Streetfood in Berlin: Chef’s Night Out with Kavita Goodstar

Streetfood in Berlin: Chef’s Night Out with Kavita Goodstar

Cheers! To you… To make an ice-cold noodle soup,
first we have to boil the noodles. Then we add a spoon
of crushed ice. And this is the magical egg. Because everyone thinks a raw egg
is going to come out. It’s slowly poached in the shell, so we end up with a
perfect eye shaped egg. That’s it. Basically, we bake what
I like, fullstop. What I don’t like, we don’t bake. We like big loafs.
Big loafs for community. Small bread rolls
mean loneliness. We’re going to do a tour
through Berlin, and I’m bringing my favourite
food people with me. This is Kristof. Insurance
specialist by day. Where are we going Kavita?
– I’m hungry. Me too.
–Yes, I’m starving. We’re going in direction
of Charlottenburg, to my favourite street in Berlin,
Kantstraße. Not to be confused with a
similar English word. That’s where the best Asian
food in Berlin is. Special are the dishes from the
north of Thailand, like our sour fish, which you
can only find here. Tasty. You have to try. Here are our best sausages. Pretty spicy, very aromatic and
very recommendable. The sausage is awesome. Have a smell. It reminds me of
Indian food a little bit. We’re already there. Yes, it’s over there. No. It’s one further along.
There it is. Welcome. Thank you.
We are happy to be here. I think we know
what we want. Round 2. Honestly, the last one was a joke.
This here is serious. The wontons are stuffed with pork,
and some vegetables. Then they are boiled, placed in a
saucy mixture and stirred. Can you tell us what
is in the sauce? There are six ingredients. I can’t
tell you more than that. Now we’re going to the
Russian supermarket. Now we are going to the
Russian supermarket. There we are going to
buy some vodka. And then we are going to eat some
Russian food at the Russian take-away next door. I didn’t drink anything. 65% alcohol. I can offer you shashlik. We’ll have five shashlik please. But with what? That is
the question. We’ll let you decide. Lamb is the best.
– We want lamb. Definitely. Five times lamb?
Man! Five times lamb shashlik. No idea how this tastes. Thank you. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye. Thank you. Through the tunnel, shashlik,
take one. Kavita, now you have to
eat more food. We’re moving on now, toward
Street Food Thursday. Man, that is really good. We’re going to make a pizza,
and then meet up with our friends and drink
a little bit… more. In the end it is a kind of
Bloody Mary tomato base. And this, my friends, is a
Kavita Margarita. Who has no pizza yet?

99 thoughts on “Streetfood in Berlin: Chef’s Night Out with Kavita Goodstar

  1. Das schöne an diesen ganzen Hipstern ist, dass, wenn sie nach Berlin kommen, nicht trink(oder ähnliches)fest sind, weshalb sie erst, wenn sie ein bisschen aklimatisiert sind, nach 3 Uhr morgens auffindbar sind.
    Das verlangsamt den Verfall auf jeden Fall.

  2. I always thougt the comment section of vice wasnt that stupid and ignorant…but then I realized mostly americans are watching it, so it seems fine…

  3. So maybe I missed the street food in that video.
    Other than the Turkish food there was no street food. At least I would not call it that.

  4. I saw the thumbnail with title of Streetfood in Berlin…
    I was curious to see what food are in Germany or Berlin. It turns out to be Asian food. Now ,don't get me wrong, I just find it kind of funny… but not in a bad way. The food that they were eating makes me drools.

  5. This is not Berliner street food. How about a curry mit darm extra scharf, a berliner kindl, and a couple smokes for breakfast. Mitte hipster rich kid shit this is.

  6. went there  on my berlin trip after seing this. great hall there at the end with all types of streetfood. GREAT!

  7. Why are you using chopsticks to eat Isaan food like larb? Only backpackers and tourists use chopsticks to eat rice dishes in Thailand. Chopsticks are for noodles- at all other times a fork and spoon is appropriate. Yet more hipsters who haven't got a clue (and Thai food in Germany tends to be awful because almost all of the spice has been taken out).

  8. Ahhh, endlich mal normale Hipster <3
    9:15 Those sweets are not Lobster flavored 😀 its just a picture of a lobster. Kinder-chocolate is also not children flavoured.

  9. Munchies needs to do a show where they hunt for Germany's best Doner one requirement it has to be a place where you have to go to the counter to order any sit down order off a menu bullshit don't do that.

  10. I am extremely disappointed in munchies. I was at papayas, the place advertised in this vid, over the weekend and the food was really horrible and I love authentic thai. But damn, that food was disgusting. It ruinied my trip. Pls check places before and dont just do advertising.

  11. I'm a German by myself and i totally hate when they start to mix German and English.

    And im wondering that they don't show a Kebap shop, there are so many good ones in Berlin…

  12. Must be DAMN nice to be rich. I'm an American living in Germany and I can't make a decent living. I'm jealous, but bitter as well.

    Must be nice to be rich.

  13. wow this is great, compared to other chef's night outs, these people are really cool, very real and honest, man, i wanna go to germany and see for myself no

  14. one minus of this reporter is that she herself has cleary not a "chef" herself, which is kinda nice that the other reporters are more educated about food culture.

  15. The way she goes up at the end of almost every sentence is pretty annoying. Makes people sound either incredibly patronising and/or confused.

  16. Berlin wasn't represented?? Its fucking Germany….doesn't have to represent anything but GERMAN….fucking liberal cucks trying to destroy western cultures

  17. “In der Schale poschiertes Ei“ – blabla – nichts anderes als ein weichgekochtes Ei, Hipster-Schnösel.

  18. I love how these food reviewers go like "It a very traditional [country] dish,… then with a twist to it."
    Well guess fucking what Muchies, its not very traditional anymore it is

  19. Really great food scene in Berlin. I knew they have great food & great beer, obviously. Didn't realize it would be this diverse.

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