Merle’s Upgraded Veggie Burgers

Merle’s Upgraded Veggie Burgers

70 thoughts on “Merle’s Upgraded Veggie Burgers

  1. I love veggie burgers. It's sooo delicious. I also tried the new vegan burger from McDonald's and it was like super dry since there was like no sauce somewhere and the toppings were not a good choice in any way. I really liked the idea from McDonald's but the way they try to make it, is bad. So I keep making veggie burgers myself.

  2. Love you so much Merle! Everything you say and all your reasons you are vegan I seriously am doing the same thing for the same reasons. Love all your videos and what you have to say! ♥️

  3. ugh!!! If i hear "vegans don't get enough protein!" one more time, gonna burn everything to hell! it's getting unbearably annoying!!!

  4. no one:
    Her: There is so much variety in them

    Actually though, totally making these tonight for dinner

  5. What kind of sauce is going on the cauliflower chick pea burger? I need more details in the video… and a link to the recipes would be SUPER helpful.

  6. Y'all, I usually hate veggie burgers, but I went to nasa not too long ago and had the best one ive had in my life. Idk wtf nasa did, but they knew what they were doing. So if you go, please for the love of neptune go try it.

  7. We have a chain here in India where I live that makes brilliant vegetarian (not vegan) potato patty burgers that are smothered in a wonderful sauce that isn't dry! Salivating thinking about it!

  8. Vegans should try plantain flower(flower of the banana tree) . We use it in South Indian cooking to make "cutlets" and they're delicious if you know how to cook them right. And they're very nutritious. I almost find a meaty texture to these cutlets because they're dense, but light on your stomach.
    I'm a non-vegetarian, btw.

  9. As a meat eater making veggie burgers has saved me lots of money, and as a student they have been an awesome way to eat healthy on a budget!!

  10. Come to India and have the McSpicy paneer burger from McDonald's, it's delicious. But it has dairy so it's suitable for vegetarians not vegans.

  11. Wow……I just stumbled upon this video…..I hate the veggie burger patties available in the market. Now I know I can make my own. Thanks for putting up this video…..

  12. I love your videos. I have to be gluten free for dietary reasons, and have recently cut out meat, because it has been causing me issues. I was wondering, do I need to alter the flour recipe at all with gluten free flour or would it maintain the same measurement of ingredient? Thank you in advance and thank you for such wonderful and helpful videos. 😊

  13. I have made my bean veggi burger with liquid smoke for tons of meat eaters (even some hard core ones) and until now, everyone has liked it

  14. Did anybody else notice that the hands did not look like Merle’s I have been watching tasty for a looooong time and Merle’s hands look different

  15. I absolutely love veggies burgers, especially black bean. They are not even close to meat but I don't need that to be happy cause if i want meat I still eat it. But hands down 90% of the time I'd reached for a veggie burger over a normal burger.

  16. I am Indian and all vegan burger patte you find here are made of potato. You should try that:
    Boiled potato
    A little corn starch
    All spices you want and boom put buns Mayao ans done

  17. The best veggie burger I've ever had is in Beirut, Lebanon 🇱🇧in a vegan restaurant called Orenda. Literally the best thing I've ever had!

  18. i'm not even vegan or anything but i prefer veggie burgers over regular burgers cuz they just taste better 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

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