Raw Food Diet: Healthy Lunch Ideas : How to Roll a Raw Food Spring Roll

Raw Food Diet: Healthy Lunch Ideas : How to Roll a Raw Food Spring Roll

Hello, I’m Denise Bennett and I’m here on
behalf of Expert Village. We’re gonna make a wrap. A little spring roll, I use one a
little bit wider. Start with this end here that’s cut because we’re gonn roll it up and
then we’ll have, oh did I say it wrong? I did, the smaller end is what we want to start
with. Okay, put a little bit of sauce right on it like that. Alright, then we want to
put a little bit of hickama, a little bit of the bell pepper, a sprig of dill, and this
is where it gets tricky. Just be careful, if you throw too much stuff in here or you
use one of these little, like the spines on this romaine, it can break this zucchini and
you don’t want do that. And less is more anyway, in my opinion. You don’t have to go crazy
and make this really, really thick. And try not to get the sauce too close to the end,
if you do, it’s going to come out. And you want it to stay pretty. And there it is, isn’t
that beautiful? I’ve shown people how to so this, I don’t know how many times and they
always look at me and go “uhh, it’s absolutely beautiful” and it tastes wonderful. And this
is like the simplist thing in the world. Have all the right tools and honestly this doesn’t
take long to get this down.

16 thoughts on “Raw Food Diet: Healthy Lunch Ideas : How to Roll a Raw Food Spring Roll

  1. what's in the sauce?

    i wish expertvillage took a little more time to make these videos more informative…

    how about using that description box to include the massive amount of information your video is missing?

  2. I agree with the others…it's neat to see how you do sushi sized wraps, it's still a salad, and the sauce is what would make it special or not.

  3. these expert village people are no experts. first off, when you begin a recipe fist thing you need is a list of the ingredients. you suck for wasting peoples time, "uhh". go away.

  4. What's in that sauce?
    Doesn't take much thinking. Just watch.

    There was a MAYONNAISE jar beside the board for crying out loud. Mayonnaise is not only an animal byproduct but definitely not raw.

    Use your head people.

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