Peter Navarro on talks to roll back tariffs in China, US trade deal

Peter Navarro on talks to roll back tariffs in China, US trade deal

100 thoughts on “Peter Navarro on talks to roll back tariffs in China, US trade deal

  1. 🦈🦈🦈🍊🦈🦈🦈 Sharks in the water! They've got a taste for peach-flavored stable genius! Trump is a goner! 😱

  2. Might as well surrender the trade war, traitor trump lost no support from his cowardly trumptards when he surrendered to Turkey

  3. presidents that are Crooks Crooks get impeached for criminal behavior that is the law of this country that you were born in read up on it

  4. The overflowing TDS that’s a constant on this channels comments are going to make some good times reading after President Trumps starts his second term

  5. As if Trump ever made a worthwhile deal. You must not know about Trump's multiple failing business records, since the 70s, hence, Trump will never show us his taxes. Thus, The Donald had to borrow money from Deutsche Bank because NO AMERICAN BANK WOULD LEND DON THE CON MONEY, you ignorant sluts. If Trump's taxes were any good, proving he was truly a wealthy, successful business man, he would have plastered his taxes all over the news. Trump says he's the "most transparent president that has ever lived on the planet in history," but America really knows nothing about him. He's the true "Fake," Grifters always project on to others the crimes they themselves are committing. Grifting 101. The conned are always the last to know. 🙁

  6. Navarro is so full of Sh**t. Claiming " tariff are working beautifully" they are not and the inept president is beggin China to renegotiate trade but china will not negotiate this phase 1 trade bull sh* t until all tariffs are roll back. China is starving USA farmers so far. China now is the number one economy . Navarro is a moron. Navarro Kissing trump A$$s is not going to make China negociate. Navarro and kudlow still living in trump's rectal colon in so much Sh**t reality is not visible.
    " live long and prosper "

  7. So whose the liar? The one whose under investigation or the Chinese? I'm confused. Should we believe the man who said the Trade agreement would be signed a year ago? This finance department sure don't look like the 3 goons to me.

  8. All imports should be stopped. USA should be independent as it  was in 1978 when immigrated from Poland with no language or trade. Everything in stores was Made In USA. Buying power was 3 times than now for hour of work. In 3 years after I arrived I got married to immigrant like me with no money, had 2 kids, paid off 600sq ft house, bought brand new  Chevy Chevette, brand new  F150 van, bought a lot for bigger house for cash. Had no credit cards. Can you do it now? DAAAAA. Americans! Wake up! Somebody is screwing you big time!

  9. WOW there more 'libralz' Insulting Rump than Rumpanzees defending IT.. on a FuxSpews Channel???.. oh my! what you Inbreeds gonna use fer yer 'SafeSpace?!?!?!?

  10. Trump has not revealed the final "bait and switch " deal like all his earlier failures with his Trump style scams. It has never worked in the past and it will never work now. Trump does not have any sort of a deal to sign with anyone. All his earlier lies were just for the benefit of Wall Street. They always fall for the same trick, while the American consumers still pay import tariffs. Trump will now have to give up milking American consumers and still have billions in trade deficits and trillions in national debt. The idiot has not seen the errors of his way.

  11. Peter could have been the trade representative, to help run the U S economy down because he is against China yet he knows that all the American farmers are the one running the U S economy without China's market the economy is in trouble impo and expo in China today countries are getting good deals for there crops agriculture products where is the U S locked it self in the room. Thanks Navarro you knows what to do to run the economy manufacturing is collapsing in your watch yet you say we are winning the president is great yeah.

  12. Roll Back. The Fact that the United States has paid high Terrifs to other countries and never raised tarrifs. No Roll Backs.

  13. Peter should get fired now. Tariff is a sloppy nerve impulse that does more destruction than construction to the global economy.

  14. I’m sure trump is making a killing off this market manipulation in some way he’s the epitome of an insider trader

  15. The radical nonsensical right has increased the prices of goods on American consumers but it will not make laws to force American companies to produce in the US or increase the taxes for companies that do not produce in the US. So these companies are now going from China to Vietnam, Mexico, and India. The radical nonsensical right cut the taxes for the companies that do not want to pay decent wages for US workers.

  16. Trump legally and Constitutionally does not have the right to set most of these tariffs, so maybe someday the government will have to pay them all back to the businesses that paid them. The Constitution says Congress sets tariffs, but they made a law that for national security reasons a president can set some tariffs, but Trump says that a good economy is important for national security, so he can set all of them. If he is wrong, I wonder if they will have to pay them back?
    Trump says China and Mexico and other countries are hurting our economy, but for the last few years, he said the economy was great and unemployment low, but during that time, almost everything was made in China, Mexico, and other places, so it seems that they are not hurting America's economy after all.

  17. Are we really that dependent on China, we can make cell phones, tvs and other electronics here in the U,S, we have the same minerals needed for making the components. We can buy toys from Vietnam, Indonesia and also cheap clothes. Farmers can produce other crops that will be consumed here in the U.S and to other countries. Granted agriculture is a big issue but I believe other markets are available. The Chinese will always cheat and use money made off America to build their military to take over the world. Trump is the only President who has stood up to them and made any kind of progress in exposing Chinas true agenda.

  18. Dumb and Dumber trying to pretending that they understand international negotiations. Morons leading morons. The Chinese are playing these guys like the fools that they are…the Tariffs are costing Americans $68 billion a year, the Chinese aren’t paying a thing. Now the Chinese have asked Brazil to grow more soybeans to compete with US farmers and Brazil is burning rain forests.


  20. all the chinese reported is that they will want tariffs removed as part of a trade deal. that's like saying you want a ceasefire as part of a truce. how is this news?

  21. The worse thing that can happen to a member of the minority ethnic in the Us is that he/she is given an opportunity to hold office, and he/she feel they have to be more anglo than the anglos.

  22. Republicans whine about China, but support companies decisions to close American factories and move them to China (freedom to run their business any way they want), they whine about China, but they have no problem with China coming over here and buying up lots of American companies and real estate (freedom to buy and sell), this whole anti-china B.S by the republicans is propaganda for their base. Pretend to defend workers against evil China and then behind the worker's backs make deals with china to increase profits.

  23. How about the DO NOTHING DEMOCRATS work on the USMCA deal and not the impeachment hoax. They’re digging themselves in a deeper hole. TRUMP 2020 WINNING BIGGER AND BETTER BABY

  24. Quick it's only one year till the election. Let's take a break from hurting the American middle class until we secure their votes, and then if we win in 2020 we can pass another tax break for the rich and take back any profit that we lost out of the wages of the middle class. Then we can drain the losers dry for another solid 3 years. If we lose the election in 2020 we can just blame the Democrats for the national debt, they will be forced to raise taxes to balance the national budget and we can hammer them for raising taxes, even though they were actually being fiscally responsible, instead of running up the debt as we did. The Dems will be so busy fixing our messes from the past 4 years they won't have time to institute their own policies. And since most Americans are idiots we can keep running this scam like we have for the past 40 years!

  25. The dislikes should tell you how the right wing are doing, and on their echo chamber Fox, let's lock Trump up and his enablers

  26. Tariffs goes on and concession's play key role in the roll's.

    See a apple roll's down because there is a soft n smooth slope is there to slide upon and slide into. It's the slope that roll's all the apple's😉.

  27. Fake news. I can be right once but if I'm wrong 100 more times, am I not still a wrong doer? Go back to editing out the boos from the people. That's one thing fox is good at.

  28. to CCP’s agents on Youtube/Google (any freedom of speech from Mainland Politburo)… where is the problem wumao 50c paid a bol of rice by Bank of China: side of CIA & US Navy, we will downsize your smelly bloody WC (world china) at 1/3 of what you call China: From Northern Kashmir to Tibet, East Turkestan, South Mongolia and Hong-Kong… battle will be violent & long, but we will wine against your criminal CCP of Bank of China!
    No Doubts, no Fear, no Scare to get Freedom & Full Independency!
    CCP will collaps soon.

  29. The Swamp is Deep!

    Yes, Gavin Newsome, California Governor, is Nancy Pelosi’s nephew.
    Adam Schiff’s sister is married George Soros son, and John Kerry’s daughter is married to a Mullah’s son in IRAN!
      Be aware why there is such turmoil in our USA. . . . (educate friends & relatives, please).  This is what you call a “stacked deck”.
    If you had a hunch the news system was somewhat rigged and you couldn’t put your finger on it, this might help you solve the puzzle.
      ABC          News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, Obama’s former National Security Adviser.
    CBS           President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.
    ABC          News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Obama Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney.
    ABC          News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s former Deputy Press Secretary.
    ABC          President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s former Special Adviser Elisabeth Sherwood.
    CNN          President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.
      This is “Huge” and is only a ‘partial’ list since the same incestuous relationship holds true for NBC/MSNBC and most media outlets.
    Trump has been right all along.  Fake News is generated by this incestuous relationship.

  30. The only thing Lou "Dobbs" is Trump's jizz off his chin, each and every time Trump leaves his production trailer.

    Keep dobbing Lue.

  31. Queen trump is moving on this because China offered him a couple million under the table, this trade war is the same crap with the same lies that was levied against Japan in the 70's in that case the American auto industry and electronics industry did not want to compete with innovation. American CEO's wanted more bonus for sitting on their collective butts, eating bon bons and throwing it over the fence. During the 70's period was the first that you heard of CEO's collecting outrageous bonuses for producing crap and guess what 90% of those CEO's were and still are republicans and the newest wrinkle is their major tax cut.

  32. If any of you lacks wisdom let him ask of God who will give to you freely and without finding fault, and it will be given to him Jesus said. And that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. ❤️📖🙂

  33. Where IS the trade "deal", it was a done deal!? So where IS it? The market rallied on it! At this point Trump may even say "Forget it", cancel any trade deals with China, and he would do the US and the world a favor. China is nothing but a polished version of North Korea. They have broken every deal they have made.

  34. 6 bankruptcies and US will be number 7. This is what happens when people are gullible enough to vote for con. No one wins a trade war. It is not a zero sum game.

  35. I love it when I see people are attacking China. This means one thing. The Chinese plan to crush US economy is working. Wait for the surprise in 2020 the collapse of the dollar is coming, are you ready to start eating from trash ? A Great Depression is on the way .

  36. Like it or not, it is a global economy today. Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Citi Bank, all have offices in over 100 countries, as do most of the Fortune 500 corporations.

  37. It appears the saying about Democrats applies to Communists as well. How do you know when a Communist is lying? His lips are moving.

  38. Congress and Democrats ignoring passing Prescription drugs bill but insists on impeachment. China has broken every promise they signed. Decoupling would be best.

  39. DONT DO IT!
    Keep the tariffs and get others into it to stop the stealing chinese. The EU, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Australia, etc should join the effort and put 50% tariffs on everything from China. And stop importin phones, computers, 5G, chinese cars and everything chinese that we know is stolen tech.

  40. Healthcare stocks/etf's up yesterday, I expect another good day on Monday as well in that sector. It usually happens that way. If you are investing in the S&P on Monday, I would wait a bit until the President wants to bring up the Market again with more bs.

  41. I wonder sometimes how many people on these Channels, especially these political and policy ones, are Bots/foreign meddlers and real USA citizens?

  42. do fox news lack commonsense? if there is no rollback, why would chinese want a deal that would limit them and give them nothing? everyone know that all the tariff that hurt china more than US had already been applied, any further tariff will hurt US more than China. does anyone think Trump wouldn't have applied those tariff already if they are painless? China knows Trump got nothing left, they have survive the tariff and will probably maintain at least 4% growth while US is starting to move toward recession. the idea that US has more leeway than China doesn't make sense when you compare growth rate. losing a percent is less painful for china that is at 6% than US which is at 2-3% would feel. it 1/6 your growth lost vs 1/3 your growth lost. US can't afford it.

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