Self-Heating Meal | Heater Meal Taste Test | Chicken Noodle & Gravy

Self-Heating Meal | Heater Meal Taste Test | Chicken Noodle & Gravy

Hello, my lovelies! It’s Emmy. Welcome back. Today I’ll be doing another tasting of a self-heating meal. And this is made by Heater Meals, and as I mentioned, it’s the self-heating meal. The same concept and actually made by the same manufacturers as those that make the MREs or the Meals Ready to Eat which are combat rations, which are issued to the US military. I found this at my local sporting goods store. I’ve tasted one of these ones before — if you missed that episode, I shall put the link down below. This one is called the ‘Homestyle Chicken & Noodles in Gravy’, and I believe the first one I had was a beef stew. If you like these kinds of rations tasting, be sure to check out the playlist down below and subscribe for more tastin’. All right, let’s go ahead and get started! Here is the back with the instructions. All right! Here are the contents: bright orange bag; a little bit of saline solution — this is not for drinking, this is salt water. So, unlike the government issued MREs which uses just plain water, these use salt water which they provide. The entree; sundries pack – not really a sundries pack, more just salt and pepper — and a spoon. First we’re gonna tear this open. Place the meal… …touching the unit there… I like the fact that this is all pre-measured: you just add that to there. Pull this up; fold this to here; and then we’re going to reseal it like that. Shake it up. Wait 10 to 12 minutes for this to fully heat up. Okay! Be back in 10 minutes. Okay! So it’s been about 10 or 12 minutes — let’s see how our entrée is. It has unglued all of the glue from the steam, and I went ahead and took this outside ‘cuz it smelled pretty gross. It actually smells pretty similar to what the MREs smell like as well: kind of noxious. And I have to say that this seems to get hotter than the MRE heating unit. So… there’s that. So, in this pack there’s salt and pepper; wet towelette; some no-salt seasoning; a napkin; and a spoon. Piping hot. It looks pretty appetizing: there’s some corn, peas, big hunks of chicken; Carrots in there as well; in a thick gravy along with some wide noodles. Itadakimasu! Mm! And it tastes a lot like you would expect it to taste: it taste a lot like chicken noodle soup. It’s actually very, very light on the seasoning. To me it needs some salt. But for those that are watching their salt intake, I think that’s a really wise decision. In terms of texture, the noodles are very, very soft and mushy. But, again, similar to what you would find in a can of chicken noodle soup. But this doesn’t have any of that metallic flavours that you would find in a can of chicken soup. The predominant flavors are kind of celery, and kind of creamy, but it definitely needs an addition of salt and some pepper. I’m gonna actually try using one of these no-salt gourmet stuff and see how that changes it. I’m just dying to put some hot sauce on this though. Hm! And that’s a definite improvement — add a little bit of garlic and onion in that. And a little bit of black pepper. The first tasting of these Heater Meals I had was a beef stew flavour and I think I prefer that one actually, to this one. I don’t really care for the mushy texture of this… and I definitely recommend adding the seasoning packet to this. And I would add a little bit of salt as well — it definitely needs it. Hm, definitely better. Still, not that great. There are big chunks of chicken in here. They’re a little bit stringy and tough, but that’s understandable for all white meat. All right, let’s finish this off by cleaning up with our little moist towelette. Ooh, actually mine is dry… Oh, that was disappointing. I must’ve had a hole in my packet. This is completely crunchy. I’ve actually never had a… dry, moist towelette before. And, it’s… it’s basically paper… Ah, well. All right I hope you guys enjoyed that one; I hope you guys learned something; don’t forget to share this video with your friends; follow me on social media; give this video a little bit of love, and yeah, subscribe if you’re not subbed already. And I shall see you in my next video! Toodle-oo! Take care! Bye! I see you!

100 thoughts on “Self-Heating Meal | Heater Meal Taste Test | Chicken Noodle & Gravy

  1. What's her catch phrase before she takes her first bite in all her videos? "Nama namasay" or something? I like it but can never fully understand.

  2. The salt water makes the heater work better. For MRE's, we used to put the salt packet in the water so it would get hotter.

  3. They sell those at truck stops. They're good to keep in the truck in case of emergencies. Like if you're stuck on the highway for what ever reason or stuck at a rest stop because of a blizzard.

  4. 2:45 I was very surprised that you said it needed salt. All the chicken noodle soup I've ever eaten that wasn't homemade ended up being incredibly salty.

  5. things to eat: escargot, african horned fruit, shark meat, cow tongue, cockscombs, haggis, tripe, steak tartare, kangaroo, crocodile, whale, fruit of the hala, romanesco broccoli, mangosteen, ackee, akebi, salak, black pudding fruit, ice cream fruit

  6. BBQ steak and potatoes heater meal is the best! When me and my soon to be husband had our first Valentines he had just moved into his new apartment and didn't have much food. His neighbor actually use to give him these heater meals a lot and the BBQ steak and potatoes one was our very first Valentines date meal. 🙂

  7. Emmy, you are so incredibly articulate, and your vocabulary is absurdly vast…did you major in linguistics or something?

  8. You should do a review on the new black Doritos that were released in Japan for Halloween..😜 they look so good

  9. Man…I had my SATs today and my brain is exhausted. It took me a solid 2 minutes to understand that they were the same company who patented self-heating meals that are used in MREs. 😂 Love ya Emmy. Thanks for being honest with your reviews!!

  10. I had finally tried one!I think it may have been a rice one maybe you can try that (if they still have them or if it was actully rice)

  11. I read this as self-hating meals first. I was ready to pull out the #MealPride and #MealLivesMatter profile pictures on my social media.

    -Comedienne Extraordinaire Jessica Trentwood

  12. Hello Emmy! I just recently retired from the Army where I was a Supply Sergeant for the past 10 years. We are normally the people who do a lot of the rations ordering ( MRE, Heater Meals, Jimmy Dean's etc… ) As a rule of thumb I normally try to avoid ordering the Heater Meals as most of my people wouldn't eat them. They are less expensive in the system to get than the MRE's, but if people don't want them they could be free and they are not worth it. I had not seen the Chicken Noodle & Gravy that you had. A good share of them that we would get stuck with were the Lasagna with beef and the Blueberry Pancakes. Both of those were really bad. Just thought I would chime in. I really enjoy your videos and appreciate you taking the time to share with all of us 🙂

  13. I was given a case of heater meals,by the people that bring me my senior meals,after watching one of your heater meals videos,I made it easyer to try,and the meal was good too,I wish I could be you ,I want to try more heater MRE,s but they are kind of pricey,if any company wants me to try there heater meal,MRE,s this senior would love to try them great videos

  14. God when I saw the thumbnail I read it as "self hating meal" and everything felt way too real for a second.

  15. It’s so gross to me that you want to put hot sauce on everything like really? I’m starting to think your pallet might be a little shop from all the hot sauce you’re probably add to everything 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  16. Hey 🙏emmymadeinjapan I honestly think that is a great idea because what if there was an emergency you couldn't use your stove all the light blew out anything that had to do with the weather hurricane I think this will be wonderful to use for emergency for families and heater meals bag absolutely would have been idea if Chef Boyardee for kids and top ramen noodles different flavor each ..

  17. If you've just awaken and are going to make a video, might I recommend drawing a brush through your hair first.
    Or if you've just come in from a massive wind storm, try the brush thingie.
    Just sayin'.

  18. Back in 2006 these were given out after some severe weather and loss off electric for a week. They made me nauseous… maybe he was the heating element, IDK.

  19. Had these a few times instead of MREs while I was in Germany.

    Night and day better than any MRE

    All these MRE heaters have powdered metals in them and something else I can't remember. The water causes corrosion which gives off heat.

    The reason these heater meals get hotter faster is because the salt accelerates the process inside the heater pack.

    Next time you have a normal MRE, try adding a bit of the salt to the heater pack

  20. I find this fascinating. You know what would be really great? If more companies would come up with more shelf stable offerings along the lines of the Hormel Complete line of products and offer them at reasonable prices in your local grocery store. Also, freeze dried items like the aero space industry uses, survivalists and other assorted dooms day type people. But the Hormel meals still require a microwave. You have seen those vacuum sealed units advertised on TV? You know what an immersion circulator unit is? Like you see on these cooking shows on the Food Network? What if there was a home unit at a reasonable price that you could manufacture your own shelf stable meals? Then it would only be a matter of some selling separately in the grocery store the bags with the attached pads and the sealed units of saline solution to activate the pads and the self heating process and a box preferably of plastic to contain the bag in which in turn has the dish with the seal and the food in it. Who developed this concept in the first place? Was it the people who designed those hot hands things for football games? I think it would be a handy thing to have if something happened to your refrigerator or your stove.

  21. I would not suggest putting the pole top directly on the heater because you may melt the glue and then it spilled all over

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