Photographing the Longji Rice Terraces

Photographing the Longji Rice Terraces

Alright so this is the entry gate
to get into the little villages. We’re gonna go visit some locals who live in this village. In the olden days farmers used to farm these terraces to make rice to make
their living and around 15-20 years ago tourism started booming this area and people
wanted to complete it the rice fields and just appreciate how beautiful they were and some nowadays pretty much everybody
who lives in these villages makes their money out of tourism they don’t actually
make money out of rice paddies and the government basically mandated that if
you have a rice field you must plant it so that way it looks cute for the tourists
so this is very much a tourism town but it’s a very unique landscape
and the people here live a pretty unique lifestyle so I’m excited to see that
and be a part of it a little bit. Our tour guide took us to meet Grandma
Pan and her husband of over 60 years. They both have lots of experience
working with photographers and Grandma Pan loved to look at the photos with us. she didn’t hesitate to let us know if the
photos weren’t any good though. Can you ask her to me what the happiest
moment of her life was? Guide: She says when you come here she’s
happy, happy to see you. Lohai fruit. It’s very fruity tea Thank you! Bye haha They’re so sweet. Bye! They’ve been married for over 60 years
and they own a restaurant and they’re really sweet they’re very
good supermodels they’ve done this a lot and they love to see the pictures and uh
every time I would get down on the floor for a good angle I would get covered in
dirt and she would get so upset with me because apparently parents get mad at
the kids when they get their clothes dirty cuz it’s hard to launder them so
she was worried about my clothes getting all messy and gave me some tissues after
we were done shooting to make sure that I cleaned up my knees. This is their restaurant and they have a guest room upstairs too. Claire: Fried rice with beef or chicken or what?
Justin: Either way, any of them work for me. Claire: There we go, there’s our fungus and beef We’ve had our lunch and we are going to
go back to our new hotel which is about an hour drive and then a 20 to 30 minute
walk and that’s where we’re gonna be spending the night. It’s kind of near the rice
terraces. We’re gonna try and catch a sunset on the terraces but the weather is questionable. The Longji Rice Terraces were built
around 650 years ago and even though the villages don’t depend on the rice for
income anymore, they still maintain and plant the terraces for tourists to enjoy.
There’s a small fee for entering the village and navigating the area requires
a lot of steep walking on rocky paths. We’re gonna hurry to the sunset spot
and see if we can get this before all the clouds cover up the fields. There’s a bug on my GoPro and he won’t leave. Oh look! It’s someone who didn’t crash their drone. We had hoped to hike to the top of
the terraces for a gorgeous golden sunset but the misty clouds wafting over
the landscape made for a moody beautiful view. Justin is gonna stay up on the
terrace for a little bit longer waiting for it to get darker
I’m gonna go start backups cuz I’m getting anxious about all this data so
I’m gonna go work on that and then tomorrow we have a flight to Shanghai
and from there we’ll go to Souzhou. It’s gonna be a lot of airport transfers a
lot of shuttles and cars and less interesting things so I don’t know how
much of that I will vlog but this is beautiful. I think I took a wrong turn
yeah it definitely took a wrong turn *Claire singing* Show me the meaning of being hungry.
Justin: You got the keys? Alright listen, I’m tired Justin’s doing
great. I’m tired. I’m very happy. We’re having a good day but the rain is POURING and I’m a mess. Here’s the problem…we’re out of cash basically and uh- ooh noodles are cheap. So we’re going to have to ask the person who’s taking us to the airport tomorrow to stop at in ATM so we can pay him. and they just gave us free cake. I want you to just try and guess how I feel about that. Look at the size
of these noodles this is as, like big as my head. This is the appropriate
amount of noodles, thank you, oh man. This is beautiful. If only ten dollars could buy
you this much good healthy fresh food in America. This is gonna be a thing for the next
like 20 minutes, we’re gonna be walking like this. The ground is nice and slippery so that’s a thing. I’ve had a couple people ask me why we don’t use roller bags and it’s because we’re often in places like this We did it. We found an ATM, we’re very very happy about it
so the cash that we got should last us the rest of the trip. We’re on our way to
the airport to Shanghai and then we have an airport transfer to Suzhou and then Shanghai is the last one!

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  1. When that delightful old lady said "right now" was her happiest moment of her life, that made me smile! What a great way to live enjoying the present joys of life rather than fixating on the past!

  2. I like your filming technique. Steady, smooth and soothing. It makes your footages more like a documentary rather than a mediocre travel vlog.

  3. Why views not so good? great quality video ! I suggest you can add more tags like:China 中国 中国旅游 外国人在中国 风景 中国农村 外国小姐姐 ……wish your more subscribers…and happy everyday

  4. Another fantastic video of China! Love your relaxed style when talking to the camera and the amount of time you have just with shots of the landscape and bkg music, perfect combination!! I'm going to China in the Spring, Guilin is one place I'd love to see. Xi-an is also a must, hubbie has an office there and I'm currently designing a new train station for Xi-an, for an architectural design competition, yet haven't been. Never thought of rice terraces before – I'll just add it to my list.

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  6. They used to rely on the paddy field for a living, its a back breaking work, especially for the elderly. Most of the young move to cities, hence, the generation are not going to continue it. The Guilin state saw this coming, with the state support, they are encouraging agricultural ran hand in hand with tourism, the concept is much like State fair in the US.

    However, with the booming tourism industry, farmer start to neglect their paddy field, some family plant it, some don’t, hence the government mandate that who own the paddy field must work on them, as not to totally rely on tourism alone. If found, the state government will cancel the license of those neglected paddy field and redistribute to local families that are willing to labor on them. Most of the paddy fields are family own, as state government prohibit large corporation to come to purchase the whole area and turn it into a resort.

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  9. I noticed that the name of the restaurant (5:25) 金坑 is very ambiguous and funny. If you reverse the order of the words to 坑金, it means being cheated to pay extra money.

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