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Excuse me, where’s my food? I– I just started working here
and I’m not sure what I’m doing. Is there someone here who does? There is this one guy
who’s been working here like 20 years. He’ll know what to do! Ed! Ed! [cheering] Welcome to Good Burger,
home of the Good Burger, can I take your order? [cheering] I ordered food 20 minutes ago! Woah, and you’re back already? [laughing] You’re an unusually hungry person. [laughing] No, I ordered 20 minutes ago
and I never got my food! Oh… 20 minutes ago? OK, well, you know what? You can have this food, it’s just been sitting out here
for like 20 minutes, dude. [laughing] It’s all old! And I asked for ketchup on the side! Oh, ketchup on the side. You want ketchup on– OK. [laughing] Here’s your ketchup on the side. I’m not eating that out of your hands! Oh, well take it to go! [laughing] Unhappy! [laughing] That guy seemed really angry. Oh, it’s OK, Benji. You’re new here, you’ll get it,
just watch me, OK? Ooh, customer! Welcome to Good Burger,
home of the Good Burger, can I take your order? Er, I was in earlier
and I think I left my phone here. Oh, you left your phone! Let’s see, maybe… Oh, maybe it’s in here, let’s see. [laughing] No, not in there. – Maybe it’s in here.
– Wait, wait, Ed, don’t pour that out. Oh, no, I wouldn’t pour this out,
that would be crazy! You know? [laughing] No, not in there either! [laughing] Oh, maybe it’s in the lost and found box. – Yeah.
– Oh, OK, let’s see. Let’s check it out. – There it is!
– Woah, your phone looks like a sweater! No, no, my phone looks like a phone,
it’s right there. Oh, really, OK– ah, ah,
wait a minute! How do I know this is your phone? Well, I can unlock it
with my fingerprint. Oh. – See?
– Woah! How do I know that’s your finger? Because it’s attached to my hand! Look, there are a bunch of selfies
of me on the phone. Oh… OK. Oh, let me see, selfies… Oh, no, that’s not you. [laughing] – Hey, hey, Ed… that’s a dog.
– Huh? Oh, no, we need to find this dog
and return his phone! [laughing] That’s my dog, Scruffles! You’re only looking at one photo,
look at the others. – Oh, OK, I’ll try to look at the others.
– Wait, careful, Ed, don’t hit that– Uh-oh. Button. Now there’s not any photos. [laughing] Did you just erase all my photos? Er… [laughing] There’s a photo. [laughing] You just took that photo. – Er… no.
– Er… yes! There’s no way that I would have
a photo of you on my phone! Oh, OK, well that solves it,
it’s not your phone! No problem, I solved it! Up top, Benji!
Come on, Benji! Yeah! See, that’s what you do
if you ever have a problem, – just ask, what would Ed do?
– Oh, OK. – Yeah, right that down.
– What would Ed do? Can I borrow your phone real quick? Oh, wow. [phone ringing] [laughing] Huh? Hello? See, I know the number of the phone
because it’s mine! Who dis? It’s Wendy, the girl
standing right in front of you! Oh, no, um… This says your name’s un… known. [laughing] Gimme that, I am never losing
anything here again! Exciting in a huff… huff! Oh, hey, wait, wait a minute! Hold on now, don’t leave in a huff! Benji, you got the register! It’s chilly, you need your sweater! [laughing] Excuse me, that’s my phone. What would Ed do? [laughing] How do I know this is your phone? [laughing] [cheering] Excuse me,
what happened to the other guy? He said he would be
right back with my order! Ed! Ed! Oh, let me see, oh! [cheering] Welcome to Good Burger,
home of the Good Burger, can I take your order? You already took my order! Oh, hey, it’s you! Oh, here you go. What in the world is that? You said you wanted everything on it! [laughing] I couldn’t get everything,
but, you know, I tried, OK? Here’s like a yo-yo, you know,
a boxing glove, a ukulele! – How am I supposed to eat that?
– I dunno, with your mouth? [laughing] I didn’t want this! Storming out! OK! Well can I keep my underwear? [laughing] [cheering] Oh, welcome to Good Burger,
home of the Good Burger. Can I take your order? Sure… but first, is that underwear? Oh… er, no. [laughing] Wait, you guys look familiar! – Yeah, we’re er– we’re in a band.
– Oh, no, that’s not it. You’re the guys that keep stealing
the toilet paper out of the bathroom! [laughing] No, we’re the Jonas Brothers,
I’m Kevin Jonas. [cheering] I’m Joe Jonas. [cheering] And I’m Nick Jonas. [cheering] Yeah, but why did you name your band
The Jonas Brothers? – Because we’re brothers.
– And we all share the last name Jonas. [laughing] Good thing your name isn’t Poopy! Yeah, ’cause then you would be
The Poopy Brothers. Lucky us! Er, so can we order? Sure you can, anybody can order! You know, it’s just listing
all the things you wanna eat out loud. [laughing] – Try it!
– OK. Er… can I get one Good Burger please? Oh, that was so good! You did it! Yeah, you ordered! – No, I was telling you what I wanted.
– OK, I got this. Can we each have one Good Burger,
one Good Fries and one Good Shake? Oh, OK. One Good Burger, one Good Fry
and one Good Shake. Um, I dunno if that’s enough
for three people. No, no, we each want one! So can we get three Good Burgers,
three Good Fries and three Good Shakes? Oh, OK, you all want three, OK. Nine more Good Burgers,
nine more Good Shakes and nine more Good Fries. I really think that’s too much
for three people. Yeah, we know that,
we don’t want all that food. – Why would you order us all that food?
– Because I work here. And, I mean, you know, you say an order,
I tell the cooks! That’s how ordering works,
Jonas Brothers, come on! I thought you knew that. Oh, well. Here you go. Hey, I know you guys. Yeah, they’re the toilet paper thieves! [laughing] We really don’t need all this food. It’s fine, we’ll just take it for later. And I happen to have a coupon
for half-off our entire order. Oh, half-off! OK, cool, I’m gonna make it happen. What are you doing? [grunting] There you go! Yeah, and then, you know,
I got your shake, you said half-off, Not the shake, not the shake! 1,5, that’s about eight ounces,
that’s it, half-off! [laughing] Do you guys wanna go
somewhere else to eat? – Yes, I have a coupon for Chicken Hut.
– Perfect. Well I’m just gonna go
and steal some toilet paper – from the bathroom for the tour bus.
– Great idea! I knew it! ♪ I’m a dude, he’s a dude, she’s a dude
‘Cause we’re all dudes, hey ♪ – That’s pretty good.
– It’s really good, it’s catchy. You know, we could use a song like that
as a lead single for our next album. Woah, yeah! ♪ I’m a dude, he’s a dude, she’s a dude
‘Cause we’re all dudes, hey ♪ [cheering] ♪ She’s a dude
‘Cause we’re all dudes, hey ♪ ♪ I’m a dude, he’s a dude, she’s a dude
‘Cause we’re all dudes, hey ♪

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