100 thoughts on “Pizza Fried Cheese Burger

  1. Outstanding! but if I could make one recommendation, it would be to hold off on frying the mozzarella until the burgers are done. That particular cheese gets funny after it's been heated and then cooled off. Might be best to eat while still piping hot?

  2. Fun fact, Italian breadcrumbs are authentic condiment made with old bread while yelling somebody toucha my spaghett!

  3. When he was using the shredder, I was actually relieved when he took his glasses off! Safety first man! GREAT STUFF!!

  4. Just a tip for everyone if you double coat the cheese or use egg -> flour -> egg -> bread crumbs the cheese won't leak outside of the coati g

  5. It's like every single one of these video titles is them trying to come up with the most American-sounding recipe possible.

  6. I love it when he says, We sorry to eat in front of you like this, Like it or not it's called the pitmaster privilege!

  7. Years ago I had a burger at an airport TGI Fridays hat had a piece of fried cheese on it and I have wanted one ever since. I guess I know what I'm making for dinner tomorrow now!

  8. Hehe, I just thought to myself while you were chopping the block of mozzarella, y'all probably sieve flour with old hickory too. I come in peace and I mean no harm! 8)

  9. Hey Pitboys….this is a call out to you boys…….I wish if you would have chucked those buns in the the frying and heated them up after coating with butter. That would have this….the best burgers in the world….may a slice of onion too 🤠

  10. I love the way these guys just substitute that butcher knife for every kitchen utensil ever.

  11. You guys are killing me with all these great recipes. I can't keep up with. Now I'm dieing to eat this one because I'm Pizza lover and want to eat this and am going to make this one. Thank you all for this video! 👍😊

  12. 1St video ever seen because it was a Youtube recommendation! I had to subscribe. Great narration, Pizza Fried Cheese Burger was OMG I want moment!
    Eating in front of us! No problem all real chefs has to taste test before it leaves the kitchen even if it's outside!!!!

  13. Брутальная кухня бородатых мужиков с мачете и бутылочкой вискаря. Всё что надо для охрененного времяпрепровождения.

  14. Take a pound of potatoes and Velveeta cheese diced potatoes and start cooking them don't jump jump out the water throw your Velveeta cheese in throw some vegetables in it and then throw your little smokies in it or sausage and let it cook and then if you want to you can put veggies you can put noodles at better than macaroni and cheese

  15. What are some of your favorite Dishes that you've Videoed? After all, you do have Pit Master privilege on that information! LOL! Can you share?

  16. 🍺🍻🍺🍻🍺🍻🍺🍻🍺
    5 STAR BAR-B-Q ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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