street style noodles frankie recipe | नूडल्स फ्रेंकी बनाये एकदम आसान तरीके से |

street style noodles frankie recipe | नूडल्स फ्रेंकी बनाये एकदम आसान तरीके से |

Hello friends myself is Saloni and welcoming you all in Samvida’s Kitchen Today I am going to share the recipe of Chinese Noodle Frankie Now a days its very much popular In this recipe we need “Frankie Masala” and till the time it’s not available in market as per me So today I will show you how to get the masala of frankie prepared easily at home also we will learn to make the chapati/ sheet and it’s stuffing all three we will watch one by one in this video of mine. So if you like this today’s video of mine please hit the like, share it and do press the red subscribe button placed below this video. So let’s start with the ingredients and processes of Chinese Noodles Frankie Now first of all I will prepare the masala of Frankie For this I have here one bowl and I will prepare little quantity of Frankie masala as I have already sufficient in my kitchen which I prepared earlier Here first ingredient is this 1 tbsp red chili powder 1 tbsp roasted cumin seed powder 1 tbsp coriander powder 1 and 1/2 tbsp dry mango powder 1/2 tbsp of garam masala powder 1/2 tsp of turmeric powder 1/2 tsp black peeper powder less than 1 tbsp black salt Now with the help of 1 spoon mix these all very well We can easily store this masala in an air tight Jar for making frankies as and when required and needed If you need more masala to prepare than what here is being seen you prepare just by doubling the amount of each quantity as per your own Only thing that all ingredients are to be remained same for the best experience So now here we have prepared this amazing and tasty noodles franky masala ready I will keep it aside in a closed bowl. Now comes the turn of sheet of Frankie and for this we will make the dough for the sheet I will have 1 cup of all purpose flour in this bowl 1/2 cup of normal wheat flour 1 tbsp of cooking oil salt as per taste and will start mixing it well and after this I will start pouring/adding normal water in batches and will make a soft Dough has to be absolute fine and soft just like what we prepare for making regular good chapatis And now here is a good and perfect dough in this bowl over here apply some of cooking oil in hands and will apply over the dough in this way After applying the dough cover it and give a rest of 10-15 minutes for getting well settled till the time I will prepare the stuffing of Chinese roll franky here is a pre heated frying pan on the flame adding 2 tbsp cooking oil let the oil get heated and after that add 6-7 finely chopped cloves of garlic 2 finely chopped green chilies both has to be saute on medium flame after this add 1/2 cup of chopped spring onion One medium size of carrot that too finely chopped 1/2 of capsicum chopped of medium size 1/2 cup of acbbage sliced absolute fine in length One finely chopped medium size one tomato after removing of seeds Mixing everything well Now add salt less as per taste because salt is there in the sheet and further I will use Schezwan sauces which too contains salt so add less than the taste and adjust as per your choice adding the salt after adding salt we will saute these all vegetables on medium high flame After 5 minutes I will add 2 tbsp of schezwan sauce This sauce contains almost all sauces within it If you need more spicy then try adding all of your favourite sauces inside in 1/2 tsp like tomato sauce, soya sauce, chilli sauce Now I will add 2 cup of pre-boiled noodles Mixing it well with these vegetables Noodles is mixed well put the flame on high mode and have to be sauted for a minute keep on steerig it continuously Stuffing is ready. Put off he flame and will keep it aside after covering we will now take this dough after 15 minutes dough is well set mix it once again after mixing take one small volume of it like what we need for making a sheet rolling it round for making it smooth sprinkle some dry all purpose flour over the sheet apply this from the both the side of this small part start rolling the smaller dough and make a thin round sheet like chapati of it so the perfect sheet I have prepared here and now it will get cooked on tawa and for getting it cooked here I have one tawa on the flame put some cooking oil on this like 1/2 tsp spread it evenly on tawa place the rolled uncooked sheet upon this on a medium flame I will allow 30 seconds cooking from the down side allow same cooking from another side too for 30 seconds first sheet is ready taking it out and will cook all sheets in the same way roll So we have got five sheets ready after cooking these are roasted for 30-30 seconds from both the sides and these are half cooked These too can also be stored in this state in refrigerator and use when you want desire to have frankies after roasting with some butter butter gives and enhances additional taste here I am showing the full process now now this process will give the complete street style to this franky I will recook/roast it after adding some butter into it on the tawa from both the sides adding about 1/2 tsp of butter taking it upside down and adding the same quantity from another side too on medium flame we will cook it till the butter gets melted the duration it will take around 10 seconds from each side Now it is roasted from both the sides keep it in a plate and re roast the rest of sheets too all are here prepared and such spots must look when these are completly done now I will stuff these sheets and transform them in complete Chinese noodles franky roll Putting first of all schezwan sauce over and spreading evenly after this I will sprinkle some of spring onion on this add some of franky masala and over to these all add the noodles what we cooked earlier place these noodles at on end you will find it helpful while rolling start rolling the way I am doing and here it is and finally put a butter paper around the roll rolled perfectly in butter paper rest all has to be covered with butter paper or in a foil paper I have done all of mine you can see here we have prepared the perfect street style Chinese Noodles franky Rolls are ready So now find these frnkies in your kitchen instead of that market wala and I hope you will like this Chinese noodles franky reciped by me You please recreate this recipe in your kitchen give comments and feedback in comment section And for such unmatched and perfect recipes I will request you to please subscribe to my channel Samvida’s Kitchen for free. 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  1. Wow mam i alwyays thought before watching this video that this rolls cant be prepared in home kitchens. but today I watched this recipe by you and 200% sure that it will turn up better than BAZARI ROLLS….🌶

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