Pretty Li Hui Zhen – Episode 10 [Eng] | Chinese Drama【Dilraba、Zhang Binbin、Sheng Yilun】

Pretty Li Hui Zhen – Episode 10 [Eng] | Chinese Drama【Dilraba、Zhang Binbin、Sheng Yilun】

Welcome subscriptions ♫ Lonely, lively, or in an ordinary city. ♫ ♫ A gust of wind, a surge of rain, a familiar melody. ♫ ♫ Helpless, proud, or in a despicable corner. ♫ ♫ How many details, how many scenes, how many clear memories? ♫ ♫ Traveling free, no restraints, or devoting myself to missing you. ♫ ♫ When I meet you again, when we reunite again, when I can see your pretty self again. ♫ ♫ Eternal or ephemeral; the two sides to life. ♫ ♫ I want you to hear and see it all. ♫ ♫ I want to be with the pretty you, and be together prettily. ♫ ♫ I want your company in all the exciting moments. ♫ ♫ Brilliant or ordinary; it’s always a lingering question. ♫ ♫ Together, I want to try changing myself for you. ♫ ♫ I want to be with the pretty you, and be together prettily. ♫ ♫ I want to get used to the occasional sadness together with you. ♫ ♫ I want to fulfill my crazy wishes together with you. ♫ Pretty Li Hui Zhen – Episode 10 – My little flowers! Next! I suggest… Let us all drink a cup to our Associate Editor Bai. -Okay?
-Come, come, come. Cheers! Cheers! Cheers! You’ve worked hard! You’ve worked hard! Associate Editor Bai, why aren’t you drinking? Mr. Bai, you must drink celebratory wine. That’s right! I still have things to do, so I’ll take my leave. You guys have fun. Wait a second, wait a second. Wait a second! What is more important than cultivating good relationships with your teammates? That’s right! Good relationships can be cultivated every day, but matters must be dealt with immediately. Why so stubborn? Everyone came for you. If you leave just like that, -it’s not that good, Associate Editor Bai.
-That’s right. Associate Editor Bai, then on behalf of everyone, I’ll drink to your professional attitude. Okay? We’ll take you as our example! I really still have things to do. Mr. Bai! My goddess Zhu Ying just recovered from her illness and is personally drinking to you! It’d be bad if you still won’t drink! How about this? I’ll drink it all, and you do as you want. Okay? Mr. Bai. She drank it all! Associate Editor Bai! Drink once! Associate Editor Bai! Drink once! Associate Editor Bai! Drink once! What are you doing? I… I want to drink the cup of beer for him. Or else he’d be too pitiful. He looks like a bad drinker. What right do you have to call others pitiful? Are you a great drinker? After you got drunk last time, did you forget what happened? How about this? Let’s cross cup drink! -I’ll drink half for you, okay?
-Okay. Drink! Drink! Great! I’ll take my leave. Everyone have fun. He’s leaving? Mr. Bai! Mr. Bai! Director! I’ll drink with you! It looks like he’s not a bad drinker, just that he doesn’t want to. Let’s play with a die! A die! -Brother Yimu, here.
-What? Qiao’er? No, the company suddenly threw a party, so everyone’s doing karaoke right now. Don’t worry, I didn’t drink alcohol. What are you doing? I’m hanging up, Qiao’er. Bye-bye. What are you doing here secretly all alone? I didn’t, okay? I just came out to pick up my friend’s call. Tell her not to worry. I’ll send you back. Fatty Yu! Fatty Yu. Fatty Yu. Fatty Yu, what’s wrong? Do you miss your mom? Don’t be too sad. If you feel sad in the future, tell me. Okay? This way, you might be happier. The flowers have bloomed. Which flower do you like? I like the purple one. I especially like our school’s summer. Flowers always bloom especially well in the summer. They’re so pretty. There must be more flowers up there. Come. Come look at the flowers with me. Okay? Let’s go. Fatty Yu! Fatty Yu! -Associate Editor!
-Fatty Yu! H-H-Hurry and help him up! -Is his head okay?
-Thankfully he’s not dead yet. Cut the crap. How could that happen? Hurry and help him up! Put him on my back. Wait a second. Be careful! be careful! Get up. Get up! -Okay, hang in there.
-Where are you going? I’ll go get your bag; wait for me here. -Hurry, I’ll wait for you!
-Okay! Hurry, hurry hurry! Hurry! Key, key, key! -Key, hurry!
-Where is the key? -Hurry up!
-Wait, wait! It’s here. -Did you find it?
-No, wait a second. This can’t… Wait a second! Got it, got it! Found it! The room card. Why are you giving it to me? Will the door open? You’re so stupid. Hurry and give it to me! Hurry, hurry, hurry! -Be careful. Why are you walking sideways?
-I’ll put him there. -My god.
-I can’t anymore. Honestly, bad drinkers… Charlie. Come here and pour me some water. I’m so thirsty. Why are you drinking water at other people’s houses? I’ll buy it for you outside. I was the only one using energy to carry him! Hurry up! -Let’s drink it outside, honestly. He’s drunk!
-No! You have to drink water at other people’s houses? You’re so weird. Hurry and pour me some water! No, let’s hurry and leave! No, then I can’t move anymore! I’ve never seen someone like you before, honestly! Coming, coming. Why is it all water? Hurry up! -Why are you bringing so much water?
-Not so loud! Hurry and drink! Can’t you drink and walk at the same time? Hurry and go! Come, come, come. Get up! Don’t twist me! Hurry up! Okay, okay, okay. Why are there so many lights? What are you sitting there for? Go. go buy me a cup of water. -Hello.
-Hello, please give me a cup of water. Okay, please wait. Do you need anything else? No, I just need water. -Okay.
-Thank you. Why is Associate Editor’s card in my pocket? Why are you giving it to me? Will the door open? You’re so stupid! Give it to me! It opened. I’ll give it to him another day. -Your water. You’re welcome.
-Thank you. One doesn’t eat a thing, and one must eat even if he’s dying. Do you feel like Associate Editor doesn’t eat anything in the office? I don’t think I saw him eat anything besides coffee. That’s really bad for the body. Charlie, are you secretly crushing on him? Have you ever secretly loved someone? How come you talk as if you know everything? I haven’t before, but the people in the office are saying that. Li Huizhen has a crush on Bai Haoyu. Really?! Then didn’t Associate Editor hear it, too? They also say, “This trainee has a big appetite.” “She aims for Associate Editor as soon as she arrives!” Then I should go resign tomorrow! I lied. I was just playing around. Is this the type of joke you can play? The one who told me to drive Assistant Editor to the airport was also you, causing me to have dust smudged all over my face (getting scolded). You always play around with me, do you think there’s meaning to it? I’m telling you. One day, I’m going to resign and it’s also going to be because of you! I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I was wrong. I was wrong, okay? Actually, I feel like you’re my little sister. I didn’t-! I definitely don’t have a big brother like you. Thank heavens. – Sorry.
– Really. People now like to mention about their family when they’ve just finished cursing others. I’m sorry! If my words just now made you uncomfortable, I feel very apologetic. But it really is because you are too similar to my little sister! Then go bully your little sister when you go home! Why are you bullying me? How strange! My little sister is dead. She died when she was thirteen. My god. My god! I’m sorry! T-The words I said just now… It’s okay. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have said those words to you. If hitting me can cool your anger, then go ahead. Also, remember to not come to work. Okay? I didn’t want to hit you, oh god. I really didn’t do it on purpose just now! It’s okay. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have said those words to you. If my little sister could work just like you, that’d be great. So you must work hard. -My god…
-Thank you for treating me to ramen. I won’t be like this anymore. My god, I’m really sorry. I didn’t do it on purpose! It’s okay. Bye-bye. My god! My god! I’m sorry, how much is it? -Fifteen.
-Fifteen. Fifteen, thank you. You’re welcome. My god, where is my cellphone? My god, honestly! Oh no! Oh no, oh no, oh no! I’m done for. I’m done for! There’s pictures inside of me and Xia Qiao! I’m so done for. He definitely can’t hear me. How could a drunk person hear this? What’s the password? Birthday? His mother’s birthday. It’s not? Then… his father’s birthday. -What’s the password?
-0923. I remember that’s not your birthday. It’s the first day we met! We first met on that day? To be simple, it’s the day I met Li Huizhen! It is also my most happiest day! Could it be…? This… It really is right! Subtitles and Timing brought to you by the Gone with the Shirt Team @ Viki Okay, thank you. I got it. I will do my best to stop Immortal from shutting down. Yes, it’s very hard. But there’s hope. Okay. Of course. I really don’t need an ability assessment report. Please give him a call. Don’t worry. Let’s talk later. Why is it you?! That… Associate Editor, I could explain. Did you hear everything just now? Uh… I heard about shutting down, and the market competitiveness report. Did you understand it all? Only you and I know about this matter. If other team members find out, you’ll be in trouble. That… is the shutdown issue true? And that market competitiveness report! Didn’t we already do the most perfect work possible? It won’t happen if you don’t talk nonsense. Don’t create unnecessary panic. I won’t let this matter happen. You must keep it a secret. Got it? Don’t worry. This is our secret. That… Associate Editor, if you don’t need anything else, then I’ll leave first. Wait! A-Associate Editor, I’m sorry. This won’t do. A-Are you okay, Associate Editor? I also want to know if I’m okay. I’m sorry. I should go get a broom to sweep these first. How did you enter my home? Because…xduring the party, I-I came out to take a call, and saw you lying on the floor, so… I left the party first and then you came out to take a call. And then you saw me lying on the ground? R-Right. And then you sent me home on purpose and then hid? I-It wasn’t on purpose, it was… It was out of kind intentions… Were you alone? No! Lin Yimu was here, too! Where is he? H-He left. Then why are you still here? I-I’ll leave right now. Just how did you get in? I-I used the room card. B-Because I couldn’t get in, so I saw your pocket had a room card, so… You went through my pockets? N-No, I didn’t look on purpose. There was no other way then, so I… I used… I went through your pockets and found the room card, I c-could only use this way to come in. When I passed out, I think I heard someone call me “Fatty Yu.” Was it you? F-Fatty? No! Associate Editor, you must be drunk! You must be drunk and dreaming! My god, you must not step here. Fatty Yu? Fatty Yu might be… Associate Editor, you were very fat in the past? I can’t tell at all now! N-Now you’ve gotten skinny! In the future, if you get the chance, please tell me how you lost weight. Then I’ll leave first! So sorry! Stop right there! That… Associate Editor, I really didn’t say it. That… I really don’t know. You must have been dreaming. You must have been drunk, that’s why you think someone called you. I really didn’t do it! That… Associate Editor! I’m sorry! How does she know so much about Li Huizhen? Don’t worry. This is our secret. Play. Pause. -I’m back!
-You’re back? My god, why did you come back so late? No, let me tell you! Oh, that’s right, I made you honey water! Let me tell you! Slow down! Not bad, you could find my hand today! You must not have drunk too much. I’m telling you, I’m not the drunk one, it’s Bai Haoyu! He… He…? He almost captured me like a criminal! What happened? I’m already becoming your intimate brother now, always hearing you talk about love everyday. Did I talk to you any less when you were pursuing Amanda? You really have to pay back things that you’ve done… Hurry and tell me. What’s going on? Then I can come up with a plan for you. Do you believe in your body’s memories? What? No way. You’ve already…? You monster. What is your head thinking about? I just… Huizhen hugged me the other day. I felt very strange. What’s so strange? It’s not the first time you hugged her. When we first reunited, perhaps I was too excited, so I didn’t think too much about it. But that day when Huizhen hugged me, I felt like it wasn’t the hug from my memories. I hugged Huizhen when we were kids. I’ve always remembered that feeling. That feeling was very warm, just as if you could smell milk cream. That day, it wasn’t like that at all. I could only smell perfume. What’s so weird about that? What girl doesn’t use perfume these days? You should go smell your trainee. She probably doesn’t. I don’t know why, but I feel very strange towards her. She’s clearly ugly and stupid, and she can’t do a single thing right. But every time I see her, I uncontrollably want to get close to her. Really?! He hugged you? Yeah. He pulled me right over, and then… and then…! It was… It was just so weird! It felt like I was in a movie. In any case, it felt so awkward! I… I also don’t know. It’s just… just that position… Then… you’re saying that afterwards, he didn’t want you to cut your hand, so he pulled you up. The type where he pulls you right over. Then… did you feel anything then? Could I feel anything? I just wanted to run away immediately! I was thinking, “Li Huizhen, what are you thinking? Hurry and run!” -And then my whole brain was thinking-
-No, that’s not the type of feeling I was talking about. I’m talking about if you felt your heart pounding. It’s that type where your insides feel like a mess, and then you feel like a deer is hitting your heart, and your heart is pounding rapidly! Did you feel that? When I passed out, I think I heard someone call me Fatty Yu. Was it you? F-Fatty? No. There’s only one Li Huizhen. The rest are just coincidentally people with the same name. Your trainee is just too specially stupid. You’re just curious because she’s different from people you met in the past. As for the body’s memories, people will change, much less the body. Even a skin cell’s life span is only 28 days. Everything will be replaced. much less a feeling from so many years ago. Then when you face two Li Huizhens, one is the lover you want, one is your company’s employee. Please don’t mix them together, okay? Don’t be like a woman, okay? Stop running in circles and worrying. Do what you’ve decided on. Be a man, okay? Did you or not? ♫ It’s already very late. ♫ I think… ♫ Time to go home. ♫ There was a little bit… ♫ the night will still arrive. ♫ ♫ Yes, that’s right. ♫ How could I be so weak? He always scolds me for no reason! And he… n-now he-! Why is it the moment he holds me, I… my entire body weakened. And I’m not the Li Huizhen in his heart anymore. In his heart, I’m just a totally unnoticeable trainee. Why can’t I forget how good he is? -Why can’t I-?
-Can you stop talking? I don’t want to hear it anymore. It’s just… ever since I took your place, every day you consistently run circles around Bai Haoyu! Are there no other people in your life? I don’t want to hear you say these things anymore. Qiao’er! What’s wrong? ♫ Even if a cloud doesn’t come to block the sun, the night will still arrive. ♫ ♫ Yes, that’s right. Everything will pass, ♫ ♫ Even if you can’t bear its departure. ♫ My god. My god, my god. What am I doing? Why did I talk to her like that? ♫ If love doesn’t wear flip flops, its steps will be lighter. ♫ It’s all your fault. All your fault, all your fault! ♫ Right when you walk by him, don’t say anything. ♫ Huizhen, I’m sorry. I’ve been too busy lately. I’m not busy anymore. When can we eat dinner together? Aren’t you craving for chilled mango sago cream with pomelo? ♫ Pouring rain can’t create a river. ♫ ♫ The old love song that we cherish. ♫ ♫ Do people listening to it feel a sense of regret? ♫ ♫ Does happiness belong in the past or in the future? ♫ ♫ Has dearest love already passed or will it be here later? ♫ ♫ Are memories something already possessed or will it dissipate? ♫ ♫ Does eternity exist or is it an unknown? ♫ Qiao’er? Qiao’er! Qiao’er! What’s happening?! Good morning, good morning! I-I’m making you breakfast! You’re just in time, breakfast is just ready! You… What’s wrong with you so early in the morning? What can be wrong? I’m making you breakfast! No! Why are you suddenly starting to make breakfast? You can’t cook. Why are you coming out so early in the morning? No! Who says I can’t cook? I just usually don’t cook! It’s delicious when I do cook! It’s very fragrant! Shut off the stove! -I did! Don’t bother me; go sit down!
-You shut it off? That’s right, I already shut it off. Come! Eat breakfast! What’s up with you today? I feel like today, you’re so different from usual. I’m okay. I’m great! Last night, I was just… went too far. B-But I’m fine after some sleep! Look at me now! I’m great! That’s good. I was afraid you were in a bad mood. Then I’ll start eating! Open this one first! Wait a second! Wait a second! You’re not allowed to care that it looks bad. Open it. No, no, no! You’re not allowed to say it tastes bad either. I-I won’t. Open it then. I’ll open it. Do you know what this is? Smell it! This is… -Pancakes!
-Pancakes! -Pancakes!
-It’s very clearly a pancake! – Guess what flat cake this is.
– Cooked-rice cake? Look again! Look at it a bit closer. A fried pancake? This is… Huizhen brand, apple egg pancakes! I knew the taste was so similar! But that’s okay, let me tell you. There’s this dish, too. Guess what this is! Stir-fried squid strips. How is this like a squid strip? Look at the color. This color… It’s red and shiny! Fried potato strips? This is my new creation. Deep fried carrot. But this carrot really got fried a little too much… But that’s okay! There’s one more dish! Look at what this is! Stir-fried crab roe and wild herbs. This is Chinese ixeris herb. How could you have mistaken this… mistaken this as crab roe? Does it look that ugly? No! It’s quite fragrant! It must taste delicious. The color is also- Forget it, forget it! There’s one final dish! I made us some congee! I-I’ll do it, you’ve been busy all morning. Come, come. I’ll pour it. – The thickness of this porridge is just right!
– Oh, my! It’s not quite like that. Here, I’ll do it myself. You’ll burn yourself, honestly. Thank you, Qiao’er. You got up so early to make me breakfast. Zhen’er, last night… I’m sorry. I was in a bad mood. Did it affect you? What are you saying? I was worried about your bad mood. Yesterday, if not– Yesterday, if not for Bai Haoyu’s situation, I was afraid it would. If I keep tormenting myself about it in front of you, it would affect your mood. But it’s in the past now, all the troubles are gone! Because of your extravagant breakfast, I’ve forgotten everything now. The congee isn’t bad! It’s hot, slow down. -I’ll have some more pancake.
-Say… if Bai Haoyu suddenly had a girlfriend one day, then what? Then I would bless him. Really? Zhen’er, what’s wrong? No… Did I say something wrong? Did I hit your weak point? D-Don’t cry! It’s hard to express in one word. This… This… This isn’t egg pancake! What is this? It’s not possible. Did you cook your shoe pads? How could it be like this? Hello, Director. Good morning! Good morning! Good morning! Hello, Director. You are so pretty today. Did you do anything wrong lately? Of course not. Very good. One more wrong thing done, is one less chance to enjoy life. Hello, Director. You were looking for me? Of course. Do you know why I was looking for you? Okay. Let me rephrase the question. Do you know what you did recently? What I did? Director, I… I didn’t do anything. You are not very honest and are even crafty. You are also very weak! That’s not Immortal style! Okay. I’ll ask you one last time. Just what did you do? I’m asking you, not because I want to hear the answer. I want to confirm if you can continue working at our Immortal. Director! I did do something wrong! -Continue.
-It was Han Xue. She wanted to get the editing department’s employee information. She said one of them was your nephew! So… she knows now? She can’t find anything in the files. Very good. Because, what you shouldn’t know about, no matter how much energy you use, you won’t know everything about it. So, the best method is to not do what you shouldn’t do. Yes. Director, don’t worry. I won’t anymore. I really won’t. Don’t let anyone know I was looking for you today. I won’t! I won’t. Director, then I want to ask. Can I still work at Immortal? Why not? Go back and continue to work. Thank you, Director! Thank you, Director! Don’t worry! I won’t do something wrong like this again! I will definitely work hard to repay you Director! ♫ Vaguely in dreams, we seemed to have met ♫ ♫ Great waves appear in my heart ♫ What ooh?! You do it! Come! I really can’t tell you’re a rich person’s son. Don’t bother with her. Let’s just continue playing. Why is Sister Yang here? -Hurry, you come here!
-Oh no, oh no! Xue. Han Xue? Director wants you to go up. Okay. Director, you were looking for me? My little Xue Xue. You are a pretty disobedient little flower. Director… Why didn’t you ask me? Ask what? Why I called you that. Director, did I do something not well and anger you? You said… “not well.” Do you know the difference between not well, and wrong? I know! Let’s hear it. Not doing something well means you don’t have the ability. Doing something wrong… Means your personality is bad. Director, I’m not that type of person. I already know what you’ve done. You want to find a boyfriend at work, but are afraid you’ll pick the wrong person, so you went to human resources to find the one you need most. Right? Director, you know about everything? I was wrong. I really was wrong! I won’t do it again! I understand your thoughts. But love can’t be rushed. You also can’t be too realistic. Because… love… is beautiful and arrogant. If you look down on it, it’ll leave you! Go back and think about what I said. My little Xue Xue! Then… I’ll leave now, Director. Miss Xia, what type of style do you need today? Does your store have any new styles? It’s always the same styles no matter when I look. A limited edition style just came out, but there’s only size 7.5. It’s not your size. -Let me take a look.
-Okay, please wait a moment. Miss Xia, take a look. How pretty! I want this pair. But don’t you usually wear size 8? It doesn’t fit now, but it’ll eventually fit when I put them on. I’ll give it a try. Okay, okay! Additional leaflets, 500 pieces. Okay! I’ll send it over tomorrow afternoon! Okay, okay, okay. Thank you, goodbye! Coming! – You’re here, my good daughter.
– Uncle. Come, come. Come on in! Long time no see! I brought you some nutritious food. I’ll put it here. Look, you spent money again? Sit down! Zhen’er said she still had things to do, so she’ll com later. So, I came first! Then I’ll pour you some water! There’s no need! You sit down, I’ll pour it myself. You do it yourself. Xia Qiao, you’re so skinny. Eat some more, eat some more! -Eat some more!
-Thank you, thank you. -Come.
-This is good! Auntie, you didn’t cook this, right? It was all them. I said I’d personally cook some good dishes, but they were afraid I’d be tired and insisted on takeout! Sister Xia Qiao, did you change your eye makeup again? Why does any makeup look good on you? Of course! I can handle all types of makeup. That’s right. People like us look good with anything. I’m home! You’re back? Come and eat dinner! Why are you getting more and more out of style? Why are you so late? Hurry and wash up for dinner. Qiao’er, your eye makeup does look very nice. Xia Qiao, you look good even without makeup! Yes, you look good even without makeup! I’m home… Come, Xia Qiao, eat some more. -Come, eat this.
-I’m home!! Subtitles and Timing brought to you by the Gone With The Shirt Team @Viki ♫ I want to wander around in your heart. ♫ ♫ It’s better than secretly thinking alone. ♫ ♫ I want to accompany somebody and have crazy fantasies. ♫ ♫ It’s better than my empty dreams. ♫ ♫ I want to brave the wind together with you. ♫ ♫ It’s better than quietly looking out a window. ♫ ♫ I want to lend my shoulders to somebody. ♫ ♫ That way, I won’t waste this beautiful scenery. ♫ ♫ In the city, who is bravely wandering around? ♫ ♫ The light that shines onto your face is dazzling. ♫ ♫ In your palms, there is courage and hope ♫ ♫ For the persistence hiding in your heart, Cinderella. ♫ ♫ In your heart, loneliness is crying out. ♫ ♫ The panic is very obvious. If you’re not pretty, so what? ♫ ♫ In your dreams, love is only afraid of pain. ♫ ♫ Facing the lonely corridor, you are flustered. ♫ ♫ In the city, who is bravely wandering around? ♫ ♫ The light that shines onto your face is dazzling. ♫ ♫ In your palms, there is courage and hope ♫ ♫ For the persistence hiding in your heart, Cinderella. ♫

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