Resep Ceker Ayam Dim Sum (Chicken Feet Dim Sum Recipe Video) | YUDA BUSTARA

Resep Ceker Ayam Dim Sum (Chicken Feet Dim Sum Recipe Video) | YUDA BUSTARA

Chicken Feet Hi Foodies, back again with me Yuda Bustara in Kokiku TV. Today I’m going to cook Chicken Feet – yum cha style! We have 1 kg of chicken feet here, make sure you clean it, trim the nails and all. And make sure they’re dried properly We’re going to deep-fry it. Chicken feet contain a lot of moist that could be dangerous when dipped in hot oil because it’s going to pop everywhere. That’s why you gotta dry it properly with kitchen towel. Let’s start frying! Use high heat to fry and partially cover the top of your saucepan to prevent the bubbling oil from burning your skin. We’re going to fry this until golden brown. Now we’re going to make the sauce. It’s very easy, we’re just gonna mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and cook it with the chicken feet in a pressure cooker. So easy. Mix in a bowl: 2 tbs Oyster sauce, 2 tbs Soy sauce, 2 tbs Black Tauco Sauce (fermented black soybean sauce) Crush the Tauco sauce until smooth. Take out the fried chicken feet. Simmer 2 tbs chopped garlic & 1 sliced ginger, until fragrant I’m going to prepare the pressure cooker now. Why do we use pressure cooker? Because it’s going to cut down the cooking time to 20 minutes. If you cook using a saucepan, it will take approx. 1,5-2 hours and keep adding water until the chicken feet is very tender. Check this out, the garlic & ginger has turned brownish and now smells amazing. This is going to add a lot of flavor into the dish. Put these in the pressure cooker along with the chicken feet. Also add the black sauce, which consist of – oyster sauce, soy sauce & fermented black soybean sauce. Add some water, just enough to almost cover the chicken feet. Stir well. Add a pinch of salt. I’ve got a tip for you. If you want a reddish color, use 1 tsp Angkak (Chinese herb, available at your nearest Asian grocery) This is what Angkak looks like. It’s reddish and seed-like. This is usually used as a herbal medicine drink. Angkak is usually brewed and drank like tea. Angkak is a type of Chinese herb. Just add a little bit into the mixture. Let’s close it. Ok. The dish is almost done. We’re going to thicken the sauce with corn flour. Dilute 2 tbs Corn flour in a bowl with 1/2 cup water, 1 tbs Palm sugar. Stir. If you like it spicy, just add cut chili. If you want to step it up a notch, add XO Sauce. You should be able to find XO sauce in Asian grocery store. It’s going to complete the dish. Garnish with sliced chives. Serve it with the sauce. Here it is, Chicken Feet – yum cha style! Don’t be put off with chicken feet. It actually taste very delicious. You just gotta make sure you use clean & dry chicken feet. For the full recipe log on to WWW.KOKIKU.TV And don’t forget to LIKE & SUBSCRIBE to this channel Be sure to share this recipe video to your friends, because this dish is so darn good! I can’t wait to eat this! The skin is very soft because it has been fried & cooked in a pressure cooker, so you’ll get a fall-off-the-bone skin. When eating chicken feet, be sure to prepare a bowl to spit out the bones.

99 thoughts on “Resep Ceker Ayam Dim Sum (Chicken Feet Dim Sum Recipe Video) | YUDA BUSTARA

  1. meledaknyaa g tahan.. akhirnyaa skip menggorengnya daan lngs aja diungkep ama bumbu2nya.. g tau gmn jdinya.. processing

  2. sbg gantinya pressure cooker kan katanya chef yuda di goreng ya? itu berarti di panci n ditambahin air trus ya sampek empuk?
    sekalian mau request "Soup Asparagus Kepiting" donk, yg kuahnya agak oranye (bukan yg putih)

  3. He he he maap.. klo aku cari yg simple belinya ceker yg udah d goreng … ntar di rebus bentar buang airnya .. (klo goreng fresh ceker ayam ..harus pake minyak banyak)

  4. Ngikutin cara masak cekernya.. Tahap awal sampe akhir.. Karna ga ada bumbu2nya diganti bumbu seadanya dirumah.. Pakek bumbu seblak.. Endeuuss.. ❤️❤️❤️ makasih kokiku Tv

  5. Gampang kok law mau ceker cpt lembut setelah d goreng.rendam dalam air.tggu aja 1.2 jam ceker nya pasti jd lembut gk butuh waktu lama bt merebus.gue udh pernah msk jg gue tau cara nys

  6. Bikin dim sum kjaan qu hari direstoran wantan mie…
    Bilng nya kaekyok wantan..ada masrom nya lbih enk lgi
    Jdinya wantan mie tungku kaekyok😃😃

  7. Prh goreng ceker pas mw balik eh malah meledak n kena kening..
    jd g mw goreng ceker lg..
    Tips dong untk melunak kn ceker n memasak agar g berlendir gmn? Selain menggunakan presto..

  8. Presentasi masak yg cerdas, simple, gak bertele-tele, singkat tapi kena bgt… Suka!!! Auto like N subscribe! Thank you!

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