Noodle Stall Aunty

Noodle Stall Aunty

I am Jenny Tan. I have been selling noodles at Nan Chiau High School for approximately 13 years. My husband and I… he only helps me in the morning. In the afternoon, he has his own job. I used to be an accountant, but I liked selling food. So I left my job to do so. In the end, I proceeded to set up a noodle stall. Nan Chiau lacked a noodle stall then, so I came. The days passed, and who would have thought, I eventually spent 13 years here. I sell Wanton Mee… …Tom Yum, Laksa. Only these three kinds. Gradually, I decided to add variety and be creative. After being creative, I sold a lot of different noodles. I had every kind of noodles. I introduced a large variety of noodles. There is the Ee Mian, Shredded Chicken Hor Fun… …. Soya Sauce Chicken Noodles, Bak Chor Mee and Fishball Noodles. They slowly increased in variety. I like eating all of my noodles, because… I reinvented the recipes myself. especially the sauce. I definitely do not use any kind of ingredients. I make sure the quality is worth every cent. Everyone knows about this. Especially the man who delivers my ingredients. Some of the first batch of students who ate
at my stall have already immigrated to Australia. Recently, they came back to visit their teachers. And also came to visit me. They missed my food and came back again. I feel sad every time a batch of students graduate. But they always reassure me and say… “Aunty, we will return to visit you.” “We will return to eat your noodles.” And actually, every batch of students do return. The most difficult thing about my job? It’s sleep. I wake up early in the morning and sleep late at night. When I return home, I still have to prepare
some ingredients and do some chores. So, I sleep at 12am or 1am. I have to wake up at 3.30am. I wake up at 3.30am to prepare for the day. And after that, I have to be in school by 5am. I work here because I am very happy when I
see the students and the teachers. I really like them! Especially the students. Once I see them, the fatigue of each day disappears. But once I get home, I am exhausted!

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  1. Graduated in 2009. Can always remember buying her wanton mee everytime after school and adding lots of extra ingredients in the soup.

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