Restaurant POS System

Restaurant POS System

introducing restaurant expressed
from pcAmerica’s Delaer Compro Boston the revolutionary point of sale system
that allows you to fully computerized your restaurant today’s leading establishment are
watching restaurant parks press increase efficiency and accuracy reduced baths and lower costs with western parts prestigious one-touch
away from based in your bottom line your fine dining establishment maybe
more fast pace and the stock market floor but it’s top priorities that your
customers experience comfort and relax ation restaurant pro expressed increases
staffing kitchen efficiency decreases error and helps to manage a
restaurant to provide the best possible service built-in time clocks security in tracking features customizable menus florin table seating plans check splitting options and back office reporting we’ll take your restaurant to a whole
new level of excellence plugging into restaurant pro expresses
easy and secure but despite the carter by entering a
password each users specific information is accessed managers can choose from over seventy
five different security permissions so that the system remain secure and each
staff members usage can be tracked the login screen features a built-in
time clock in the ability to assign tables are sections to each staff member the customizable restaurant in table
diagrams enable you to create an exact replica of your restaurant including
sections such as bars in patios tables and various sizes and shapes and the object specific to your
restaurant your staff can quickly identify
untouched their tables to deal in place orders managers can modify the layouts for example combined tables for a large
parties are relocated table cases can be made an eternal tables display total party size tab
total and servername color anna running time clock allow
staff to monitor the status of their tables and keep track of turnover part after started with a touch of a
button the bartender can keep a running tab
enter the guest’s name or use a quick tab button for orders
being paid immediately tax to be transferred seamlessly from
the bar two guests table the menu screen as user-friendly and
easily customizable at your establishment ny buyers can be configured with college to
categorize evidence for faster recognition commonly used menu items invest sellers
took place at the bottom of the screen for one catch access configure modifiers like salad dressing
selection meet temperatures our side items
samantha system auto prompts your wait staff leaving no room for error in addition question approx press allows you to
create some menus in seasonal menus managers can configure different menus
based on dates and times have a different lunch menu then dinner happy our menu with special pricing the
internal scheduler will switch the menu when the time qantas a holiday menu no problem it can be plan and start in
advance do you think kitchen printers is
seamless with restaurant pro express once the order is placed beneath
automatically routed to the kitchen printer with modifiers indented and highlighted
in red designating printers to food preparation
stations such as the quayle bar or friar allows for increased accuracy and
organization fast is also a reduced because orders
must be printed before they are prepared the system can also printed your orders
sprint expeditor dance numbers can print on the order so over a nurse evert doesn’t have to
optional fee at the table providing more pleasurable dining experience for guests managers have the ability to comp items
void incorrect orders or apply discounts these are all done with restaurant prox
press permission based exceptions the processes easy and the required coz
prevents that with restaurant pro express splitting
checks has never been easier the server has the option to split ex
evenly amongst guests assign items to specific guests or even drag-and-drop individual atoms
for the most flexible check splitting possible totals are automatically calculated
reducing air and checks are split at the top of the
buttons have gas no longer bleak for the checks to arrive each check can be closed out to one or
more tender tight including cash and credit cards two or more credit cards
for any combination of payments card a process directly through the
point of sale system and you can swipe a credit card at any
time credit cards process in as little as
thirty seconds the payment screen also includes quick
payment cash amounts can be listed for quick processing gift cards can be sold in redeemed
through the point of sale with no transaction fees your restaurant can purchase
custom-designed gift cards with your logo in addition the system has built-in
customer loyalty features to track your regular customers can
provide them with incentives record the details of the each customer and send
promotional emails and mailings to advertise your establishment they’re back offices also easy to manage
as restaurant pro express makes reporting easy and efficient track inventory sales and separate performance store recipes ingredients find out your best sellers print
shopping list based on need rather than gas-fired and process reports that will
help your business be more efficient ingredients what automatically deducted
from your inventory based on recipes in the menu items you sell discrepancy reports will show you what
you are over in short on helping identify stepped in waste restaurant pro express is compatible
with popular accounting software such as quickbooks pc america is the leader in point of
sale software offering customizable programs to suit the needs of single
establishments or chains of restaurant centralized management enables you to
network multiple locations back to a corporate office pc mac offers training
sessions installation and technical support from experts that no your
business because they’ve been there tapos dresses fast easy and designed to
require minimal screen catches because we believe every type she’s
saying saves time and increases efficiency biljana reporting helps make smarter
business decisions this your restaurants bottom line with
pc america’s customizable restaurant crowds west point of sale system go ahead some buttons were made to be

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  1. I noticed how the guests raised their hand to signal to the waiter which plate was whose. There are pos systems that take orders in seat order to prevent that unprofessional issue.

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  3. who can delete finish transaction? it is possible to delete the pastfinish transaction of the other cashier on the date?


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  8. Hi, may I know is this the open source Pos System? If yes, may I know how to download it? And is this support the SOP system?

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  15. anyone know why i might be coming up short even when i try to be careful? I'm a cashier at jack in the box and I'm new. i need help plz bc i keep coming up short





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  24. i posted food from Micro pos which is linked with Opera server when i checked my report the second day i realize the posting was duplicated . Please can u help

  25. I don t have the time at the moment to fully watch your video but I have bookmarked it . I will be back in a day or two. thanks for a great video.

  26. I don t have the time at the moment to fully watch your video but I have bookmarked it . I will be back in a day or two. thanks for a great video.

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