Stuck In the Sound – Let’s Go [Official Video]

Stuck In the Sound – Let’s Go [Official Video]

Here I am tied and bound Every night feeling low Bad days come back whatever In the sun I bathe, in everyday light You draft me down for a split second tomorrow What am I supposed to do ? I know you would make me happy Girl I found my way out I found it at last now I’m sober Whouhouwhouwhou Let’s go ! Hey! Whouhouwhou Let’s go ! Hey! Your cryin’ How sweet the sound Silence’s on I attempt Bow and scrape, toe the line Never get back together With the same old style ran down my life You drag and drop, attract me after all Anyway I’m gone tomorrow I know you would make me happy Girl I found my way out I found it at last now I’m sober I know it would make it concrete Now you’re cryin’ Whouhouwhou How sweet a sound Let’s go Hey! Whouhouwhouwhou Let’s go Hey! You’re cryin’ How sweet the sound Let’s go Everybody let’s go Hey! Let’s go We’re back to back for hours Whouhouwhouwhou We’re weak and what they say Whouhouwhouwhou ’bout loving like we do Whouhouwhouwhou We’ll never give this up Your cryin’ How sweet the sound

100 thoughts on “Stuck In the Sound – Let’s Go [Official Video]

  1. If we're talking at least a little logical, the ISS would at least be some where around the new empty space in our solar system. So there is some hope

  2. Im watching this extremely, but i mean extremely high. It was one of the best emotional travels in my life. Well done, the music is perfect and has all that it need. Just wanted to give my honest opinion

  3. Awesome song, amazing concept for a music video, and a beautiful unique art-style. I couldn't ask for more in a music video

  4. Acabo de subir a mi canal los subtítulos en inglés y español de esta canción, y la verdad creo serie nadie lo ha hecho tan bien como lo hice, vallan a verlo

  5. If I am correct, did anyone see the TV at the end say "Let's Go!"? And if the title of the song is that, does that mean the guy is actually the OC that is getting controled? If I'm correct, then this entire video is a Telltale game

  6. Its the birds falt. The bird was so angry that he got hit. when he died he decided to destroy the earth…you messed with the wrong bird

  7. I bet a lot of people take this as a warning to not go to hard for your goals. fuck that, this dude is a boss and I wanna be like him.

  8. I keep on watching this video and think to myself how fast time goes by like I mean if you don’t take your time and enjoy every moment then you won’t live your life

  9. 0:57 when the singer said lets go
    lets does nothing
    that moment he said go loudly the earth exploaded and its a little sec to expload the earth 🙂 and amazing to make the beats for lyrics

  10. Is nobody going to speak about the elephant in the room?

    And yeah I called you FAT!

    Why is the PS4 controller reversed? 😱

  11. It's funny because this is more of a woman's problem than a man's. Our bodies are on timers, but many of us want to live out our young lives as free as possible, focusing on school or work, and chasing our interests. Then suddenly, you're older with no love life and not in your prime. If you want children or a family, the clock is ticking on your fertility too. It's a scary thought.

  12. Why is the ps3 controller button layout the wrong way round? 3:11

    My second question is: with the millions it cost in simply fuel to bring anything up to the iss, what halfbreed asswipe made the choice to skimp on getting a actuale gaming pc. Seriously, big brain time people.

  13. If the items on earth started to float aha there might be some supply’s from earth as in the plane there might be stuff in it so they might not be without supplies.

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