Learn the 1A Chopsticks Repeater Yoyo Trick Chop Suey

Learn the 1A Chopsticks Repeater Yoyo Trick Chop Suey

In this video I am going to teach you the
Chopstick Repeater trick known as Chop Suey, and it looks like this. Now, there are no tricks that you need to
know in order to learn Chop Suey, but we do recommend that you know the trick Chopsticks
Switch, it will make it easier to understand and learn this trick. Chop Suey starts in a Trapeze. Then, you are going to insert your thumb into
the trapeze loop and spread your fingers wide. Now you are going to take your middle finger
and curl it around the front of the string. Now, you are going to take your throwhand
index finger and point it towards yourself. You are going to place it on top of the string
in between your thumb and index finger. You are going to pull that string down and
towards the throwhand side of your body. From here, you are going to hop the yoyo up,
tilt your hands forward, and then land on this front string that is coming from your
thumb. Notice that the loop of string that was around
your non throwhand index finger is now on your non-throwhand middle finger. From here, you are going to drop the string
that is around your throwhand index finger, leaving you in this mount right here. If you are having issues with the yoyo dropping
off the string like this, you are probably pinching somewhere on your non throwhand that
you should not be. So make sure to keep your grip on the string
nice and loose. From here, you are going to turn your hand
to where your thumb and index finger are now vertical. Then, you are going to swing the yoyo to the
outside of your body, pulling back with your throwhand, allowing the yoyo pass in between
your index finger and thumb. If you are having trouble with the yoyo hitting
your hand and dying, then you need to try keeping your fingers spread wide open. That way, there is less in the way when the
yoyo passes through for the yoyo to hit. You will also want to keep the string at the
edge of your fingertips. Another problem that you might run into is
the yoyo missing to the front. All you need to do to correct this is move
your throwhand forward. That way, the string is underneath where the
yoyo is going to land, and you can land back in this trapeze. You will notice that you are back where you
started, with a trapeze that has your thumb inserted. To repeat the trick, you curl your middle
finger, pull the string, hop to the front, drop the string, and pass in between your
fingers. Then you can repeat the trick as many times
as desired. And that is how you do the trick known as
Chop Suey. Hey guys, hope you had a blast learning the
trick Chop Suey. If you liked that video, consider supporting
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of this trick, you can find that over there. And also if you want to learn more tricks,
make sure to check out our 1A playlist, which you can find down there. As always, thank you guys so much for watching,
you are all awesome, and thank you so much for your support.

22 thoughts on “Learn the 1A Chopsticks Repeater Yoyo Trick Chop Suey

  1. Why did you make the slow motion into a separate video? Not only is it harder to click within the video to go to the slow motion segment (annotations aren't reliable on any platform), it makes zero sense from ease-of-use standpoint. Having to click between two videos while learning a trick is definitely less efficient, and almost impossible to have both open on mobile. Not to mention the unskippable ad on the second video that makes jumping between videos on mobile infuriating.

    (That's assuming anyone sees the video. Make sure your annotation is set to cover the entire outro, and not just the last 5 seconds. I thought the link was dead at first).

  2. still waiting for that sage to come in post,it has already been 11 days and i can't simply wait anymore (i live in finland btw) and the waiting is harder because of all these cool tricks :3

  3. Hi, I was wondering how I’m supposed to pass the yoyo through my fingeres in the last part, when I do it the yoyo doesn’t move it just stays on the string and doesn’t go through my fingers?

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