54 thoughts on “SCARY: Are these the most deluded Chinese people in the world?

  1. Thanks for making these interviews. Before it's too late, the world should realize what China is been turning into by CCP , and there are 1.4 billion people in the world are still living in fear and suffered from the fascism regime.

  2. Communist's kid come to capitalism's country to enjoy the capitalism's system, law, education, freedom but supporting the communist's government as their parent are taking benefits from the labourer in mother country. They cannot think deeply what they are enjoying are developed over several years under the spirit of freedom and capitalism. Ridiculous

  3. 丢人现眼,到文明社会了,不说观点正确与否,看看你们的言行,人家凭什么给我们免签。牛逼你们到香港和他们干去,不要让老外看笑话

  4. so funny to see people who never live in China try to judge based on this YouTube channel. Following what people said here without doing your own research/visiting China is the real brainwashing

  5. You should ask them one more question, how about one country one system, communist system? If they answer no, then you ask why. If they answer yes, they offend the interest of Beijing, they will have a hard time going back to China.

    By the way, I am from mainland China, but I stand with Hong Kong, fight for freedom. 光复香港,时代革命!

  6. Saying Chinese Communist govt. is the best while enjoying all kinds of freedom in foreign countries. Why don't they just get their ass back to China?

  7. Islam is a death cult … I'm with the Chinese…the west did the same to Nazi after ww2 put young Nazi's in camps to be reeducated

  8. Brainwashed and programmed for life from birth .It has nothing to do with family or love .it has to do with control . China snowflake generation is the first of literacy. They have the right to write their own History ,now they have to learn to live it.

  9. I don't know whether the way they are arrogantly chewing guming like brainwashed robots or the fact that they are so stupid is funny or very worrying

  10. Ex fucking cuse me? I think you must be an educated person. As a online celebrity, you posted everything need to do some researches. I feel really disappointed after I watched your videos. Before you talked with someone, you already set traps for them. Let me tell you, I am a Chinese. We have the right to choose our religion. My whole families are Buddhists. In China , only Chinese communists don’t allow to have any religions. Those young kids don’t know how to answer your traps questions. Just think about if we do the same thing to your kid, have you ever think how much your kids know about political things? Feel shame on you🤮🤮🤮🤮

  11. CCP puts 1 million Muslim Uyghurs to jail not because they are Muslim. CCP is actually trying to similize and brainwash them to avoid their indepence from the roots. CCP does not care what religion you believe as long as you support their "one China" policy, CCP only cares about their own benifits.

  12. This video just doesn't make any sense you can't judge a government good or evil, because no government is perfect, by asking that question just provens your stupid.

  13. Bunch of stupid communist shit. They come to Australia to study ??? what I don't see any chinese BS, MS or PhD create or do anything but steal and cheat…Compare to HK these shit head brain washed are jokers. President Trump kick out all chinese student in US. In US we don't want any chinese from china come here to school

  14. this is some really stupid logics. I personally know a lot of westerners living in China and bitching about it all the time, they should go back to their own fucking countries too?

  15. 我之前的留言,被您删除了,还挺不言论自由的一个事。

















  16. It's apparently that this interview is double standard. They only believe their so called faith instead of learning new information about China. Shame!

  17. Avi Why Do you not ask them why they are here and if communism is so great why are the same learning opportunities not available in China ?

  18. These students think Chinese government is good; you and these protesters think Chinese government is bad. Don’t you see you are actually the same?! Make conclusions based on your own opinions! Your questions are directional and sorry for the students being asked.

  19. Your questions are biased. And there is freedom of religion.

    The situation with the Muslims is a political play. Has nothing to do with religion.

  20. 'We're here to learn" -> Means Science and Technology, not culture or philosophy. The fact that they are there to learn and will go back to serve their nation is praise worthy. Indians should learn as well.

  21. Fking idiot. you are the real good example of brain wasted western idiots. especially you are not a real white western people. you should go back to where you came from and enjoy the great war there and thank western civilized countries brought to your home country. We Chinese people had those for too long, we do want it anymore, anyone trying to breaking our peaceful life is our enemy. but looks like you are pretty enjoy it, so back to your home country, and enjoy the fking life there, not in Australia. HK is part of China forever, Trying to free that place? then try to start a war against China. Is that under your control? No idiot!

  22. Hi Avi, I'm a mainland Chinese and I want to response some of the questions you asked, also some advice.


    1. About million of religions people got arrested:
    I know that, but it doesn't mean most Chinese know that. In fact, I think 95% of people outside Xinjiang and Tibet know nothing about what CCP did there. I think you know that 100% of social media in mainland Chines in controlled by CCP, there is no point, especially for the young generation, who prefer modern internet media, they can't get this information. Even if they got, CCP will also try to move the public opinion to blame these religion people, fake news you know. Actually, the older generation, such as the 1950s 1960s know more than younger, and they are not that stupid/brainwashed like the people you interviewed. Thet just kept silent, because they no longer have any chance to move out mainland China, and their families are there, they don't want to make trouble and they are less likely to use modern internet media, most people can only hear about their true voice during one daily face to face chat.

    2. About the people you interviewed:
    Since the Xi gets power in 2012, there were much changes in education, 3 – 4 years is enough for people to complete their high school or bachelor, and they came to Western countries. That's why the new generation of international students are so different from before, it's hard that no get affected by that brainwash system. The most important is, everyone says Chinese are rich, but is that true? How many people are there in mainland China? 1.6 Billion! Those people who can afford study in western countries, especially Australia (higher tuition fee, same level Universities, lower entry requirement compared to the US), what's their purpose? TO GET PR! And slowly move their property from China to western countries, because their family knows the CCP will fall one day, at that time they will lose everything, their money and their business (I believe you know that most successful business must have relation to CCP, such as the policy). So I think some of them are really stupid brainwashed, and I believe it's a major part, even they have a different opinion with their family, such as they are forced to come to Australia to get PR, for the future of their family, you know the human nature is greedy, they want to keep their power in China for massive income, but want to move those money to a legal state for safety purpose. But some of them just fear to speak so they response your question like an idiot.

    According to what I said above, I can advise that you can ask some deeper questions next time, see what they will say, such as:
    1. If you don't agree with the social value of western countries, why do you come here?
    2. What's your purpose to come to Australia? The PR?
    3. If they say study, you asked if they will come back to China, and they said yes, then you can ask "Does an Australia degree really help you to get employed in advantage? Isn't a degree from 985 and 211 is much more useful? Because your culture has the GaoKao complex"
    4. If they avoid your question just say "One China", you can show them the flag of "The Republic of China" (Taiwan), ask them what is this flag. Because the full statement of "One China" from "1992 Consensus" is "One China" Consensus, with different interpretations", that means the "One China" can be either "ROC" or "PRC", future more, you can talk about "Can CCP represent China", ask them why do you focus on one China but forget the next sentence (with different interpretations) etc. You can develop a lot of question about it for deeper discussion.
    5. Also, if you met some Chinese Australia citizen or PR holder, you can ask "Why do you come here if communist is that good", "Why do you come here if you don't agree with the social value here", "Is that really profitable to be a CCP support as an foreigner of China, earn money from Chinese and bring them to a democratic country?", "When you enjoy the Social Welfare and environment of western countries, but you actually contribute to the communist, why?" etc.

    I really hope point 4 will be used if those idiots repeat one China to avoid your question, let talk about your one China then!
    The national day of the Republic of China is approaching (10, Oct)

  23. 你既然问的中国问题,问的中国人,请你用中文。

















  24. 那個女生的父母應該還留在中國當貪官從中國老百姓身上撈油水供他在澳洲的生活費 所以他才這樣講

  25. of course these stupid mainland china kids love china the way it is. their enjoyment of luxury goods comes from their parents, which is related to the corrupted government. imaging taking their Ferrari and lambo and gucci or whatever luxury life style they have and try asking them again.

  26. just casue they cant speak English smoothly, and u think that is because Chinese Communism Party is bad. wtf? ask them in Chinese, they'll anwser any shit talk u said back. or if u want, u should just go find someone that can speak Eng and understand the Chinese gov and party. Those are the students go on stree because they've saw enough nonsense like u, talk bullshit about China, But still won't just go China to find out the truth by urself.

  27. Just casue they cant speak English smoothly. And u think that is because Chinese Communism Party is bad. wtf? Ask them in Chinese, they'll anwser any shit talk u said back. Or if u want, u should just go find someone that can speak Eng and understand the Chinese gov and party. Those are the students go on stree because they've saw enough nonsense like u, talk bullshit about China, But still won't just go China to find out the truth by urself.

  28. Aw bless, the young upper middle class Chinese . "Well im ok – so everythings good… yeah???" Ignorance is fkn bliss when youve got the money and travel privileges to avoid a repressive regime in your home country.

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