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♪ If you’ve got nothin’ to do ♪ ♪ Well, I’ve got a
couple’a tricks for you ♪ ♪ So take a look at these vids ♪ ♪ ‘Cause it’s
Lifehacks For Kids ♪ – Hi! I’m Gillian. Ah, these smell nice. Spring is in the air,
so let’s get ready for the change of seasons. With my winter-to-spring hacks. Baby birds, flowering trees, spring’s all about
new beginnings. So, let’s take this
old sweater and make it into something better. It’s my no more
sweater weather hack. For this hack you’ll need
an old zip up hoodie, scissors and a paper clip. Cut off the sleeves
of your hoodie, and make sure to cut on
the inside of the arms. (upbeat drum machine music) Pull the drawstring out of
the hoodie, and set it aside. Snip 12 evenly spaced
vertical lines into the bottom of your sweatshirt. Six on the front side
and six on the back. Make sure to only cut the
top layer of the fabric. (upbeat drum machine music) Now, use your paperclip to help thread your drawstring through. Straighten out your
paperclip so it’s a hook. Pierce your drawstring with it. Start with the hole
next to your zipper and weave the drawstring
through your first hole. Then, weave it
through the next one. (upbeat drum machine music) Keep going until you’ve
threaded all the holes. Now that your drawstring’s in,
just put it on and tie it up. Well, this just puts
a spring in my step. But with spring,
comes spring cleaning. (syncopated horn) Never fear because I
found a way to make it fun with my painless
pencil and pen holder. For this hack, you’ll need an
old box, a shoebox will do, scrap paper, a hot
glue gun, scissors, 15 toilet paper rolls,
and wrapping paper. Use your glue gun to
decorate a toilet paper roll with scrap paper. Do this to all 15
toilet paper rolls. Glue wrapping paper on to
the outside of your box. First, glue the bottom of your
box to the wrapping paper. Cut the corner squares out
of your wrapping paper. (upbeat electronic music) Fold the flaps over the box
and hot glue them in place. (upbeat electronic music) Once your box is
wrapped, glue your tubes so they stand up inside. Now that your box
is full of tubes, it’s time to add your stuff. (upbeat electronic music) Ah, nice and neat. All these spring hacks
are making me itch to go and enjoy the weather. Let’s get outside with my
top pick picnic backpack. To make this you’ll need a
backpack, an empty Pringles can, four old shoelaces, a hot
glue gun, a sharp pencil, a black marker, scissors,
and scrapbook cardboard. Using a sharp pencil,
poke two sets of holes in the bottom of your backpack. Here, here, here, and here. They’ll form a rectangle. Now thread your shoelaces
through the holes. You can use a paperclip to help. (quiet upbeat electronic music) The end of your laces should
dangle out the bottom. This will hold your
picnic blanket. Poke four holes in a
square shape in the back of your backpack. One, two, three, and four. Be sure to only poke through
the back of your backpack, not the front. Loop your shoestrings
through the holes. (quiet upbeat electronic music) The ends should dangle on
the inside of your backpack. This is where your
napkins will go. Now, we’ll make a cardboard base for the inside of your backpack. Trace the bottom of your
backpack on to your cardboard to see how big the
base needs to be. Cut it out on the
inside of your line. It should be in a
rectangle shape. Cut a Pringles can in
half, hamburger style. Ask a grown up for help. Glue them on to your
cardboard rectangle with the open ends facing up. You’ll want to put
them to one side. Use your scrap
cardboard to make a box next to your Pringles cans. Glue it on. Put your cardboard base
inside of your backpack. Now it’s time to
load up your stuff. Tie your blanket to the bottom. And tie your napkins
to the inside. And load it up with stuff. Who’s ready for a picnic? There you have it. Spring has sprung so get
outside and enjoy the sun. (birds tweeting)

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