My Instant Ramen Noodle MASS-PRODUCTION

My Instant Ramen Noodle MASS-PRODUCTION

This video is brought to you by Squarespace. Hey guys, salut, it’s Alex. So in a previous video we made fresh ramen noodles from scratch. I mean, that’s part of who we are now, nobody can take that away from us. Yeah, but honestly, making instant ramen noodles is like it’s another story It’s- it’s not that instant. You got to make the pasta first then you get a pre cook it and then you gotta dry it. So I can’t just make one or two packs of noodles, I need to make loads of them and I need to make them as fast as possible so this is the real challenge today. This episode is part of my instant ramen addiction series. I have this love/hate relationship with ramen noodles. I mean, I love them, but they hate me. So I’m on a quest to build my own instant ramen noodle soup. Ok, so let’s start with making pasta cause I did update the original recipe, it’s slightly better. A bit better. A lot better. So much better in terms of process and in terms of texture at the end. First you wanna mix the dry stuff. A kilo of organic all-purpose flour to which I am adding 20 grams of gluten and 5 grams of soy flour. So why soy flour? Just because of that book. It’s a textbook for apprentice bakers. It is clearly stated within the additive section that soy flour increases the strength of the dough while maintaining some decent softness at the end. I also wanted to use vitamin C, which is a super famous additive when it comes to dough elasticity, but the problem is that this pure stuff is also called Ascorbic acid which is in total conflict with our alkali situation. And now let’s mix wet ingredients. 400 grams or milliliters of warm water, in which I am diluting 20 grams of salt and 10 grams of sodium CARBONATE. So at first can mix all those ingredients using your hands or using a stand mixer. It doesn’t matter so much cause if the mixing is possible with that level of hydration, which is super low, and with that amount of initial matter. It’s super hard to knead. So I guess we are down to the last option. You want to use a plastic bag. Place the dough inside, right here. Now basically, you want to use the most powerful kneading machine I know. Work it out with your feet. So I’m just using the ceiling to get more balance, but honestly this seems to be working very very well. And by the way you don’t have to do this on the table, you can do it on the floor. That was just for drama purposes that I do this. When it comes out it should look like this. You know, smooth and soft and trust me it will get even softer if you let it rest for about an hour. Divide the dough into 8 equal portions and every piece of dough will make 2 portions of noodles meaning you get about 16 bags out of a kilo of flour. And yes, it is time to get the pasta machine out. Why are you doing this to me? I need a new pasta machine. A few hours later. Yeah, even though I get a new pasta machine the process is still super time-consuming. Of course I thought of using my power drill to just speed things up a bit. So that’s the previous handle. I want to cut that part then bend it back. I would need like a CNC thingy machine stuff, which is probably the reason why I don’t have one. Yeah, but luckily for me, I mentioned my problem over on Instagram and, long story short, look what popped in the mail today. So this is a present from Mike, a viewer from this very channel right here, and that gentleman made me this. Now it should go like this. Whoa. You know what? I don’t think it’s going so much faster You want to see something that goes way faster? Fresh ramen noodles: Done. Next step. So basically, I want to parboil those noodles for about three minutes, that way whenever I need my fix I just have to soak them in boiling water instead of just, you know, cooking them through, getting out the saucepan. I want the lazy stuff Yeah, problem is because I’m working with so much pasta to begin with, I gotta set up here in the studio what I would call A mass production Let the story begin. Ok, I need two minutes on the pass! Two minutes, go! Yes! I’m super pleased with all those fresh precooked ramen noodles, and the only problem is that… How am I supposed to dry all this? I might take a nap. Allegedly if you’re living in a dry and warm environment you could technically let those pre cooked noodles air dry naturally. It would take ages but it would work. When I’m living in Paris the weather is not that dry so I gotta use my oven on the lowest temperature possible with the fan on. So what’s the problem? Told you, French are always bitching about something. Wait, just let me do the math for you. I can only dry eight packs of noodles at a time, and it usually takes about four hours to do so. I got 24 packs of noodles. Three times…. Meaning that I need at least 12 hours of drying action. So basically it’s too long first and also it’s not bold enough. That’s not what we do! So I got this – – so I got this industrial heater which has a fan inside. If I were to create like a tunnel around these, and you know, force fanning these to the max, maybe I could dry those. So these slits cut in a plastic bag is going to be my tunnel. And now all I gotta do is wait. So I’ve been making websites a good part of my life, and honestly making my own website with was much better than everything I experienced in the past. Super simple. They have tons and tons of things you can use. To start a free trial now go to and you will get 10% of your first purchase. So here we are, six hours later. Those noodle packs are completely dry and it’s time to store them in an airtight container. Yeah, of course I know it wouldn’t be complete without a proper tasting session, so let’s fix that. Shiny. The texture is good. Firm, a bit springy. I like the curl effect. Now I say: Mission accomplished. I got loads of homemade dry instant ramen noodles in this box and the only thing is that I’m still missing the broth. But of course, nothing that could not be corrected with the new episode of the Ramen Addiction series, and also a good reason for you to subscribe to this channel. Not this box. So guys. That’s it I hope you enjoyed this third episode of the Ramen Addiction series. If you did then please give it a big thumbs up, like it and share that over all your social media. You know how it works. Spread it like butter, it really does make a difference. If there is anything you absolutely want to see within this Ramen series, then please let me know in the comments right below. And last, people, click subscribe because I make new videos every week, and if it’s always, always about food I guess it’s mostly about inspiring you and giving you the confidence to truly be the smart cook you are. Ok. Bye bye! Salut.

100 thoughts on “My Instant Ramen Noodle MASS-PRODUCTION

  1. Ho Alex what's the name for that part you connected to your Iberia pasta maker I'd like to buy it

  2. Kneading with feet, good idea! Less work for your arms! Good idea! And what a nice thing a viewer sent a pasta handle fitting for a power drill! That is so nice! Glad he got a new pasta maker, the first on was missing the vice. That would get on my nerves.

  3. I wonder what the cost is.
    Would it be more expensive than store-bought, because of that industrial heater?

  4. you forgot one massive process after kneading the dough you should of let it rest for an hour or more then it would be easier to knead.

  5. I’m a Greek and every year around Christmas time we make a lot of Fresh Baklava. Any way you could do a video on making that process way easier and less time consuming Please!!!

    Thx for sharing.

    Also, I made your French Onion soup this past weekend. Came out tasty af!!

  6. Hey Alex, thanks for the awesome video, you are so funny to watch!
    I have a question regarding the drying: you used the industrial heater, so the temperatures were quite high, right? I dried my ramen in the oven at ~50°C for about 6 hours until they were completely dry. Now when I cover them with boiling water they are still completely without elasticity and break very easily and i can basically not eat them because they still hold together in a big bunch. Are your instant ramen really still the same as before drying? thank you 🙂

  7. The thumbnail makes it look like he's trying to crawl in there so he can preserve himself and make ramen forever.

  8. Avec la canicule plus besoin de radiateur industriel tu pose tes pates dans la rue 2 minutes plus tard elles sont sèches


  10. Before store them u need to fry them whit oil not water and u don't need to wait until they get dry after u take it and boil it to eat

  11. 7:58 The part where you can actually see the noodles absorb the boiling water…
    This is food porn at its finest.

  12. You can also leave the dough to sit 3 or 4 hours to autolyse instead of doing any kneading 'for drama purposes', lol. Then, do a little kneading… voilà!

  13. I absolutely LOVE this guy

    So entertaining! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂

  14. wait he has brakes on that movable island thing right? i never realized it until he stood on it for some reason xD

  15. It's like you have to be a scientist to make it. Cool but crazy. You're amazing. Nice noodles. 🍜 I have a Ramen addiction too. Lol

  16. I scaled this recipe down to 25% and it turned out great! I’m working on batch 2 today along with a chicken based broth. Thank you for working out this method of making ramen at home, I too have a ramen addiction.

  17. Can anyone explain when he says, 'To which I add 20 grams of gluten," which is at 0:56 what sort of flour is that I mean, is there a specific kind. Sorry for the lack of knowledge, just new to this stuff.

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