it’s for two people and the Heywood brothers in Suffolk they’ve got a lovely farm called Dingley Dell and they do old-fashioned style pork. It’s delicious, much more intramuscular fat you can see that. The flavour is delicious, it’s juicy what we’re going to do is we’ve marinated it now, just simply like smashed up garlic leave the skins on, lemon zest, thyme, olive oil, no salt, no pepper and we’ll do that the night before so we’ll marinate that overnight to get that flavour in the pork we’re going to lightly bar mark this and then roast it in the oven, we’re gonna serve that with sweet slow, slow-cooked fennel and a homemade black olive sauce with a little chili and it’s gonna be unbelievable. So let’s make this black olive sauce, it’s very very simple. I’m going to take the olives like this and I’m just gonna run my knife through them like that and then I want chunky bits and I want some fine bits, so it’s kind of a bit more pasty I’m gonna take a little chili, not to be hot but just a nice little background hum Just sprinkle me one teaspoon of fennel seeds in there, So whole fennel seeds this is gonna be a phenomenal little salsa, So it’s as simple as that And then at this stage all we do is add a little vinegar or
lemon juice and some nice oil So with the black olive sauce, I just want to take the parsley stalks, look at that! Get in there, go on! A really nice, simple gorgeous sauce often people throw away those stalks but they’re full of sweetness, and they’ve got that lovely fresh iron-y-ness With that lovely little kiss of heat, nice olives swig of vinegar-that my friends is a the beautiful thing. So meat done, fennel done, we’ve got the black Olive sauce. Let’s plate up. So it’ Friday, Saturday, Sunday at Jamie’s Italian. We do want to like up the game, we want you guys to come in and have a joyous time. So you’re gonna get this amazing seasoned up fennel and for me this is all about contrast, so a nice spoonful of this at the bottom of the plate and remember this is gonna kind of catch all your amazing juices that Come out of the pork, this is, this is cooking juices so that’s what we’re Gonna do, so we’re going to take that beautiful chop, go across like this We’re going to get these wonderful juices and pour them And that’s going to go into your fennel, take our fennel tops and you could say this is for garnish If you want, we’ve got this incredible crackling. So guys, come into Jamies Italian for the special of the weekend Friday, Saturday and Sunday this is a double pork chop, free-range pork chop It’s a tomahawk butchery so on the bone, We’re going to have that as a share platter with slow-cooked fennel, cracklings and A really simple but beautiful black olive sauce with parsley stalks, whole fennel seeds and chili, resting juices. Come on! you know it makes sense

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  1. That’s not a share plate that is one portion (main course)

    I’m sorry but looking at the menu the prices are crazy. Like even the set menu which isn’t badly priced at £16 (I would pay something like £17 maybe a little more for 3 courses). But the choices are terrible like a caesar salad as a main?

    It looks nice but I can get stuff like that at other places a lot cheaper…

  2. You need to open one of those where I live… right now we have pizza hut and McDonalds… a subway… yup. Thats it.

  3. Please open 'Jamie's Italian' in Bangalore, India. I used to live in Delhi and I used to go Jamie's Italian every week. Now, I have shifted to Bangalore and really miss Jamie's Italian. Please, please, please

  4. who ever dislike this might be vegan….. real ting….. cause this is one of the best meal that i have seen ever

  5. Jamie is no joke. Thank you for all the wonderful years of amazing food and videos! I'm in USA and I adore you! Thank you!

  6. I'm in USA, and here black olives are actually black. I thought those looked more like Kalamata olives or something.

  7. You’re a God to me, And also my inspiration sinds I was a kid! I have al books and love the way you live

  8. Are you never making videos for this channel again? It seems like it has just turned into advertising for Jamies Italian or Channel 4 programs.
    It's rather sad, really. This youtube channel use to be so much more.

  9. Siciliano, Lindo prato delicia de bife, aproveite e faça uma caipirinha ! Viu a carta que eu tirei para você amigo ?

  10. I love Jamie Oliver so much but I wish he’d calm down on the use of fennel and fennel seeds. I really hate aniseed 😭

  11. When my friends visited the UK, they told me they wouldn’t go back partly because they have bad food. But after watching this video I kinda wish I lived in the UK. I would love to visit Jamie’s restaurant!

  12. That looks amazing Jamie :o) it's pay weekend so maybe i can entice the missus out for some of these!

  13. That "cooking island" behind Jamie? What's it called, what brand? And, is that the one that's "water cooled"?

  14. I can feel the tender in it…soft juice meat inside my mouth ….and the smell of fresh herbs .heaven

  15. Jamie, i just love your dishes! Cant stopp watching you cooking! Your style is fantastic! Go on, … forever!

  16. здравствуйте ,очень жаль что нет на русском языке

  17. Have u seen how animals r treated n slaughtered even kosher?Very very very sad friend of mine cried just after he saw how animals r treated n slaughtered🐴🐟🐂.why? so people can eat them!? Pigs, cows, dogs snakes frogs monkeys camels etc I'm concerned! 🐰🐏🐐🐂🐃🐷🐖🐟🐋🐪🐫
    I think eating veggie burgers made From beans n nuts is better. Growing our own food is also best..being vegetarian is good. we can live on plant based diet no problem.. better for health n environment!!! Dr believe so anyway. Education is very important!!!by the way , it takes lots of water n energy just to make one meat burger! Go ahead n search it. And now people want more meat so some farmers impregnate cows by using their hands n fill most animals with hormones ..very unnatural n disturbing! All this for what? cruelty is a no no if u want milk the cows will produce naturally no worries.. Search and u will find the truth. How meat n animal products r made..
    U found that out yourself once Jamie, n u did something about it remember? I m impressed_!please continue 2help people 2 better health..your programs on school meals n how chicken negates r made has made me to realise we really need to know what is going out there ..n how food is produced n prepared etc
    Best 2 go plant based diet !🍏🍊🍆🍇🍓🌴
    just eat when hungry n drink plenty of water simple!
    Annette Larkin's has been on veg diet for over 50 years🍎🍌🍇🍓🍆🍒🍅🍋🍊🍏🍈🍈🍐🍒 she is healthy n looks fabulous!!!!

  18. Love this tomahawk pork steak. Thumbs up Jaimie! Love your culinary skills, I have never made a Tomahawk Pork Steak before but I definitely will now! Have a wonderful Friday afternoon!! 🙂

  19. So. I actually went to Jamie's Italian in Cardiff today JUST to try this dish… It wasn't on the Specials Menu 🙁 I was so disappointed! I ended up having the roast chicken on the Sunday Roast Menu which really was very good, but not at all what I'd come for. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  20. Looks phenomenal, Jamie. Great cooking, imagination and simplicity. Your recipes inspire me to cook your kind of food.

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