One of The BEST Burgers in Bangkok – Daniel Thaiger Food Truck!

One of The BEST Burgers in Bangkok – Daniel Thaiger Food Truck!

[Mark] And you can just see all of those juices just mingling together within the bun. What’s up everyone it’s Mark Wiens with in Bangkok, Thailand. It is a blazing hot afternoon, and I had a little bit of a craving for a burger, so we are on our way to go eat a delicious burger in Bangkok. We’re going with Ying, and Phoenicia and Dwight as well right now. Dwight and I actually had a craving for burgers since yesterday, so we had to make that craving come true! Oh yeah, I can actually smell the grilling onions from down the street [Ying] Yeah! [Mark] We made it to this place which is called Daniel Thaiger, and Daniel Thaiger is a street food hamburger truck. And they’re kind of, kind of were the pioneers when it comes to the Bangkok burger movement Burgers are very popular in Bangkok now and they were some of the pioneers, and they still serve one of the best burgers in Bangkok. They have kind of shifted a number of different locations But their location right now is right on Soi 30/1, which is actually right on the outside fence of the Philippine Embassy. And they have a truck set up, they have a nice little seating area, a couple of tables, or you can just kind of stand around here and eat. So here’s the menu and you can either choose beef or pork, and then they have a couple of different set burgers: the Thaiger, the Mr. Steve, the Cowboy, the Sumo Oat, and then some other toppings that you can add on. Trying to contemplate which burger to order … I’m thinking of just going with the Thaiger. But I may have to … actually, it might have to be the Mr. Steve because of that bacon. Okay Mr. Steve it is, maybe with an extra patty. My mouth is watering anticipating this burger. You can just hear the sizzling of that beef and the aroma. Maybe it’s because Bangkok is so humid, literally the aroma of beef just fills the entire air. So we had to snack on some french fries as we’re waiting for our burgers to finish cooking. Humidity. It’s like half water in the air and half burger juices. It’s like burger humidity, that’s what it is! Oh yeah, the burgers have arrived. Dwight has already started eating his burger How is it man? So I can just increase my anticipation. [Dwight] Umm it’s great, and it’s getting better. [Mark] Haha! [Dwight] As usual I’ve ordered mine medium, I think you order yours a little rarer than this, but this is how I like it, [Mark] Oh what is this dude? [Dwight] Animal style fries with some crispy bacon, jalapenos and their Thaiger sauce all over them. [Mark] Oh wow! Should we try this real fast before we’re dipping into the burger? [Dwight] I’m double-fisting already so… [Mark] Okay, I will hold this. Let’s just sample this immediately. There are jalapenos on here, there’s bacon, there are onions and some orange-y sauce. Oh yeah! Well, that’s awesome. Really crispy fries, but it’s not too oily, not too greasy and then, yes, good bacon, really crunchy bacon on there, sour jalapenos and then just fried onions. I got the Mr. Steve and I decided to go with the double patties which I’m not sure… yes, it was definitely a necessary move. And then I got them medium rare. Oh and already just feeling my fingers on the bun, you can feel the bun is really soft. It is a brioche-style bun, and then they wrap it in a piece of paper, and there is bacon on here, the two patties, cheese right in the middle of the patties, sauce, there are tomatoes and lettuce, and you can just see all of those juices just just mingling together within the bun. [Mark] I’m gonna need to lean over for this one [Ying] Mm-hmm. [Mark] I’m gonna need to lean over a little bit. All right, my first bite. Oh wow! That’s incredible! Mmm, the bun has a really nice buttery flavor to it. It’s really really soft, and then the meat is so tender Oh that meat it’s so juicy and tender. One of the things that they really emphasize here is that they always use freshly ground beef. So it’s never frozen, never frozen patties, and just fresh, ground beef. And they seasoned it with just, I think, some salt and pepper, and then she she fried it in some Worcestershire sauce I think. And I think that was about it and It is just like simple perfection in a bun. That is amazing. There’s so much meat within this bun! This is a burger where it it does get a little bit of messy, so you definitely need to have some tissue on hand. All right. That’s almost everything you want in a burger. It’s so juicy, and then the meat is so fresh tasting, the bacon is crispy, but thick at the same time, and then the sauce is a little bit tangy, a little bit mayonnaise-y, and then, yeah, cheese to wrap it all up, and then just multiple juices coming out from everywhere. I’m getting to the bottom portion of the burger, loving every single bite of it, and I think it’s time to release the burger from the paper. Oh yes, oh! There’s just a pool of juices and sauce at the bottom. Oh but what I’m really loving about this burger is, well the beef is definitely the highlight, but the beef how it’s medium-rare cooked, it’s so juicy and so so tender. It’s kind of like half … it tastes like like grilled tartare, like minced … Oh, it’s just, it’s just awesomely good. Oh baby. So incredibly juicy. Hmm. I’m down to my final bite. I’m just gonna soak up a little more of those juices and sauces from the bottom of the paper. Ho ho ho oh yeah I wouldn’t say that you have to order the two burger patties, but I would say that it was well well worth it. It was incredible to have that much meat within the burger and that much juicy fresh meat as well. I think that’s definitely what really stood out to me is the beef. Ah, just you can taste the difference between frozen beef and beef that’s freshly ground, never frozen. Really good burger. I actually rarely ever eat burgers, even though I do fully enjoy burgers, and this was an amazing burger if you are looking for gourmet street food truck burgers in Bangkok, Daniel Thaiger is excelling at making them. Thank you all for watching this video, please remember to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and leave a comment below. And also make sure you subscribe for lots more food and travel videos. And I will see you on the next video.It’s just an all around just a wonderful burger. Thank you all very much for watching this burger.

100 thoughts on “One of The BEST Burgers in Bangkok – Daniel Thaiger Food Truck!

  1. Pretty sure Mark Wiens could make the worst tasting food look appetizing by his facial expressions after taking a bite.

  2. That was really tempting, I'm not gonna forget Daniel Thaiger truck in Bangkok on my next visit. I will surely try the double patty like you did. 👍

  3. Is he high r wat cuz one of the things I noticed is the constant shaking.Plus he is way too energized.Btw love the content

  4. Try Kenyo Burger, Zak Burger or Army Navy burger, they are good and oozing with toppings and different sauces..Its here in the Philippines

  5. you look bad,man…i saw your old videos only….forgеt the alcohol and…..)))i have the same problem and know what i am talking about) but….love your vlog.Have you seen the resembling videos from russia? check the channel" oblomoff"

  6. My first thought at the Mr Steve choice was he prolly doesnt like juhlapennos…. bacon 4 life babeeee(dunkey ref even though hes shilling now

  7. Should you be eating ground beef medium rare? Isn't it risky because of the beef being ground so the germs getting in the middle?

  8. That looks delicious! But a word of advise: please do not have your burgers medium rare! Should be at least medium if not well done. Burgers are made up of minced meat and the problem with mince is that it is sourced from multiple animals, meaning you're spreading the risk of contamination, and more meat is exposed to the air than with steak or larger cuts of meat.
    It is actually illegal in some parts to serve burgers medium rare or rare.

  9. Even after watching so many of videos, I still ain't able to figure if this dude is always smiling or if thats is normal face

  10. Just ordered a bacon burger 🥓 🍔 and mozzarella sticks lol 😂 thanks mark even though I’m on a diet 🤷🏻‍♂️

  11. Cant stay ur fake face, want to dstroy it. And briouge isnt suited for burgers. U r a whole fraud for food economy

  12. I don't know if i subscribed to your channel… But you are fun to watch eating this burger.
    You just changed the world with your reaction and play by play eating…. That i can smell and taste – ONLINE! lolol😂❤

  13. medium cooked meat is great if you want toxoplasmosis, all kinds of parasites and bacteria, in fact most people are infected, as for me no thanks, i cook my meat past well done.

  14. PORK BURGERS are very scary , very salty , I would advise westerners to stay away from raw pork products .
    Its hot in Thailand , they don't refrigerate meat , you can get cold beer , but never cold food.

  15. The Mr Steve does look good but the sweet Thousand Island Thai dressing will spoil your day……………..Be aware also if not homemade Mayo is sweetened in Thailand and its just gross.

  16. As a butcher, the colour and texture isnt like any pure beef burger i've ever made, but saying that you're in Bangkok ya can't expect the same standards….if it tastes good, eat it!

  17. In all his videos Mark Wiens seems like the nicest person on the planet. I can't imagine him getting even a little angry even if you take his last french fry. He has so many great videos from so many fascinating places. I can see why he has millions of subscribers. Every time I watch one of his videos I just want to jump on a plane and go wherever he is that day and pig out on yummy food! If only I could wish myself to Thailand right now! It's so amazing to me that regular people (with talent and hard work of course) can make a good living from creating YouTube videos. I admire people who are able to think outside the box and reject the 9-5 grind that so many of us force ourselves to endure. Mark, keep up the great work. Your videos make me feel like I'm experiencing all these amazing places and foods myself.

  18. I believe Mark be smoking some of that good gas cuz he alway make them weird faces when he eat😂 🤦🏽‍♂️

  19. This was 2 years ago and that same burger in the video has gone up to $15 now… just for a burger. You can eat a million places better than this place for $15… it's seriously not worth it. Not for just a burger… especially when there are loads of options.

  20. I enjoy coming back and watching this video from time to time. Reminds me of what a good burger is. I currently live in a burger wasteland.

  21. Sorry, I disagree about thaiger burger. Thaiger figured out tourists will pay high prices to eat western food here. It's is WAY overrated and overpriced for what you get. Equivalent of USD $5 for fries, and a $10 burger? Not worth it at all at that place. There are far better places cheaper in Bangkok for good burgers.

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