Making BACON from RICE

Making BACON from RICE

beautiful So this is it. This is my last try. This is the last go
at making a vegetarian bacon a veggie bacon plant-based
bacon bacon replacement. Whatever you want
to call it fakin Bacon. This is the last try
I’ve made mushroom bacon. That was pretty good. I made eggplant bacon. It wasn’t happy with that one. But now we’re going to try
to make bacon out of rice now, we’re not making just we’re
not just taking regular rice and making some bacon out of it. We’re going to be making
bacon out of rice paper. So rice paper
this stuff right here. This is the stuff that you normally use to make
a Vietnamese spring roll. It’s the clear roll that’s normally filled
with noodles and some veggies and the really good and it’s really easy
to use these thing. So look those up. There’s some only maybe a recipe
in the description below now, I’ve heard you you all have left
a bunch of Comments about rice paper bacon. So I figured for the last one the last try
I was going to do this. So you just need
a few things to make this. I found the base
of this recipe from. YepIt’ I’ll leave a link
in the description below you guys are going
to lots of links on this one. So all you need to make
your rice paper bacon is rice paper 2 tablespoons
of olive oil 3 tablespoons of soy sauce 3 tablespoons
of nutritional yeast 1/2 of a teaspoon of liquid smoke. We have a half of a tablespoon of maple syrup
a pinch of paprika some pepper and you’re going to need
a plate filled with water to wet the rice paper. Now I’m going to take
this one step further because one of the things that all this bacon
has always been missing is that meaty flavor? I don’t know if you
all have seen this on the back of the set
for a while now, but I’m a fan of it I use it and I’m sure and I’m actually
excited for the comments. I’m about to get but I’m going
to add a bit of MSG so I’m not gonna go crazy. I’m going to use Maybe. Teaspoon that’s all you need that’s gonna add
that meaty flavor of bacon and really bring out all
of the rest of these flavors. This is going to be something
so to get started. I’m going to mix all
of my seasonings into a medium sized bowl
and just whisk them together. It’s gonna be a pretty
easy recipe to see how it works out. Okay, I think that’s
pretty well combined. I’m happy with that. I mean I can I can see
how that has a bacony flavor. Honestly. Wow, that’s surprising
that is surprising. This one might be the winner. So the next step in this is that we’re going to take
two sheets of the rice paper. Now this rice paper cracks, it’s really brittle we’re going
to take the two sheets put them together
and then lower them into the water
to wet them together. This is going to stick
the two sheets together and give us our thickness
of bacon that we need. Now. There’s a few different
methods on the yup. It’s vegan website. This is the one that seemed
to make the most sense to me never done two sheets
at the same time. Okay, so we’re going
to Drip dry this off real quick. And then what I’m going
to do is set this down here. Hopefully this works kind of
ring out some of the water and then I’m going
to use the knife here to cut out the bacon strips
in a press down pretty hard and hopefully this goes
right through and it looks like it did. Yep. There we go. That’s a odd bacon strip. So let’s just dip
this in the liquid. And then I’m going to drop this on a baking sheet lined
with some parchment paper and then all we have
to do is repeat. Now you’re going to want to
pre-heat your oven to 400 Degrees to do this. And then last thing
that we’re going to do before we drop these
in the oven is we’re just going to get them a hit with
some fresh cracked black pepper. Oh, yeah. This is gonna be good. Okay. So we’re going to drop
our already dipped Seasons peppered all of it into our oven
for about seven to nine minutes. According to the recipe. Let’s see what happens if this
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the saw squad over at slash saw stash. It’s done. It’s done. Whoo-hoo. I mean look at that
that looks like bacon. That looks like bacon now. It’s not crispy at all. I wonder if I need to put it in
for another minute. It has some crisp. Yeah, definitely not crispy. It looks good. This is the same thing
that happened with the eggplant. So I’m going to do is I’m going
to turn this bacon over going to put this back in the oven
for about another two minutes. That’s it. Just two more minutes,
I think in two minutes, this will get all
of the crisp that we need. It looks so good. It’s crazy how good it looks. That is looking good. That is looking good. Getting crispier. Haha. Oh, yeah. This is what I
was talking about. Beautiful so it’s
still not super crispy, but I’m going to let it cool
down for a second to see if it crisps up. Yeah, this is our it’s already getting crispy just
by sitting out for a minute. It is surprising how well
this stuff looks like bacon. I mean, it looks more
like bacon than the fakin bacon that you buy
at the grocery store like the vegan bacon
that’s already pre-made. If you’re trying to fool
your brain the look of it is is there and I’m thinking for like
a sandwich something like that. This would be great. But let’s give this a try and just see it’s kind
of crispy on some spots kind of little thin and fatty
pieces of bacon soft and other so
let’s see very good. It would work phenomenal
on a sandwich and by itself. It’s enjoyable. It has a lot of the features that the other Bacon’s
didn’t the mushroom bacon was really good had
the crisp had some of the soft spot something
like the fattier spots, but it had a almost
a fibrous type of texture to it. So to end this series
of fakin bacon, I’m gonna say this one’s
the winner this one Beats. The mushroom bacon definitely
beats the eggplant bacon. It’s all I got is the end
of the bacon Journey for me. If you like that one, please click the Subscribe
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100 thoughts on “Making BACON from RICE

  1. MSG enhances the flavour of meaty (savoury, umami) elements, it does not add a meaty taste… SO many youtubers make that mistake

  2. You're out of your mind using MSG. That's a neuro-toxin you goofball. I thought you were crazy. Now I am convinced. Why don't your pour some Aspertame on it too? Don't forget some straight Flouride and hell maybe even some powdered uranium 235 too! I'd rather eat real bacon. Click I am out of here.

  3. I love me sum msg anyone that says they can’t have it is jus weird. Back in the early 80s 1 person said it gave them migraines and it jus took off from there, today ppl that say they can’t have it don’t even kno what symtoms it causes 🤣 ive heard a rash, weight gain even cancer GMAB!

  4. I have a weird interest in dancing my scrot on this dude's head for cinco de mayo wearing a sombrero. It just seems satisfying. Is it just me?

  5. Fake it till you make it.. . I don't get why make vegan food that tastes like meat….. it's like you obviously a meat eater in denial

  6. All that effort for 6 shitty strips of mock bacon paper.
    Veggies love trying to replicate meat.
    I might start trying to replicate veg out of meat and try and convince myself I actually eat a balanced diet.

  7. Let's just all eat some real bacon from a pig you just can't imitate something so great you dam vegetarians lol

  8. If I'm vegetarian I can care less about meat flavor, and if you can't get away from meat, eat pork bacon !

  9. For first this can not be called vege bacon or vegetarian meat, vegetarian meals cannot contain any animal or meat related names becouse its a scam its fake and its forbidden by law ! Ww can call it Ricon. MSG is good MSG is safe proven by many years, if u consider MSG not healthy then dont use also SUGAR, SALT, PEPPER and SPICY things.

  10. I love MSG! I have a large container of it that I got from a restaurant I worked at from a long time ago. You get a lot of it from seaweed. So, why not smoke up smoke pork belly and eat some bacon. If you don't want that then why not marinate some seaweed and smoke it? That's yummy too. Geeze…

    I'll just replace meat with grain….🙄

  11. Wow… all those additives alone make this way worse than eating like 5 lbs of real bacon.

    How the hay is this supposed to healthy? B.S.!

  12. Guys, guys… I've discovered the real cause behind MSG sensitivity and Chinese Restaurant Syndrome.

    It's racism.

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  14. You should make videos of unsuspecting people eating these vegan food and their reactions to it.

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  16. Wow your sooooooooooooooo cool I just started watching you and I love it SOOOO MUCH!!! I liked and subscribed for you!!!

  17. Mono sodium glutamate… a neurotransmitter… causes excitation of cells… don’t need any of that. I have enough exterior things that stress me!

  18. Or you could just eat real bacon. Pretty ironic how vegans still naturally crave meat and have to trick themselves with disgusting shit like rice paper bacon Lol.

  19. I LOVE THESE VIDS THANK YOU It's like hacking food!!!. (Imagine telling Grandma that you can make bacon out of rice, chicken from grapefruit skin and smoke watermelon she'd think you'd gone nuts or she was senile.) How can you get coffee flavour to improve? I know this one – if you use milk flavoured with Sugar Puffs – WOW really enhances the flavour somewhat. Any more coffee stuff? What about a non-baked cake – pressed perhaps? (To save on burgeoning energy costs.)

  20. MSG is harmless it's a chemical compound found in nature extracted from mushrooms and it brings all of the tastes together for a better flavor!

  21. Why eat fake bacon when the real thing is so much better!
    Oh yeah it's also good for you to eat Bacon! Fats are necessary and healthy your body needs fats to survive!

  22. Next time you should take it out the oven then pan fry it for crispiness. You can also try putting three sheets of rice paper together. This recipe looks great!

  23. Made this and it was very tasty. I made 2 batches and the refrigerated one was not good but the fresh one was 👌

  24. Totally thought I was the only one to make bacon out of rice, lol. Only, I don't use rice paper. I use just rice 😊

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    I respect his salesmanship , but that's it.

  26. I must say, that I don’t mean to be mean when I say this, but you have the most unpleasant and unhealthy looking hands I have seen in a long time. Maybe you should see a doctor 🥼 about getting some blood work done ✅ indeed.

  27. Pizza cutter works great for cutting the pieces! (Unless you’re like me and willing to use your $$ Fiskars fabric cutting rotary cutter… the blade is super sharp!! but, exchangeable once dull. 😁)

  28. Guess we will have lucifer's kitchen? Where everyone just isnt vegan in it and this guys is double checking the food resource and become gordon ramsay in seconds?

  29. I just made this (substituting MSG with barbecue sauce cuz i was using stuff from my cabinet) and it was so good. I haven't had bacon in probably over 10 years and I'm excited to have found a delicious low-cost substitute

  30. Also u give me alton brown vibes! But obv did because ur dif people but yea like watching yer videos not vegan but soo dang interesting

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